Infinite Warfare Perks: Full List and Guide to Multiplayer Perks

Perks are a core element of a strong class setup in Call of Duty. These are passive abilities that help your player in a number of different ways including making you invisible to enemy radar, reducing incoming explosive damage, and much more. Today, we’re going to talk about all of the perks that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare Perks

As you would expect, many of the perks included in IW are duplicates of ones that we’ve seen in previous Call of Duty games. There are, however, a host of new ones and some have even been slightly altered or renamed. Below, we reveal the full list of available perks, explain what each one does, and provide tips on the best ways to utilize them.

Perk 1 Slot

For your first slot you’ll be able to equip the following perks:

  • Recon
  • Blind Eye
  • Blast Shield
  • Dexterity
  • Ghost
  • Overclock


Recon – This perk does a couple of things. First it increases the area shown on your minimap, allowing you to see enemy fire and such at greater distances. Second, whenever an enemy calls in a UAV you’ll get a single radar sweep when it spawns in, then another sweep as its leaving. This perk is very useful for keeping an active radar and figuring out where your foes are.

Blind Eye – This is an oldie, but a goody. It blocks you from being detected by AI targeting systems. This means autonomous streaks and payload gadgets won’t be able to see you. The in-game description states that this perk works as a hard counter to the Micro Turret, R-CB, Shock Sentry, Warden, and Vulture.

Blast Shield – Sick of constantly dying because of random grenades or C4? This perk can help. With it active your character will take less damage from explosives. This is a great perk to use in objective modes such as Domination where enemies are likely to toss explosives at the objective while you’re attempting to capture or protect it.

Dexterity – This allows you to reload and swap weapons faster than normal. Great perk to use if your favorite gun is slow to reload or if you like switching to a sidearm or launcher frequently.

Ghost – Another classic. This perk renders you invisible to UAV sweeps and radar pings. It’s an excellent perk to use if you like flanking the enemy to catch them by surprise or you want to play the role of a stealthy sniper. Flying under the radar gives you a huge advantage over your opponents in many engagements as they won’t know you’re coming.

Overclock – Want to have access to your favorite payload more often? With the Overclock perk your payload will charge up more quickly making it possible to get it more frequently.

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Perk 2 Slot

In the second slot, these are the perks available:

  • Tac Resist
  • Hardline
  • Momentum
  • Tracker
  • Cold Blooded
  • Scavenger

Tac Resist – This perk works similarly to the Tactical Mask seen in games like Black Ops 2. With it equipped, your character will be less effected by anything that’s used to flash or stun you. This includes the blackout grenade, the stun you experience when you’re hit by a melee attack, the effects of a cryo mine, and the stun associated with the jammer grenade. This a superb perk to equip if you like to rush the enemy team or tend to fight in close-quarters a lot.

Hardline – This is one of the perks that is essentially the same as it was in previous titles, but with one big alteration. You’ll still get bonus points toward killstreaks for every kill and assist, but the bonus is only applied to a total of 8 kills per life. So, it can definitely help you earn those higher-level scorestreaks, but after eight kills the effect ends.

Momentum – With this perk active your player will be able to gradually build up sprint speed. The thing is, however, the second you jump up, perform a slide, or wall-run the speed bonus is reset and you have to rebuild it. It’s a good perk if you plan to keep your feet on the ground, but if you boost around a good bit you might as well pass on this one.

Tracker – Works exactly the same as the perk of the same name in BO3. With Tracker equipped you’ll see footprint tracks of nearby enemies. It even works against enemies utilizing Phantom’s (one of the combat rigs) Active Camo payload that renders their character invisible. This is a great perk for aggressive players that want to track down their opponents and rack up kills.

Cold Blooded – This is one of our favorite perks. What it does is block you from showing up in thermal sights or other similar systems. That includes the pesky Personal Radar. Combine this with the Ghost perk and you’ll practically never be seen on any enemy radar system or in thermal vision.

Scavenger – Perhaps one of the most popular perks amongst try-hard pubstompers. With this perk you’ll be able to replenish ammo for your weapons by running over the dead bodies of enemies you kill. This is a must-have perk if you tend to go on lengthy killstreaks and find yourself running out of ammo in your primary gun often.

Perk 3 Slot

Finally, for your third slot, you’ll get to choose from these perks:

  • Gung-Ho
  • Pin Point
  • Hardwired
  • Marksman
  • Engineer
  • Dead Silence

Gung Ho – With this perk equipped you’ll be granted the ability to use lethals & tacticals, fire your weapon, and even utilize killstreaks while you’re sprinting. For rushers this is a no-brainer. Being able to fire while rushing through a hostile area gives you the chance to blast through foes before they even know what hit them.

Pin Point – This is a new perk and it’s actually quite powerful. Whenever you hit an enemy with gunfire or even when YOU are eating lead this perk will highlight the enemy you hit or are being damaged by in red. This makes it easier to spot your foe and take them out swiftly.

Hardwired – Hardwired is a potent counter to a number of different things including EMP effects and various targeting systems that highlight you for the enemy. Yes, that means it nulls out the Pin Point perk as well as the Marked Target trait for Phantom, the EMP aspects of the Centurion payload that Stryker has, and more.

Marksman – This is primarily intended to be used by players that wish to do a lot of sniping. This perk allows you to view enemy names from further away and reduces the amount of flinch you experience when getting hit. The flinch reduction is more noticeable on sniper rifles, but it does help a bit with assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, and other guns as well.

Engineer – With Engineer equipped you’ll be able to spot enemy equipment easily, even through walls. It also makes it possible to arm the bomb in objective modes without making a sound. This is best for when you’re encountering players using a lot of mines.

Dead Silence – This is yet another classic perk. With it active both your footsteps and the sounds of your thrusters will be greatly muffled. Players using the Tracker perk will, however, still see your footprints on the ground which slightly lessens the advantage gained from Dead Silence. Nevertheless, if you like flanking or being sneaky – this is a perk you can’t go without.

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