Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 will, like many CoD titles before it, be receiving at least four downloadable content packs that will introduce new multiplayer maps, zombies maps, and more into the game. In addition to that, Treyarch is also adding in new gear for specialists, new weapons players can obtain through supply drops, and even a 10th specialist (currently a rumor, but very likely).

Black Ops 3 DLC

The core DLC for the game, however, are the traditional map packs and expansions to the zombies mode.

Black Ops 3 DLC

These are the four DLC packs scheduled to come out for BO3:

  • Awakening – Released February 2nd, 2016 on PS4. Launches on March 3rd, 2016 for Xbox One and PC.

As indicated above, the names and details for the last 3 content packs have not been announced. Once information is provided for these we will add links to the full details on this page.


Awakening was made available for Playstation 4 players in early February of 2016.

Black Ops 3 Awakening Maps

This pack came with four new multiplayer maps (Skyjacked, Rise, Splash, and Gauntlet)  as well as a new zombies expansion (Der Eisendrachen). It will be available for all other platforms on March 3rd.

Season Pass

If you purchased the Season Pass you’ll get instant access to the four core DLC packs for no additional charge as soon as they are released for your platform. The pass is available for $50, which provides a total savings of $10. Individual map packs can be purchased as standalone products for $15 each.

New Weapons

Not long after the Awakening DLC was released, Treyarch dropped a major surprise on the Black Ops 3 community. They added a set of new weapons to the game. They were, however, added via supply drops which means that players either have to rack up Cryptokeys or purchase CoD Points to get a chance to get them.

Black Ops 3 New Weapons

The new weapons that have been introduced so far include:

  • NX ShadowClaw (an ultra-portable crossbow)
  • MX Garand (a powerful semi-automatic rifle)
  • Iron Jim (a crowbar)
  • Fury’s Song (a two-handed sword)
  • Marshal 16 (shotgun-pistol)
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Butterfly Knife
  • Wrench

The new weapons have been wildly popular with reports of many players spending $100 or more on Call of Duty points in hopes of getting them through supply drops. Because of the incredible success of this, it’s probably safe to assume that we’ll see even more weapons added to Black Ops 3 in the near future.

NOTE: These weapons are NOT available on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 versions of the game because these platforms do not have the Black Market or Supply Drops.

New Specialists

Based on a very interesting Easter Egg within one of the Awakening multiplayer maps (Gauntlet), it seems that Treyarch has intentions of releasing another specialist character. This could very well just be the beginning. It’s still unclear whether they will be adding new specialists via the remaining DLC packs, through supply drops, or as a free addition to the game via standard patches.

Once we know exactly what’s going on here, we’ll let you know.

Weapon Skins, Specialist Gear, and More

Other things that have been added have included various camos for weapons, new gear pieces for specialist characters, decals, playercards, player emblems, and more. These items are all obtainable through supply drops. Periodically, Treyarch has been throwing in new heads, bodies, and gear sets for specialists. Every once in a while they also update the available weapon camos and other customization items as well.

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