Infinite Warfare Killstreaks: Full Guide to IW Scorestreaks

Killstreaks are a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. From the classic airstrikes and UAVs to futuristic spacecraft with lasers – these are a core component of any CoD game. Today, though, we’re going to talk about the scorestreaks that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the latest title from Infinity Ward.

Infinite Warfare Killstreaks

So, what streaks are available to players diving into IW? Well, some of the traditional streaks that we’ve come to know and love do make a reappearance in the game, but there several brand new streaks that fit into Infinite Warfare’s theme as well.


Below, we provide a full list of all of the scorestreaks along with a summary of what each one does, plus tips for maximizing their effectiveness.

  • UAV
  • Scarab
  • Drone Package
  • Counter UAV
  • Vulture
  • Trinity Rocket
  • Scorchers
  • Bombardment
  • Shock Sentry
  • Warden
  • Advanced UAV
  • THOR
  • R-C8
  • AP-3X

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The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a plane that flies over the battlefield and provides radar sweeps for you and your teammates. It’s the lowest streak to get, but it’s also one of the most helpful. It allows you and your squad to enemy movement on the field (unless they’re utilizing the Ghost perk) which gives you an upper-hand in most combat situations as you’ll know the general location of your foe.

Required Score: 400


The Scarab is basically the RC-XD of Infinite Warfare. Rather than blowing enemies to smithereens via a C4 explosion it utilizes a unique cryo blast once you smash the detonate button (or its active time runs out). If you can get the remote-controlled vehicle right beside your opponent it will usually result in a one-hit kill.


This streak is best for single targets, is easily destroyed, but it is also relatively easy to obtain. It is possible to get multi-kills with the Scarab, but the enemies need to be grouped close together or already be damaged for it to wipe out multiple targets.

Required Score:  450

Drone Package

The Drone Package is the Care Package of IW. Rather than being dropped from a ship that flies into the airspace of the battlefield, though, this crate is brought to you by a smaller, automated drone. It can still be shot down. The crate contains a random killstreak. There’s a high chance of getting lower-tier streaks, but you can score a high-tier one as well such as the Warden, THOR, or AP-3X.

Infinite Warfare Drone Package

You’ll want to ensure that you call in your Drone Package in a safe area. As in previous Call of Duty games, if an enemy kills you and your package is left unattended, a member of the opposing team can capture your crate and steal the dropped streak for themselves.

Required Score: 550

Counter UAV

Sick of your opponents having constant UAVs and being able to track your every movement? Pop a Counter UAV. With this active your enemies’ radars will be jammed and produce a static on their minimaps effectively wiping out the benefits of both the UAV and the Advanced UAV.

This is a strategic streak to use. We’ve seen countless times players calling in their Counter UAV when the enemy team has no UAV in the air just to rack up the additional points. Don’t be that guy. Wait until your foes have an active UAV up, THEN use your counter to help both yourself and your team.

Required Score: 600


The Vulture makes a return from CoD: Ghosts. This is an autonomous drone that follows you around and uses mini machine guns to attack enemies that come within range. It’s a great streak to use if you’re attempting to rack up a high kill count, but find yourself getting taken down from behind often. It also assists you by weakening of finishing off enemies that you’re firing at (provided they’re in close range of you).

As quick as your health depletes in Infinite Warfare, this could prove to be a worthy companion. It doesn’t require a ton of points to get, either which makes it an attractive streak for less skilled players.

Required Score: 700

Trinity Rocket

The Trinity Rocket is another streak that was originally seen in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The IW version operates practically exactly the same way. Upon activation, a large missile guided by the player will launch from the sky. The player has the option to boost the speed of the missile as well as activate a cluster option which turns the single massive missile into three different projectiles.

Infinite Warfare Trinity Rocket

The missiles are more than capable of one-hit kills on enemies within close range of the impact zones. It can, however, be difficult to utilize on interior maps such as Frontier where the majority of the play space is covered by a roof. Enemies can also take cover within buildings to avoid taking damage from the missiles.

Required Score: 750


Scorchers are 3 jets that fly into the map and perform laser-fire runs. The jets fly in a straight line, firing lasers beneath them as they make a pass over the map. The player has the ability to select which direction the planes take as they do a fly-over. The lasers kill enemies on touch.

Similar to the Trinity Rocket, this streak can be somewhat tricky to use. You want to make sure that the lasers come in contact with the ground as the jets scream through. This can be hindered by obstacles such as buildings and, as mentioned before, the roof of the space station seen in Frontier.

Required Score: 800


Bombardment is a laser-based missile strike that causes devastating damage upon impact. It works similarly to the Lightning Strike in other CoD titles where the player is able to select three impact areas and the missiles come down and cause a large explosion on the target spots.

This killstreak works very well for protecting capture points in game modes such as Domination or, as we’ve all seen before, eliminating an enemy team on their spawn point. It’s a powerful tool that can easily net you 2 to 5 kills depending on your targeting and where enemies are at the time of the strike.

Required Score: 850

Shock Sentry

With this streak the player gains access to a sentry gun that fires electrically charged rounds at enemies within its line of sight. The sentry is able to be placed pretty much anywhere on flat ground. It has a pretty far reach and deals a modest amount of damage. The sentry is capable of taking out enemies that dare to cross its path fairly quickly.

The biggest drawback of the Shock Sentry is that, like other versions of the sentry gun in Call of Duty games, it is relatively easy to destroy using either weapons or explosives. It’s also possible to counter the sentry’s ability to target you by using smoke grenades, jammer grenades, or by equipping one of the perks called Blind Eye.

Required Score: 900


With this scorestreak you’ll be given the ability to call in a large escort ship that fires down on enemies from above. This is a pretty strong streak considering the guns on the Warden can take out enemy infantry fast. It’s a higher-tier streak, though, so you’ll definitely have to work hard to earn it.

Required Score: 1100

Advanced UAV

The Advanced UAV is the mac-daddy of UAVs. Rather than getting a simple sweep that just shows a red dot on your mini-map of where your opponent WAS moments ago, with the A-UAV active you’ll have sweeps that show exactly which direction your enemies are pointing and where they are going.

For those of you that are more familiar with the Black Ops series of Call of Duty – this is basically the SR-71 or H.A.T.R. of Infinite Warfare. It’s a must-have for players that want to go on incredibly long killing sprees and especially for those seeking to get the elusive De-Atomizer Strike (the nuke).

Required Score: 1250


THOR stands for Tactical High Output Response. It’s a highly accurate, insanely deadly missile system that has a couple different firing modes, thermal vision, and allows the player to rain missiles down onto the ground below from a orbiting satellite.

Players have compared this to the Lodestar killstreak seen in Black Ops 2. It also somewhat resembles the Loki scorestreak featured in CoD: Ghosts, only without the ability to drop care packages or juggernaut suits.

Required Score: 1300

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If being able to play as a robot through the combat rigs system isn’t enough for you, well, there’s more. One of the top-tier Infinite Warfare killstreaks, the R-C8, actually allows you to call in a mega assault robot with heavy armor. It can be set to an autonomous state where it’ll roam the map on its own and attack enemies or you can take control of it yourself.

The robot has firing capabilities, a close-range shield bash attack, and the ability to guard itself with a shield from enemy fire. It’s laser cannon is extremely strong and can take out enemies with a single shot from a direct hit.

Required Score: 1450


Finally, the top streak in the game is the AP-3X. This is remote-controlled bot equipped with heavy machine guns and more. It’s a very deadly aerial drone which can fire a machine gun or perform a missile attack. It also has a boost ability for diving.

You’ll need pretty good accuracy to get kills with the machine gun. The missile barrage is very strong, but has a short cooldown between each shot. The barrage fires off multiple missiles at once toward your target. At close range it can easily result in one-shot kills.

It’s also worth noting that the AP-3X has a decent amount of health, but doesn’t stay active for very long.

Required Score: 1550

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