Advanced Warfare Special Weapons Overview

Special weapons are those that fall outside of the confines of traditional categories such as assault rifles or submachine guns. In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare these unique weapons can be used for getting kills but aren’t quite as effective as other guns. Nevertheless they do have their own unique capabilities. Below we’ve provided an overview of these weapons.

Advanced Warfare Special Weapons Overview

In Advanced Warfare there are just 3 special weapons available to use. These are:

Both the Crossbow and MDL are centered around explosive damage while the Heavy Shield is used as a battering device rather than firing anything. All three of these weapons require a moderate amount of skill to use successfully.

Tips for Using Special Weapons

As mentioned above, the special weapons in Advanced Warfare do take a bit of practice and skill to use. The Crossbow and MDL, for example, require precise timing and decent aim to get kills with. This is especially true for the Crossbow as players have to account for the drop of the arrow when targeting enemies off in the distance.

All 3 special weapons are harder to use in this game than similarly styled weapons were in previous Call of Duty titles. This is due to the new, faster-pace of the game due, in part, to the new movement capabilities players have with their Exoskeleton suits.

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