Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Perks

One of the major character creation aspects of just about every Call of Duty game is the perks system. Perks are essentially passive abilities that can assist the player in a number of ways including improving weapon handling, extending mobility of the player’s character, and much more. They are a core part of the pick 13 class setup system in AW.

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Advanced Warfare Perks

There are a total of 15 perks in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The player has the ability to add one perk into 3 different slots so for a standard class setup a player is able to equip up to 3 perks but if you opt to use the Greed Wildcard you can choose up to 6. Doing so will take away the majority of your picks for your class, though.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Perks

It’s also possible to add more perks to your character by simply not using picks on other things like attachments for your weapons, exo abilities, and so on. Below we’ve provided a list of all of the Advanced Warfare perks along with a short summary of what each one does.

Slot 1 Perks

  • Lightweight – Increases your character’s overall movement speed.
  • Low Profile – Keeps your character hidden from enemy UAVs and the Tracker sight.
  • Danger Close – Boosts the damage dealt by your explosive equipment and killstreak attacks.
  • Overcharged – Increases the overall exo battery life making it possible to extend the duration of your exo abilities.
  • Flak Jacket – A returning favorite this perk has a few key elements including a reduction to incoming explosive damage, no speed decrease when hit by explosives, and you can reset the timer on enemy grenades when you pick them up to throw them back.

Slot 2 Perks

  • Peripherals – Interesting perk with 2 effects. First, your radar range is extended. Second, enemies you kill don’t show a death icon for their teammates to see.
  • Blind Eye – Makes your character unseen by drones and every killstreak.
  • Cold Blooded – Prevents you from being affected by threat grenades as well as all visual-assistant weapon sights (thermal scopes, tracker sights, etc). Plus your name doesn’t appear above you and you aren’t red whenever an enemy looks at you through a scope or in general.
  • Fast Hands – Allows you to swap primary/secondary weapons quickly, increases the speed that you use exo abilities or the exo launcher, and gives you the ability to reload your weapons while in sprint.
  • Gung Ho – Gives your player the ability to fire weapons while sprinting or sliding. Accuracy while doing this is pretty low, though.

Slot 3 Perks

  • Toughness – Reduces the amount of flinch whenever you’re hit with enemy fire.
  • Scavenger – Your player will spawn with more ammo and you can collect ammo from fallen foes.
  • Blast Suppressor – When equipped your player won’t show up on enemy radar when using exo movements.
  • Hard Wired – Makes it so that your player isn’t effected by EMP, scramblers, stun grenades, nano swarms, or the system hack.
  • Hardline – All killstreak costs are reduced by 100 points.

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