Tired of Getting Owned in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare?

IW is a Whole Different Beast Compared to Previous CoD Titles… and it can be HARD AF to Master.


But Don’t Run Away Just Yet, Scrub…. Here’s the Thing…

You Can SIGNIFICANTLY Improve Your Skills – FAST.

How? By Getting Your Hands on the Ultimate Unofficial Infinite Warfare Guide.


Are You Ready to Become an UNSTOPPABLE Force in Multiplayer?

Infinite Warfare is technically still a traditional Call of Duty game… but there’s a TON of new stuff. The movement system is different, there are character classes, we have a whole new lineup of guns to use…. it’s the same, but very different, too.

Even gamers that have been playing CoD for years are having a hard time adapting to IW.

In order to “git gud” you’re going to have to learn about:

  • The Pros and Cons of Each Combat Rig
  • How to Best Utilize the Movement System
  • The Details of ALL of the New Weapons
  • Choke Points and Callouts for the New Maps
  • The Mechanics of the New Killstreaks
  • And a WHOLE LOT more…

To master all of the new aspects of Infinite Warfare would normally take several weeks, perhaps even months…

… but the Ultimate Unofficial Infinite Warfare Guide shows you how to master rigs, weapons, loadouts, and more in a matter of days.

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Why Should I Get the Ultimate Infinite Warfare Guide?


This is NOT your run-of-the-mill strategy guide.


It is NOT made up of 200+ pages that mostly consists of a walkthrough of the campaign that pretty much NO ONE cares about playing.

The Ultimate Unofficial Infinite Warfare Guide focuses 100% on multiplayer.


This guide is far better than ones sold at game stores. Here’s why:

1. NO CAMPAIGN WALKTHROUGH – Look, we all know that people play Call of Duty games for the online multiplayer, not the boring, short single player mode. So, why buy a “strategy guide” that covers multiplayer in 5 pages and campaign in 100? It’s just not worth it. Our guide is all about multiplayer.

2. NO FLUFF – A lot of guides out there are basically just extended game manuals. They give a very brief explanation of the basics of the game – and that’s pretty much it. The Ultimate Unofficial Infinite Warfare Guide provides in-depth, useful info for everything from Combat Rig payloads to the pros and cons of weapons and beyond.

3. INSTANT ACCESS – You’re playing IW now. You need to the advanced training to become a better player TODAY, not two days to a week from now. You get access to our guide INSTANTLY. There’s no waiting for shipping.

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What’s Included with the Guide?


This is the single most comprehensive Infinite Warfare guide available today.

In it you’ll find out how to:

  • Level Up Insanely Fast to Hit the Top Prestige in Record Time
  • Master Every Single Combat Rig
  • Create Borderline OP Class Setups for MP Domination
  • Dominate ANY Opponent with Ease
  • Choose the BEST Weapons for ANY Scenario
  • Get and Maintain a Ridiculously High K/D Ratio
  • …and TONS more

We’re not playing around… this guide literally goes over EVERYTHING in the game in great detail. It’ll put you MILES ahead of the competition.

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Where Can I Get a Copy?

This guide is being sold exclusively online. You won’t find it in GameStop, or on Amazon, or ANYWHERE else. It’s only available HERE.

Once you buy – you have instant access to it. It’s delivered digitally via a download link that you’ll be given to after successful payment. The process is quick, easy, and 100% secure. Payments are processed through JVzoo, a respected and well-trusted payment processor used for thousands of digital items daily.

Click Here to Get Your Copy Now!

It’s a new year and you know what that means – a brand new Call of Duty to play. This year players are getting Infinite Warfare, a title made by Infinity Ward that thrusts us further into the future than ever before. With epic space battles, new characters, and more, there’s a lot coming to the series in 2016.


Infinite Warfare Guide

Infinite Warfare is a brand new part of the Call of Duty franchise. That means on top of a new story there are also tons of new weapons, multiplayer maps, tacticals, lethals, weapon attachments, movements, abilities, and more to learn and master….


Normally, it could take WEEKS or even MONTHS to master the game…



But our team of veteran CoD players has developed a guide to help fast-track your progress.

The guide provides in-depth reviews of every single gun, powerful class setups that’ll help you dominate in every match, insanely effective strategies for every map & game mode, tips and tricks for leveling up fast and hitting max prestige before most, and a ton more.

What Do You Get with the Guide?

Our guide is loaded with all multiplayer content. It covers everything from the basics to advanced tactics and weapon loadouts.


Here’s what you get with the Ultimate Infinite Warfare Guide:

  • In-Depth Introduction to Game Basics
  • Overview and Tips for the IW Movement System
  • Borderline OP Class Setups
  • Tips & Tricks for Getting & Maintaining a High K/D
  • Detailed Overviews for Each Map and Game Mode
  • Fast-Track Guide to Ranking Up and Blasting Through Prestiges
  • Full Breakdown of All Perks and Killstreaks

We weren’t kidding – this is the most in-depth strategy guide for Infinite Warfare that you’ll find ANYWHERE.


As we said before – this is NOT your typical guide that they try to upsell you when you buy or pre-order a game at GameStop.

There isn’t any fancy artwork, no 200 page tutorial for the campaign, and no useless generic information. It’s straight to the point, packed with useful info, and 100% focused on multiplayer.



What Makes This Guide Worth Getting?

This isn’t your typical “strategy guide” from the big-name publishers that pretty much just make an expanded game manual with lots of pictures and little to no information – it’s an in-depth, extremely useful guide to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s multiplayer aspects.

Did you notice that we didn’t mention campaign?

That’s because our guide isn’t 200+ pages of how to beat the game’s campaign on easy-medium difficulties like most other strategy books. Our guide is 100% multiplayer – the stuff that 99.9% of players actually care about.


No one cares much about the story in CoD games – it’s all about the intense, fast-paced action in multiplayer, racing to get the highest prestige emblem next to your name, and getting a better K/D than anyone else!

That’s why our Infinite Warfare guide focuses solely on multiplayer.


We’re diehard Call of Duty fans ourselves. Our team consists of gamers that have hit max prestige and completely dominated in practically every CoD game made in the last 10 years.

In other words – our guys know what they’re talking about. They aren’t just spewing out generic tips like some of these sites and YouTubers that can barely manage to maintain a 1.5 K/D ratio or even have a decent win record.

The guys on our team have consistently held high K/Ds, high win ratios, and been some of the first to hit max prestige in all of the popular Call of Duty titles including CoD 4, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops 2, MW3, and Black Ops 3.




Leveling Guide

Want to be one of the first among your friends, clan mates, or family to hit the coveted highest prestige possible in Infinite Warfare?

Using the strategies shown in our guide you’ll be able to fly through ranks insanely quickly, prestige your character over and over again, and, ultimately, hit the max level in a very short amount of time.

Infinite Warfare Gameplay

We explain exactly how to rack up the most experience possible using incredibly fast, yet simple methods.

It can normally take many, many months to reach the level cap in any Call of Duty game…


..but we’re going to show you how you can do it in Infinite Warfare in as little as a few days to a week providing you have the time to dedicate yourself to it!




Weapons Guide

In the weapons section of the guide you’ll be given a summary of all assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, LMGs, pistols, and other guns featured in the game.

On top of that, there are detailed reviews of each gun explaining the pros and cons of each one to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of every weapon in the game which will allow you to not only develop incredible loadouts on your own, but also know exactly how to counter your opponents in online matches.


Our reviews point out things like how bad the recoil is on the gun, what attachments you should use to significantly improve its performance, and what the weapon is best suited for (i.e. close quarters engagements, rushing, sitting back and defending, etc).

Maps Guide

For the maps part of our guide you’ll find detailed overviews of each of the multiplayer maps. This includes map images, labeling of the most significant choke points, recommended callouts for each area, and tips to help you succeed.

We also go through and point out objective locations on each map, plus provide tips and tricks for capturing and protecting each objective based on the most effective strategies for every map.

Game Modes Guide

As in previous Call of Duty games, Infinite Warfare features several different game modes including Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Domination, Capture the Flag, and more. In the Ultimate Unofficial IW Guide you’ll get access to tips, tricks, and highly effective strategies that will help you secure more wins in each mode.

Infinite Warfare Guns

We also go over each mode in careful detail – pointing out the primary objective, explaining the best way to support your team when playing team-based modes, and more.



NOTE: This guide is 100% unofficial. That means it is not published, reviewed, or supported by Infinity Ward, Activision, or any other company associated with Infinite Warfare or Call of Duty. This is an independent strategy guide written by diehard fans of the series.

Guide is delivered electronically via email or a direct download page. There is no physical copy of the book available. We will NOT mail this to your physical address. It will be given to you to download to your PC or compatible mobile device immediately after successful payment.

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