Black Ops 3 Perks List (All Perks Revealed)

A complete list of every perk available in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 has been leaked. We’re not sure of how credible the source is, mostly because we were unable to trace the source, but the images look very convincing. If these aren’t real, they’re certainly extremely well-fabricated.

Black Ops 3 Perks

Below are the images that have surfaced showing the perks available for slot 1, slot 2, and slot 3. Under the images you’ll find a description that reveals the names and abilities associated with each perk.

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Black Ops 3 Perks Slot 1

Black Ops 3 Perks Slot 2

Black Ops 3 Perks Slot 3

Slot 1 Perks

  • Flak Jacket – Returning favorite that reduces the amount of damage your character takes from explosives such as grenades and C4.
  • Blind Eye – Another perk seen in previous titles. Makes the player undetectable by scorestreaks and/or various tracking systems.
  • Ghost – Enables the player to disappear from being displayed on enemy radars while in motion, planting or defusing bombs, and while controlling killstreaks.
  • Blast Suppressor – Operates the same as the perk of the same name that is seen in Advanced Warfare – it enables you to move around using your thrusters without being given away on enemy mini-maps.
  • Afterburner – A unique perk that makes your thrust pack recharge faster allowing you to execute more boost jumps and slides quickly.
  • Overclock – Gives you the ability to earn your specialist class weapon or special ability slightly faster.

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Slot 2 Perks

  • Hard Wired – Makes your character immune to counter-UAVs, powercores, EMPs, and also stops your player from triggering proximity explosives or tactical gear.
  • Scavenger – Another returning fan favorite. This perk allows you to replenish your ammo and equipment whenever you kill enemies using non-explosive weaponry.
  • Fast Hands – Gives you the ability to swap your primary and secondary weapons a bit faster plus allows you to ADS faster after sprinting. On top of those bonuses the perk also makes it so that you can pick up thrown enemy grenades, reset the fuse, and toss them back.
  • Tracker – An interesting perk that gives you the ability to see the digital imprint of enemy footsteps for a few seconds.
  • Ante Up – This perk operates similarly to the Hardline perk only rather than earning points faster you simply start off with more points each life.
  • Cold Blooded – Reduces your character’s digital imprints to defend against Tracker and Sixth Sense abilities. Also makes your player immune to thermal-style sights and ground-based AI killstreaks.

Slot 3 Perks

  • Engineer – Reveals enemy equipment on the map when close enough.
  • Dead Silence – Reduces the amount of sound your movements make. Helpful for combating against campers and players that “sound whore” using advanced headsets.
  • Awareness – Slightly increases the sound emitted by enemy footsteps and movements, making them a bit easier to hear when moving in your proximity.
  • Tactical Mask – Reduces the effects of tactical grenades against your player.
  • Gung Ho – Gives you the ability to hip-fire, use equipment, and throw grenades while sprinting.
  • Sixth Sense – Provides a general indication of direction of enemy movement in quadrants.


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