Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Abilities

With the addition of the exoskeleton players now have some interesting new abilities to use in Call of Duty: AW. On top of being able to execute standard movements like running and mantling players can now pull off some pretty nifty moves by taking advantage of the various exo abilities that can be equipped via the pick 13 create-a-class system in the game.

A standard class setup will typically only allow for one exo ability to be equipped but it is possible to have more. Players can utilize the Tactician Wildcard which allows a 2nd exo ability selection. This doesn’t come without consequence, though. Using this Wildcard you’ll be sacrificing the exo launcher and using up 3 points out the available 13 for your class.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Abilities

As of right now there are 8 different exo abilities that players can choose from. These are:

  • Exo Shield
  • Exo Overclock
  • Exo Mute Device
  • Exo Stim
  • Exo Cloak
  • Exo Hover
  • Exo Ping
  • Exo Trophy System

Some of these give your character the ability to execute new maneuvers while others act more as passive abilities sort of like how perks work. Below we provide more details for each one.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Shield

When activated this ability causes the player to deploy a shield that can block bullets and absorb damage that comes at the player from directly in front of the character. While the shield is active you will deplete your exo battery. This ability is available to use immediately.


While active the Overlock ability provides a temporary speed boost to your player while running. It’s not a huge boost but it’s enough to get out of trouble in a snap or reach a destination a bit faster. Using the ability drains your battery rather quickly. This is available at level 1 to equip.

Mute Device

This ability works similar to the classic Dead Silence perk. While active your character’s footsteps will be completely inaudible. This is especially useful against players that camp and make use of a technique known as sound whoring (using high quality headsets to camp and listen for enemies to approach). The effect lasts a short while and depletes the exo battery after activation.


This is a unique and interesting exo ability that gives the player the power to have excessive amounts of health for a short period. Activating the ability temporarily increases health and drains the battery. This ability is unlocked at level 3.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Cloak

Cloak, as the name implies, gives players that ability to temporarily make their character invisible. This is not a perfect invisibility as a keen eye can still spot the outline of a cloaked player but it still has its advantages. Perfect for camping or sniping this ability will help hide your player for a short time. Your exo battery will go down fast after activating cloak. This ability is unlocked once you reach level 13 in multiplayer.


This exo ability improves upon the boost maneuver players can execute using their exoskeleton. While active this ability gives players the option to float (or hover) in the air for a short duration. Like all other abilities, it too will immediately drain your battery. The Hover ability becomes available to players once they reach level 21 in multiplayer.


Ping acts as a temporary radar that is capable of displaying enemy movement and fire on the player’s HUD. It doesn’t last long but is an invaluable tool for locating enemies and can be used to execute successful flanks. This ability is unlocked at level 33.

Trophy System

This ability works much the same as the equipment piece of the same name found in other titles like Black Ops 2. When active the player is capable of destroying up to 2 projectiles fired by foes. Unfortunately this ability is one of the more flawed ones because it can quickly become inactive before the player can eliminate two projectiles. Trophy System is unlocked once a player reaches level 45.

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