Infinite Warfare: Best Guns for Absolute Domination in MP

Tired of getting destroyed by other players in the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? While success is partly derived from individual skill, one of the things that may be holding you back is your choice of weaponry. In Infinite Warfare especially, the guns you use can have a direct impact on your performance. Today, we’re going to reveal what we believe are the best guns and variants in every weapon category.

Infinite Warfare: Best Guns

Whether you want to become a pub-star and rack up massive kills for view-sucking YouTube videos or you’re looking to contribute to your team more to win matches – the weapons you equip on your loadout can make or break you in this game.

That’s why it’s vital that you know about each one and, more importantly, the pros and cons of the available variants. So, let’s get straight into it…

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Best Sniper Rifle

While this weapon category is often subjective, there are a couple of snipers that stand out from the rest. Below we’ve outlined which one we think is best suited for quickscopers and which one is the most powerful for players that snipe more traditionally (i.e. fully scoped in at range).

  1. KBS Longbow
  2. Widowmaker
KBS Longbow sniper rifle
KBS Longbow Photo Credit:

KBS Longbow – The Longbow is our favorite sniper rifle overall right now. It works well for both long range hits and quickscoping. It almost always results in a one-shot kill above the waist, has relatively little sway, and is deadly accurate.

Widowmaker Sniper Rifle
Widowmaker Photo Credit:

Widowmaker – A lot of quickscopers have claimed that THIS is the best sniper in Infinite Warfare. While we still think the KBS is the reigning king, there’s no doubt that the Widowmaker is a force to be reckoned with as well.

These snipers work pretty well if you know what you’re doing. You’ll definitely need to work on improving your aim and sniping tactics to really make good use of these rifles, though.


Best Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are meant to be some of the most versatile weapons in the game. They’re generally well suited for any engagement at mid range and, in some cases, can be quite effective in close-quarters combat, too.

  1. NV-4
  2.  Volk


NV-4 Assault Rifle
NV-4 Photo Credit:

NV-4 – As many of you probably noticed throughout the beta, the NV-4 was easily one of the most utilized assault rifles in the game. And that’s for good reason. While it’s damage output isn’t spectacular, it has laser precision and next to nothing in the recoil department making it incredibly easy to land shots on your target with little effort. It’s an excellent weapon to have on-hand.

Volk – The Volk is essentially Infinite Warfare’s version of the AK47. It packs serious punch, has easily manageable recoil, and is one of our favorite rifles. Good aim and bullet management can lead to a slew of easy kills with this gun. With the right attachments and perks the Volk is definitely a contender for best weapon overall.

Assault rifles are great for most situations. Be sure to use common sense and good strategies to dominate your opponents in firefights. Using the right gun is half the battle, using your head will take you even further.

Best SMG

Submachine guns are designed to give you more mobility. In other words, they’re fast, but still furious. The damage output on these weapons is lower than for an assault rifle or LMG, but they fire off bullets at a rapid rate and allow you to run around the map more quickly. They’re best suited for close-quarters firefights. At range, they tend to lose accuracy and their damage falloff becomes apparent.

  1. FHR-40
  2. Karma-45


FHR-40 – This gun is so fast and furious we honestly believe it teeters on the fine line of being OP. It has a blistering fast firing rate and is highly effective in CQC situations. In the right hands it’s also a viable mid-range weapon, especially when fired in bursts for better control. The variants are also pretty powerful.

Karma-45 – This actually seems to be a fairly underutilized gun in the game right now. This is probably because the Karma has more recoil than most players are comfortable with. In skilled hands, however, the recoil is manageable and the weapon itself is a beast, especially on maps where short and mid range combat prevails. It’s an excellent choice for players that like to rush and flank the opposition.

SMGs are best in short-distance engagements. You can up your killing sprees by working the map to your advantage and staying alert. Be mindful of when you need to reload and when it’s time to flee.

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Best LMG

Light machine guns are primarily intended to be used for supporting your rushing attackers. They’re typically best at mid range. In short range scenarios LMGs are usually too slow to pick up (ADS) to counter a faster gun such as an SMG or shotgun. At long range their effectiveness decreases immensely leaving them vulnerable to more powerful guns such as snipers.

  1. RAW
  2. Mauler


RAW – Throw a red dot sight and foregrip on this bad boy and you’ve got yourself a very accurate and powerful LMG that works well in most mid-range encounters. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Mauler – The Mauler isn’t an incredibly great LMG on its own, but once you get the Epic variant of it, the Mauler Mammoth, it becomes an absolute monster. With this variant you get a slower fire rate but the gun deals twice as much damage. It’s absolutely ridiculous and it shreds through people at mid range.

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Best Shotgun

Shotguns are usually exclusively for CQC, but, as we’ve seen in past Call of Duty titles, there’s almost always one that has enough range to be effective in mid-range combat as well. Shotguns are best used on smaller maps or in areas that have small rooms and tight spaces where you can fly around the corner and blast your opponents.

  1. Rack-9
  2. Reaver


Rack-9 – This is a pump-action shotgun that’s extremely lethal in close quarters. It’s perfect for rushing into a room and taking down multiple enemies (as long as your aim is impeccable). It’s fast, it’s deadly, and it’s easy to use. You can’t ask for much more out of your shotgun.

Reaver – A semi-auto shotgun. It doesn’t have the damage output of the Rack-9, but it makes up for it by allowing the player to spray enemies with lead with a quick-trigger response feature.

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Best Pistol

Pistols are intended to be used as sidearms – a last resort when you run out of ammo or don’t have time to perform a reload. They’re great for finishing off an enemy when you’ve just sprayed them full of lead, but still haven’t dropped them. They’re also only effective at short to medium distances. Nevertheless, a trusty sidearm can save you from a needless death at times (especially while sniping).

  1. Oni
  2. Kendall 44


Oni – This is a fully-automatic energy pistol and, despite its small size, it is extremely powerful in CQC. At close range its nearly as potent as some of the SMGs in the game. This makes it viable as a primary weapon in addition to be being a very reliable secondary.

Kendall 44 – A semi-auto pistol with good accuracy and decent damage output.

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