Infinite Warfare Combat Rigs: In-Depth Guide to IW’s Battle Suits

Infinity Ward has introduced an interesting new game mechanic in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Somewhat similar to Black Ops 3’s specialists, Combat Rigs are designed to give gamers access to unique abilities, gear, and more through the use of six different battle suits. Players are able to swap between rigs throughout multiplayer matches.

Infinite Warfare Combat Rigs

Combat Rigs are loadouts that give players the ability to utilize unique weaponry, abilities, and more. There are six different rigs available. Each one has its own set of payloads and traits. A payload consists of three different items players can use with their selected rig every once in a while. A trait is simply a passive ability that is active at all times.


Here are the rigs available in the game:

  • FTL
  • Merc
  • Phantom
  • Stryker
  • Synaptic
  • Warfighter

Below we will cover each rig in detail, explaining what each one is capable of, their payload options, recommended usage, and more.

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FTL is sort of an assault-support hybrid rig. It’s weapon is a rage-inducing sidearm that vaporizes enemies on contact. His other two payload options allow him to execute burst jumps and become temporarily invulnerable to damage by crossing dimensional planes.



  • Eraser – An experimental pistol that charges up and fires a projectile that turns enemies into a cloud of mist. This gun is best utilized by players with good aim. The fire rate is a bit slow, but the impact, like most other rig weapons, is a one-shot kill.
  • FTL Jump – A quick burst jump that moves the player forward at a rapid pace.
  • Phase Shift – Essentially a phantom form in which the player becomes temporarily invincible. The only enemies that can damage you while in this state are other FTL rigs that are also in the phase mode.


  • Perception – With this trait active the player will see enemies that are currently targeting them outlined in a yellowish glow.
  • Power Slide – As the name suggests, this trait amplifies your character’s basic slide movement by increasing the overall slide distance. It also gives you the ability to ADS while sliding and reduces the amount of boost the move uses.
  • Supercharge – Every kill you get will produce a small package which, when picked up by teammates, will slightly reduce the cooldown time of their selected payload.


Merc is a heavy-duty rig with both defensive and supportive capabilities. His special weapon is a bulky laser gun that decimates opponents at close to mid range. His other payloads include a quick charge move that can kill enemies upon impact and a unique set of armor that protects him from energy, ballistic, projectile, and all other damage types.



  • Steel Dragon – A powerful heavy laser that causes high damage to enemies at close range. Damage drops off at mid to long range, but this is a very potent weapon in close quarters combat.
  • Bull Charge – Gives the player the ability to pull out a shield and charge forward. Hitting enemies can cause great damage or even a one-hit kill. You can direct yourself while charging, but it’s very limited.
  • Reactive Armor – Your character will don a special armor set that protects you from all forms of damage for a short time. Basically, it makes you a bit of a tank, but only for a very limited time. The armor depletes relatively quickly.


  • Infusion – Increases your health regeneration rate slightly.
  • Man at Arms – You will have max ammo in your weapons at the start of each life plus weapons no longer effect your movement speed. This means you can maneuver around the map at default speed even when you have a bulky LMG equipped.
  • Shock Wave – Allows you to execute a powerful ground pound while airborne. The move is similar to the Advanced Warfare maneuver. A direct hit can result in a kill, but most times you’ll only take down your opponents health a bit.


Phantom is designed to accommodate players that appreciate a more stealthy approach to the game. His special weapon is a high-powered sniper that obliterates opponents. The remainder of his payload, as well as the traits the class possesses, are primarily for finding targets and laying low.



  • Ballista EM3 – A projectile launcher that is very accurate and can penetrate flimsier surfaces (walls and such) easier than most weapons. It’s basically a large sniper rifle. When scoped-in you’ll see blue dots. When an enemy comes into view, it automatically targets them. A focused hit will result in a one-shot kill. If the projectiles spread, though, it will just inflict heavy damage.
  • Pulsar – Basically a large radar that you can put down that will allow you to see nearby enemies better.
  • Active Camo – Exactly what you would expect – allows you to become temporarily invisible. It’s not perfect, though. It’s unlikely, but you can be spotted.


  • Heightened Senses – Enemies that are moving quickly or through the air will produce louder movement noises. This effect has better range whenever you are close to the ground.
  • Marked Target – Each time you hit an opponent with gunfire they’ll be marked for 5 seconds which blocks them from regenerating health during that time.
  • Rearguard – Outfits your character with a shield that goes on your back that is capable of blocking enemy gunfire and even deadly melee attacks.

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Stryker is perhaps one of the most interesting combat rigs available in Infinite Warfare. Primarily designed for support he has access to a gravity defying gun that draws in and damages opponents, a deployable turret, and a nifty gadget that disrupts electronic equipment while simultaneously acting as a projectile deterrent.



  • Centurion – Allows the player to place a defense system that blocks incoming projectiles and also produces an EMP that disrupts electronic-based equipment.
  • Gravity Vortex Gun – A large weapon that blasts out large projectiles that draw in nearby enemies and damage them. The projectiles move very slowly so you’ll have to be very strategic with your shots to make this weapon effective.
  • Micro Turret – An autonomous turret the player can deploy that will attack enemies that come into its field of view.


  • Hardened – Any equipment or drones that deploy will have slightly increased health. They will continue to exist even after you’ve died. This makes it possible to have an extra equipment item active (2 current, 1 that stayed from death).
  • Relay – Stationary equipment items that are deployed on the field will now show enemies near the equipment on your minimap. Equipment that is thrown (i.e. C4) will highlight enemies within the detonation zone.
  • Trophy Drone – This is basically the same as a Trophy System, but it will only block one projectile at a time. After each block it needs to recharge. This is easily destroyed.


Synaptic is essentially Infinite Warfare’s take on Reaper from Black Ops 3. Yes, it’s a robot. One of it’s unique payload options is the Equalizer where the robot’s arms pop out dual silenced machine guns to rip through enemies with. Another payload is Reaper in which your character will actually physically morph into a canine-like configuration that has a devastating melee attack.



  • Equalizer – The robot produces dual machine guns that are suppressed. These have a relatively high rate of fire and are great at close range. In mid to long range engagements accuracy is poor due to the spread of bullets from the guns. In CQC situations, though, these guns are borderline OP.
  • Reaper – This is the configuration where the robot converts itself into a dog. While in this form you can perform flips and high jumps for evasions and, of course, utilize the Reaper attack for deadly melees.
  • Rewind – Teleports you back to a previous position a short distance away while simultaneously restoring both your health and your ammo.


  • Combat Burst – Immediately after every kill you get your character will get a boost to movement speed. This boost lasts a short while, but if you can chain kills together you can easily speed around the map regularly.
  • Propulsion – This gives a boost to your suit’s thrusters. Boost energy restores at a quick rate and your thrusters also inflict a bit of damage to enemies below you when active.
  • Rushdown – This allows the robot to perform a very fast burst move in any desired direction.


Warfighter is the very first rig you have access to. He is built for, well, war. With payloads such as powerful SMG, an option that allows you to earn more score per kill / assist, and a temporary boost to your character’s overall movement speed he’s a deadly asset to have on the battlefield.



  • Claw – A powerful SMG that fires at a blistering rate and deals intense damage. It’s a fantastic weapon at close to mid range. At longer distances it suffers from dropoff and accuracy issues. Nevertheless, it’s perfect for ripping through enemies.
  • Combat Focus – For the player that wants to utilize scorestreaks more often or unleash the most powerful streaks. While this payload is active you’ll earn 2x as much score for each kill, assist, capture, or anything that generates points. It’s only active for a short time so make sure you pop it when you have the opportunity to score big.
  • Overdrive – This can be utilized to get to a capture point in a hurry, get out of a bad situation fast, or just to hunt down your enemies at a quicker pace. It gives you a temporary speed boost.


  • Persistence – This allows you to keep your progress toward killstreaks even after death. It does, however, increase the point cost of each streak at an increasing rate after each death. The trait also explicitly states that with it equipped you’ll only be able to earn each of your selected streaks once per match.
  • Ping – Anytime you kill an enemy or assist on a kill a radar ping will activate at the spot where your opponent died.
  • Resupply – After every non-explosive kill enemies will drop ammo boxes that will replenish your supply of lethal and tactical equipment items.

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Best Combat Rigs

So, which of these Infinite Warfare rigs is the absolute best in the game? Well, to be honest, that’s generally a matter of preference, but below we’ve outlined the combat rigs that we believe are top-notch for the specified play types. After all, the rig that will best suit you will be the one that best compliments your personal playing style.


Just want to rack up kills so you can tally up higher scores and unleash the most powerful killstreaks in the game? Then you’ll definitely want to equip the assault-focused rigs that are available in Infinite Warfare.


You really can’t go wrong with Warfighter here. Both Claw and Combat Focus work in your favor if your only goal is to get a high kill count. The Claw can tear through enemy soldiers in a heartbeat for quick and easy kills while Combat Focus will help you rack up points toward your streaks.


Synpatic’s Equalizer and Reaper payloads are great for wiping out entire teams. The Equalizer is especially strong. Use it in tight corridors, small rooms, and around corners for best results. It really loses its effectiveness beyond close quarters. In tight spaces, though, it’s a dominant weapon that can lead to doubles, triples, quad feeds, and fury kills like you wouldn’t believe.

The Reaper payload is good, too, but really only when you’re matched against inexperienced players or individuals with horrific aim. It moves a bit slow and is a rather large target. This makes it relatively easy for a well-trained sniper to wipe out. And you’ll want to make your movements erratic if you’re chasing down enemies with space between you. Otherwise you’ll get ripped to shreds with assault rifles and SMGs long before you reach your target.


Like to play objective game modes more and want to help your team secure more capture points and wins? To assist your squad and have more control over the battlefield you’ll want to try out the most support-oriented rigs.


Stryker is most definitely the best option if you’re looking to pursue a support role in Infinite Warfare. His Centurion and Micro Turret payloads provide great assistance to your team while active. The Centurion can block deadly projectiles and throw the opposing team off by disrupting their gear. The Micro Turret, on the other hand, can be used to help protect objectives and provide suppressive fire to distract enemies.

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