Advanced Warfare Guide to Everything in the Game

As of November 2014 the latest addition to the FPS mega-franchise, Call of Duty, was released. Titled Advanced Warfare, this game is a revolutionary step forward for the series. It features a whole new set of weapons, loads of new multiplayer maps to learn, and, most importantly, never-before-seen player abilities.

To put it simply… there’s a LOT to learn when it comes to Advanced Warfare. It’s not the typical, cookie-cutter sequel that Call of Duty has become so well known for. It’s a brand new beast with loads of new mechanics, weaponry, and environments to master.

The Ultimate Advanced Warfare Guide

That being said, we’ve been hard at work since the early beta days testing & cataloging everything in the game to create the ultimate Call of Duty Advanced Warfare guide. We’ve thoroughly experimented with every weapon, attachment, and ability players have access to in Advanced Warfare. And we’ve been documenting it all here on for other players to benefit from.

Advanced Warfare Ultimate Guide


Below is a list of every tips article, every weapon review, and every other in-depth guide to every single aspect of the game. We hope you’ll find this information valuable and helpful.

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Game Basics

Multiplayer Game Modes




Passives & Streaks

Class Setups

Gameplay Assistance




Looking for something that isn’t listed here? Be sure to let us known in the comments below and we’ll work on getting content out for the most requested topics. Any new weapons, maps, or DLC packs that are announced in the near future will be added to this list in due time as well.

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