Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Killstreaks

It just wouldn’t be a Call of Duty game if it didn’t have killstreaks, right? Well, Advanced Warfare technically has the newer version referred to as “scorestreaks” but it’s essentially the same concept. These give the player a chance to call in defensive, offensive, and supportive abilities that can help wreak havoc on enemies.

Scorestreaks are earned in AW by racking up score during a single life. The more you get, the higher-level the killstreak you can use. The most common way of gaining score is by getting kills but other actions, such as helping to secure an objective, will also contribute to your points.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Killstreaks

There are a couple of unique aspects to the killstreaks in AW, though. These are new and interesting changes to the system. First off, you can actually upgrade your streaks by unlocking modules. Modules allow you to improve the abilities of your streak. For example, the standard UAV (which normally just shows enemies on the mini-map) can be further enhanced with a module to work as a counter-UAV and distort the enemy radar.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Scorestreaks

Another unique twist in Advanced Warfare is that you have the ability to not use scorestreaks at all. They are integrated into your class setup and take up picks just like weapons, attachments, and other player accessories. By completely removing all scorestreaks you give yourself the ability to choose more gun attachments, equipment, etc.

Finally, there’s an insanely awesome Wildcard called Streaker which gives you the ability to select up to 4 killstreaks rather than just 3. This does take away from your selections in the Pick 13 class system but if you’re a skilled player and can rack up kills quickly with a simple loadout this will allow you to use more scorestreaks than normal.

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Scorestreaks List

Enough about the basic functionality behind these puppies, let’s talk about the actual streaks themselves. In total there are 13 different killstreaks that players can use in Advanced Warfare. Twelve of these are standard and can be chosen via the Pick 13 loadout system while one is rather special and almost like an Easter egg (don’t worry we’ll tell you below).

Many of the streaks can also be upgraded using modules. Below we’ve provided a complete list of the killstreaks available in CoD AW along with a summary of what they do, information about any upgrades they have, their score cost, and more.

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Aerial Recon Drone

What It Does: Puts you in control of a small R/C drone that you can fly around and tag enemy players with. Once tagged these enemies will appear on the radar for you and your teammates.

Cost: 350

Modules: N/A.


What it Does: An unmanned drone that flies above the map and scans for enemies then displays their whereabouts on friendly mini-maps in the form of red dots.

Cost: 400


  • Extra Assist Points – For every kill teammates get while your UAV is active you’ll receive bonus assist points. Costs an additional 150 score to activate.
  • Scrambler – Scrambles the radar of enemies. Costs an extra 200 points.
  • Extra Time – Upgrade that makes your UAV active for a longer duration. Costs an additional 100.
  • Speed – Speeds up the scanning speed of the UAV to show enemy movement more often. Costs another 100 points.
  • Enemy Direction – Makes the UAV operate like the Orbital VSAT from Black Ops 2 showing both the position and direction of enemies. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • Threat Detection – Allows friendly players to see enemies through walls for a duration of 10 seconds after the UAV is activated. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Orbital – Turns your UAV into an Orbital unit that cannot be shot down by enemies. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Support – Makes it so that all score earned toward the UAV is kept even if you die. Costs an additional 300 points.

Aerial Assault Drone

What it Does: A small offensive drone that is controlled by the player. It is equipped with a small machine gun and can also self-detonate to deal damage to enemies.

Cost: 450

Modules: Various upgrades can be installed that make the drone self-driven or gain additional firepower such as an additional gun or even rockets.

Orbital Care Package

What it Does: Drops a care package that can be gotten by the player, teammates, or even enemies. Each one contains a random killstreak or the map special streak.

Cost: 500


  • Double Tab – Allows you to re-roll the contents of the package. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • Better Odds – Increases the chances that the package will contain a high-level streak. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • Support – Similar to the UAV module, this makes it so that all points gained toward the care package are retained even after death. Costs an additional 600 points.

Remote Turret

What it Does: Provides the player with a turret equipped with a minigun to place on the map for the player to use.

Cost: 550


  • Rocket Turret – Replaces the minigun on the turret with a rocket launcher. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Directed Energy – Converts the turret’s minigun into a directed energy laser. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Rippable – Makes it so that the player can remove the turret from its stand and use as a mobile weapon (similar to a death machine). Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Sentry – Converts the turret into an automatic, motion-detecting sentry gun that will attack enemies that cross its line of sight on its own. This can also be controlled by the player remotely. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • 360 Turret Head – As the name implies this upgrade gives the turret the ability to swivel a full 360 degrees to see all angles. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Heavy Resistance – Gives the turret more health.
  • Support – All points earned toward this streak remain with the player even after death.

System Hack

What it Does: Temporarily disables the radar, HUD, and even weapon sights of all enemy players.

Cost: 600

Modules: Can be equipped with various modules that upgrade the effect to extend to enemy killstreaks, exoskeletons, and player equipment.

XS1 Vulcan

What it Does: Works a bit similar to the Loki streak seen in CoD: Ghosts. Its a manually controlled satellite that can be used to fire bursts of directed energy onto enemies from space.

Cost: 600


  • Overcharged – Increases the width of the energy beam fired from the Vulan. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Light Show – Gives the player access to 3 rotating lasers rather than just 1 stationary one. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • Extra Burst – Gives the player an extra shot to use. Costs an additional 300 points.

Missile Strike

What it Does: Gives the player control of a missile strike that can be used as one single attack or broken up into cluster missiles for a wider spread of carnage.

Cost: 650

Modules: Various upgrades are available that make the missile even more deadly by leaving behind a Nano Swarm or other unique features to deal additional damage.

Bombing Run

What it Does: Allows the player to call in a bombing run on a location of their choosing.

Cost: 725


  • Additional Bomber – Adds another bombing plane to the run. Costs an additional 400 points.
  • Flares – Bombers will fire off flares to deter incoming enemy missiles coming at them. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Care Packages – Replaces all bombs with care packages that are dropped into the map. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Stealth – Bombing planes will not appear on enemy radar when coming into the map. Costs an additional 100 points.

XS1 Goliath

What it Does: Deploys a large, armored mech suit onto the map. The player can then get in it and annihilate enemies with the attached minigun. The suit has sluggish movement but absorbs a ton of damage and even features a self-destruct option to kill enemies in a suicide attack.

Cost: 775


  • Recon – Displays enemies using exo abilities or even just firing weapons on your HUD. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Trophy – Works like the Trophy System and destroys grenades or other explosives used against your suit. Costs an additional 100 points.
  • Homing Rockets – Equips a shoulder mounted rocket launcher to your Goliath that has lock-on capabilities. Costs an additional 100 points.


What it Does: Gives you control of an R/C assault aircraft equipped with powerful mininguns.

Cost: 850


  • Rockets – Attaches rockets to the Warbird to use alongside the miniguns. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Aggressor – Converts the Warbird from R/C to AI controlled. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Wingman – Makes it so that a teammate can use the Warbird’s turret alongside the player for additional firepower and support. Costs an additional 300 points.


What it Does: Gives you control of an incredibly powerful gunship.

Cost: 950


  • Laser Guided Rockets – Equips the Paladin with laser-guided rockets to use. Costs an additional 200 points.
  • 105MM Cannon – Equips the Paladin with a 105mm cannon. Costs an additional 300 points.
  • Wingman – Allows a teammate to join the player in the Paladin. Costs an additional 300 points.

Manticore DNA Bomb

What it Does: This is a special streak that cannot be equipped via the Pick 13 system. Instead it is obtained by getting 30 kills with your weapon without dying. Upon activation the bomb will detonate, killing all enemy team players, and afterward leave a green mist on the map that lowers visibility.

NOTE: Kills obtained with scorestreaks DO NOT count toward earning the DNA bomb. It can only be obtained after getting 30 kills without death using only your weapons.

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