Advanced Warfare – Best SMG in the Game (OPINION)

We’ve been getting a LOT of questions about weapons lately, mainly concerning which guns we think are the best in each category. So, starting today, we’re going to publish of series of articles where we reveal what we believe are currently the best weapons in each set. Let’s start off with SMGs. These small, super mobile guns are fast and deadly. But which ones takes the crown as king of AW multiplayer?

Advanced Warfare Best SMG

Submachine guns are one of our absolute favorite weapon types. While there aren’t a ton to choose from in Advanced Warfare there are still some decent ones to pick from. These include:

Now, technically speaking, not everyone will believe the same gun is the absolute best in the game. Sure, some weapons have clearly better stats than others but that doesn’t necessarily mean that YOU as an individual will prefer the same gun as the majority of players.

That being said, keep in mind that this is an OPINION article.

We’ve been playing Advanced Warfare since launch day and have used class setups with practically every weapon in the game. From what we’ve seen our opinion is this… the BEST SMGs in AW are:

  1. ASM1
  2. KF5

Advanced Warfare Best SMG ASM1
And, yes, that’s in order of favoritism. The ASM1 is just an all-around rape machine. It does a decent amount of damage, the range is pretty impressive for a submachine gun, and the recoil is very low. Overall it’s probably one of the most accurate and versatile weapons in the game (as of right now).

Advanced Warfare Best SMG KF5
Our second favorite, the KF5, is also pretty awesome, but the effective range on it is much shorter than with the ASM1. The KF5 absolutely decimates opponents in close quarters combat but once you’re facing off at ranges beyond 15-20 meters, a LOT of weapons will tear through you because the KF5 has a somewhat wide bullet spread at distance making it highly inaccurate for mid to long range combat. Burst firing helps, but not enough.

NOTE: When we say that a weapon is the best in its class we are referring to its base model, not any variants. Some variants can make guns much more effective but, for the sake of a control, we are basing our opinions on the base weapons, not their variants.

Have a differing opinion? Let us know what YOUR favorite Advanced Warfare SMG is in the comments below!

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  1. Not suprising seeding that the only guns people use are:

    1. Yeah, those are a very common set seen in multiplayer. The balancing of weapons in Advanced Warfare is laughable.

    2. Isnt this the same with nearly every COD? There is always the guns that are most dominant! But still it is annoying to see. I love mixing it up myself tbh!

      1. Yeah good point. Maybe not to the same extent as Advanced Warfare. And yeah mixing things up always keeps it interesting.

        1. Ye it’s the only way to enjoy the game . Hopefully BO3 will keep the sweatys out of pubs and keep them in league play

  2. Yo not cool don’t say things like rape machine

    1. Rape machine

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