Infinite Warfare Salvage: Full Guide to IW’s Crafting Currency

Infinity Ward has introduced a brand new in-game currency in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare called Salvage. This is a material that can be earned via a few different methods that is utilized in the crafting portion of the game. It is required to craft weapon variants in the Quartermaster area. Below, we talk about what this currency is, how it’s earned, and more.

Infinite Warfare Salvage

As stated above, Salvage is an in-game currency that’s needed to craft variants of weapons at the Quartermaster. It is represented by a cog-like icon. In order to get the best weapons in the game you’ll need a good amount of it (unless you get incredibly lucky when opening up supply drops).

The rate at which you earn Salvage is generally a bit slow. Some players have utilized glitches and exploits to rack up a ton of the currency, but these cheats have quickly been patched.

Down below we discuss exactly how you can earn this currency, how much of it is required for unlocking the different weapon variants available, and other details.

How to Get Salvage

There are a few ways that players can get Salvage:

  • Daily Bonuses
  • Completing Mission Team Assignments
  • Supply Drops
  • Getting Rid of Duplicate Items

The amount you earn varies.

Mission Team assignments are one of the most consistent methods of earning Salvage. My completing these missions you can gain anywhere between 100 and 300 Salvage points depending on what level you have achieved with the associated faction.

The daily log-in bonus, at times, provides a relatively significant boost to your Salvage points, but the frequency in which you’ll get Salvage is rather low and the amount can be fairly low as well. Typically when Salvage is your reward you’ll receive 50 to 200.

Supply Drops also provide a chance to get Salvage. With rare drops, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get bonus salvage with each opening. It is, however, still possible to get Salvage as a reward when opening up a common supply drop, too.

Crafting Variants

Salvage is used to craft variants at the Quartermaster. The amount required varies depending on the rarity of the variant you’re attempting to create.

  • Common (200 Salvage)
  • Rare (500 Salvage)
  • Legendary (2000 Salvage)
  • Epic (4000 Salvage)

It’s important to remember that you cannot simply save up and immediately unlock an Epic variant. In order to get the Epic version you must first unlock the common, rare, and legendary variants either by using Salvage or obtaining them in Supply Drops.

If you don’t earn any of the variants through loot boxes you could win up spending 6,700 Salvage in total to unlock an epic version of the weapon you want. This is why it’s important to determine which Epic guns you want most ahead of time, especially since Salvage isn’t exactly easy to come by.

Weapon variants are altered versions of the base Infinite Warfare weapons that have unique perks that change characteristics of the gun such as its stability, firing rate, damage output, and more.

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