Infinite Warfare: NV-4 Assault Rifle

The NV-4 is a fully-automatic assault rifle available for players to use in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is a ballistic weapon with high accuracy that works beautifully in mid-range engagements. Many have noted that this gun closely resembles the classic M4 Carbine that was available in prior titles such as the original Modern Warfare.

Infinite Warfare NV4

The NV4 is a great gun for players of any skill. It has very little recoil and is extremely easy to use making it an ideal weapon for newbies or players that aren’t able to manage guns with heavy recoil well. The NV-4 has a moderate firing rate and has the highest accuracy rating of all of the assault rifles in the game.


Damage Output: Medium

Magazine Size: 30 rounds (increases to 45 with the Extended Mag attachment equipped)

Firing Rate: Moderate

Here’s a video from YouTube user, KARNAGE Clan, showing off the NV-4 on the Frontier map in multiplayer:


As with most guns in Infinite Warfare, the NV-4 has multiple variants available.

These include:

  • Exalted (common)
  • Vigilance (rare)
  • Fallout (legendary)
  • Flatline (epic)
  • Corruption (???)

Variants have their own unique set of attributes or weapon perks.

Exalted – Has the Stockpile perk which increases available ammunition for the gun.

Vigilance – Comes equipped with the Sensor and Readiness perks. Sensor works in that whenever you damage an enemy they will appear on the the minimap. Readiness allows you to reload the gun faster.

Fallout – Features the Nuclear perk which allows the player to obtain the de-atomizer strike killstreak (the nuke) by getting 25 kills without dying, plus the Stability perk for reduced recoil.

Flatline – Has the Precision perk which grants the gun unlimited damage range, as well as the Focus perk for reduced sway while ADS.

Corruption – Details for this variant have yet to surface.

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