Black Ops 3 Specialist Classes Guide

Specialists are a brand-new character system that Treyarch is introducing with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. Essentially, specialists are rather similar to sub-classes in games like Destiny. Each one has a couple of special abilities they can use. The first is a unique, powerful weapon. The second is an enhanced ability that gives the player advanced movements or capabilities that aid the player in getting kills. Players get to choose one of these for their class to use in-game.

According to Activision and Treyarch there are a total of 9 different specialists in BO3. So far, only six have been officially revealed. The remaining three will likely be announced within the next couple of months leading up to the official Black Ops 3 release date of November 6th, 2015.

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UPDATE: ALL Black Ops 3 Specialists have now been made public! Details below.

UPDATE (1/29/16) : A 10th specialist class is being teased in an Easter egg discovered on Gauntlet, one of the new maps added into Black Ops 3 via the Awakening DLC. Details of this specialist will be added to this page once they’re available!

Black Ops 3 Specialist Classes

This page will serve as a full guide for specialist classes, detailing their abilities, their weapons, gameplay videos, and more. Below we have provided an overview of the specialists that have been announced so far. Once the last 3 are revealed, we will add them to the page as well. All specialists are listed now.


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BO3 Specialists

Here are the officially announced specialist classes so far…


Black Ops 3 Ruin Specialist

  • Power Weapon: Gravity Spikes – Unleashes a strong shockwave that is capable of wiping out enemies within its proximity.
  • Ability: Overdrive – Temporarily allows the player to move around faster.

Crave further details? Learn about all that this class has to offer by reading our Ruin specialist guide.


Black Ops 3 Seraph Specialist Class

  • Power Weapon: Annihilator – A super strong pistol that kills foes with a single bullet. Bullets are also able to travel through enemies so, if they line up perfectly in your sights, you can take out multiple players with a single shot.
  • Ability: Combat Focus – This is a nifty ability that actually increases your earned score for a short time. This means for every kill, assist, and other action you complete you will earn bonus points, racking up score that can aid you in earning your killstreaks.

Need more info for this Asian assassin? Learn more about her by reading our Seraph specialist guide.

Outrider (Sparrow)

Black Ops 3 Outrider Specialist

  • Power Weapon: Sparrow Bow – An awesome looking compound bow that’s equipped with exploding bolts. The bolts are able to stick to enemies and explode after just a couple of seconds. This weapon makes for some very fun and interesting kills. Great for the killcam!
  • Ability: Vision Pulse – Sends out a sonar-like wave that allows the player to temporarily see enemies through walls and objects. When activated the ability highlights nearby enemies in red. This is great for locating the exact spot campers are setup in or seeing who’s coming toward you.

Want more info? Be sure to check out our full Outrider specialist guide to learn more about this class.


Black Ops 3 Reaper Specialist Class

  • Power Weapon: Scythe – Once activate, this completely transforms the Reaper’s arm into a huge, lead-spraying mini-gun. This weapon has a pretty good firing rate and can rip through enemies pretty quickly.
  • Ability: Glitch – Using this ability the player can actually teleport his or herself backwards to the position they were in a few seconds earlier. Might be useful for dodging deadly attacks (such as the Annihilator) or getting setup for a stealthy, assassin-like kill.

This robot has a sad, but awesome story. Learn more about him by viewing our Reaper specialist guide.


Black Ops 3 Prophet Specialist

  • Power Weapon: Tempest – A lightning gun that requires charging but can shock and injure enemies within its line of sight. Because of its wide span this gun can hit multiple targets.
  • Ability: Glitch – Same ability as the reaper.

Want more intimate details for this class? Read our full Prophet specialist guide to learn more about this militant character.


Black Ops 3 Nomad Specialist

  • Power Weapon: Hive – An interesting gadget that dispenses pod traps. Once lain, if an enemy comes within the traps’ proximity it will explode, causing serious damage. According to sources the explosive damage on these traps is actually higher than the C4.
  • Ability: Rejack – This is a weird remake of the Final Stand perk. Essentially you almost die but don’t. You shoot up some special sauce, remain inactive for a few seconds, then regenerate health and are able to move once again.

Further info about this jungle warrior is now available. Read our complete Nomad specialist guide for details.


Black Ops 3 Battery Specialist

  • Power Weapon: War Machine – A powerful grenade launcher. Fires grenades out that bounce around and explode within seconds. Works well for getting kills with the blast radius of the grenades or by getting direct impact hits.
  • Ability: Kinetic Armor – An incredibly awesome set of armor that literally absorbs bullets. Gives the player a good bit of extra health and makes the character much more difficult to take down.

This a woman of true power. Read all about her in our Battery specialist guide.


Black Ops 3 Spectre Specialist

  • Power Weapon: Ripper – The player’s character will adorn a pair of blades that allow them to slice and dice opponents on the fly. They are incredibly fast and extremely deadly.
  • Ability: Active Camo – As the name implies, this ability gives Spectre the chance to become invisible temporarily. This is great for getting out of a bad situation or performing lethal stealth attacks on your opponents.

A mystery to all but itself. Find out more about this odd class in our Spectre specialist guide.


Black Ops 3 Firebreak Specialist

A final 9th specialist was discovered among the PC data files by other players. As of right now it remains nameless as it has not been officially announced. The official name of this specialist is Firebreak. The weapon and ability have been leaked, though also been officially confirmed now. The information is below.

  • Power Weapon: Purifier – This is an enemy-melting flamethrower. That’s right, with this class you’ll be able to scorch your opponents to death using a high-powered weapon that shoots out streams of searing flames.
  • Ability: Heatwave – Creates an aurora of flame around the player’s body that burns and stuns enemies that come within close range of the player’s character.

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