It was officially announced earlier this year that the next Call of Duty game being made by Treyarch is indeed Black Ops 3. While some were hoping to see World at War 2, most are pleased that the Black Ops series is returning in 2015. But, similar to Advanced Warfare, BO3 is bringing some new elements to the game, mechanics that have never been seen in a Black Ops title before.

NOTE: Our Ultimate Black Ops 3 Guide will be released soon after the launch of the game is out NOW!

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About BO3

The series itself has slowly been progressing to a more modern setting. BO2, after all, was set a little in the future itself. But Black Ops 3 is hurling us even more forward into an age where technology has advanced so much that humans are getting mechanical implants in their bodies to improve their physical and mental capabilities.

As one would expect, the military and security forces are also using these technologies to improve and perfect soldiers. That being said, in Black Ops 3 players will have access to a few abilities that weren’t present in BO1 or BO2. This includes wall-running, boost jumping, and increased speed, and, of course, the new specialization classes. There may even be more, they just haven’t been revealed yet.

Black Ops 3 Guide

Black Ops 3 Guide

With all these new abilities and game mechanics players will have to learn a slightly newer playing system. This means that in order to be a great player (one that can rack up kills, get high-level killstreaks, and so on) you’ve got to master these new capabilities.

Because this game has new features, weapons, game modes, tactics, and so on… we have released a full Black Ops 3 guide for multiplayer to help both new and veteran players better adjust to the changes, learn to master the new movements & abilities, provide tips & tricks for playing in every game mode, strategies for all maps, and even professional-grade class setups that will help you dominate and obliterate all opponents.

Black Ops 3 Tips

Our guide covers everything from standard stats for every weapon in the game to advanced training that will help you learn how to improve your skills and become an unstoppable, deadly force in BO3. Our team consists of veteran Call of Duty and FPS players (some have even played on the pro circuit) that know exactly what it takes to be an absolute beast. And they share their best strategies, loadouts, and more, with YOU.

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In short… once Black Ops 3 releases we will be launching we have officially released the most comprehensive multiplayer game guide the Call of Duty community has every laid eyes on. No, it ins’t the same as the PrimaGames official strategy guides you get forced down your throat at GameStop. Those are nothing more than picture books that don’t have much more info than a regular game manual.

Black Ops 3 Map Layouts

Our guide is much more detailed, thorough, and useful than those guides. It covers weapons, tactical & lethal equipment, scorestreaks, best class setups for every gun, tips & tricks for aiming better, strategies to help you get more kills & win more matches, details that will teach you how to get and maintain a high K/D ratio, and much, much more.

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Website Guides

Want the details on the game that are available now? CoD Watch is already loaded with information for nearly every aspect of the game. We’ve outlined the contents below.

More coming soon.

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