Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Guns: Full Weapons List

As we’ve all seen via the various trailers and gameplay videos that have been posted online, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings to the table a plethora of new, unique weapons. Ranging from simple pistols to complex, technologically-advanced assault rifles, AW has something for everyone.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Weapons

It’s important to know about all of the guns that are available in any game. Having details for each one gives you the opportunity to better narrow down your personal selections and choose the best gun for your personal playing style. That being said, we’ve compiled a complete list of all of the CoD: AW guns below.

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Overall, there are roughly 8 categories of weapons in Advanced Warfare. These include:

Clicking the links above will take you to a page dedicated to that specific weapon type. These pages contain a full list of every weapon available within the category, provide general information regarding the gun type, tips for using them, and more.


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