Black Ops 3 Killstreaks List – Every Scorestreak in the Game

Killstreaks have been a staple in Call of Duty games for years now. Although they’ve been changed up quite a bit and have even acquired a new name – scorestreaks – they’re still a popular and loved mechanic of the game. Black Ops 3, the upcoming release from Treyarch, will feature several new killstreaks. These are obtained by getting kills and earning points from capturing & defending objectives, getting assists, and more.

Black Ops 3 Killstreaks

Today, we’re going to discuss the full list of available killstreaks in BO3 that have been revealed so far. These have been confirmed to exist by both developers and YouTube personalities such as TmarTn and Ali-A which have had the ability to play the game early.

Black Ops 3 Killstreaks

(OLD) NOTE: This list is not guaranteed to be 100% upon launch. Scorestreaks, much like weapons and perks, are subject to name changes, alterations, and even complete removal before the game officially comes out. The list below provides an accurate representation of the killstreaks that are known to exist in the game during its current alpha state. The upcoming BO3 beta will provide further insight, but still may not be the same as the launch edition.

NOTE 2: List is now updated for the full game.

Killstreaks confirmed thus far include:

  • UAV – Earned at 400 points. Provides radar sweep that reveals enemy locations on the mini-map.
  • HC-XD – Earned at 425 points. Very similar to the RC-XD remote control vehicle strapped with C4 that was featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
  • Dart – Earned at 525 points. This is somewhat similar to the Hunter Killer Drone in BO2. It gives you the ability to pilot an anti-personnel drone that is equipped with missiles that can lock on to enemies and scorestreaks. It also has a dive-bomb ability that allows you to crash into opponents, exploding, killing enemy players or causing significant damage.
  • Care Package – Earned at 550 points. This streak is pretty much the exact same as its always been. A plane will drop a package in an area you designate by dropping a smoke canister and it gives you a random scorestreak.
  • Counter-UAV – Earned at 600 points. Another common streak seen in tons of CoD titles. This one jams enemy UAV so they won’t see the radar sweeps their UAV provides while active.
  • Lightning Strike – Earned at 750 points. A returning favorite from Black Ops 2 that gives the player the ability to select 3 areas to attack and then, after areas are designated, jets fly through and execute the strike, killing enemies and ground-based killstreaks in the process.
  • Talon – Earned at 975 points. This is a brand new streak that lets you call in an AI-controlled or player-controlled drone that can be used to attack enemies and scorestreaks. According to YouTube user, Ali-A, this is sort of a combination of the Stealth Chopper and Escort Drone from BO2.
  • Cerberus – Earned at 1000 points. Air-drops a small robotic unit that targets and eliminates enemies on the ground. It’s essentially a deployable tank. It can run on its own or be controlled by the player. A very powerful killstreak.
  • Wraith – Earned at 1100 points. This is an aerial killstreak that is AI-controlled and has advanced defenses that make it more difficult to take down than some other air-based streaks. It works sort of like a Stealth Chopper.
  • R.A.P.S. – Earned at 1275 points. Drops groups of anti personnel drones that are similar to the Darts that go through the map firing at enemy players. These can be killed relatively easily, but are fast moving and powerful in a group. Racks up several kills.
  • Combat Robot – Earned at 1400 points. Heavily armored general infantry robot that has 2 modes – one that allows it to go off on its own and take on opponents on the map and another that makes the robot stay close to the player to defend your character by firing at enemies that come too close. Has a good amount of health.
  • Mothership – Earned at 1500 points. This is a brand-new killstreak that is supposedly the biggest and baddest of them all. Calls in a large VTOL weapons platform ship with a primary turret for the player that called it in and two additional turrets that teammates can use. Features both rockets and machine gun turrets.

Not what you’re after? We’ve covered the killstreaks of past, present, and future Call of Duty games, too. Here’s a list of the different sets:

Keep in mind that this is NOT an exhaustive list at this time. Many gaming personalities have mentioned that there may be additional streaks coming in the final version of the game. Once more information is available we will update this page to reflect the changes.

Don’t forget to consider the weapons you selected as well as which of the specialists you typically use to determine a proper killstreak setup for your personal playing style. This is always an important tactic to keep in mind.

Want to know which scorestreaks chain together the best to rack up kills and gain streaks over and over again? Read our full BO3 multiplayer guide to find out.

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