In most Call of Duty titles pistols are one of the most underused sidearms available to players. It’s extremely rare that you’ll see anyone coming at you with a handgun in Advanced Warfare but these guns can actually be incredibly useful in certain situations. When you get stuck in a tight spot and are low on ammo in your primary weapon having a pistol to quickly swap to can be the difference between life and a quick death.

Advanced Warfare Pistols Overview
Currently, there are only 4 pistols available for players to use in CoD: Advanced Warfare. These are:

Each pistol in this game is fairly unique. By clicking on the links above you’ll be taken to a page dedicated to the pistol selected. These pages contain detailed breakdowns of each weapon including information regarding the gun’s damage output, magazine size, available attachments, and even a list of all variants.

Tips for Using Pistols

Pistols aren’t designed to be used as a primary weapon in Call of Duty. Compared to other weapons their damage output is rather low, they usually don’t come with a ton of ammo, and don’t often fair well against guns like assault rifles or SMGs. They do, however, serve a great purpose as a secondary weapon.

Having a pistol in your secondary slot can be of great assistance if used correctly. First off, pistols are by far the fastest weapon to swap to from your primary aside from a combat knife. So if you run out of bullets in your main weapon you can quickly swap to your secondary (a pistol) and pop off a couple shots to finish off an opponent.

Pistols also have extremely high mobility. This means that having a pistol out rather than something like a sniper rifle or even a shotgun you’ll be able to run around faster. So, even just having one on your secondary to give you the ability to move around the map quicker can be beneficial.