The MX Garand is one of a few brand-new weapons that were introduced into Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 recently. This gun, along with the other special weapons that are now available, can only be obtained through supply drops. It is labeled as an “epic” item when received in a drop.

MX Garand Stats

Damage: High (49-60 per shot)

Clip Size: 8 Rounds (12 with Extended Mags attachment)

Firing Rate: 300 rounds per minute

Range: High

Black Ops 3 MX Garand

Weapon Overview

The Garand, which was formerly known as the M2 Raider, is a high-damage, semi-automatic assault rifle. It operates fairly similarly to the Sheiva but with a few key differences.


First off, this gun cannot be reloaded by the player. Instead, it will only initiate a reload whenever all ammo is spent. There are 8 rounds in the standard MX so once you’ve fired off all 8 bullets, your character will then proceed to reload it.

The reload sequence is somewhat slow, but not too terrible. It’s wise to just fire off the remaining bullets if you’re down to just 1 or 2 rounds left as it typically takes 3-4 shots to get a kill. In most cases you’ll be able to get about two kills before needing to reload (providing you aim well).

Firing Rate

Another key difference is the firing rate. The fire rate of the MX Garand is easily one of the fastest among the semi-auto rifles in Black Ops 3. This is part of the reason it’s such a great weapon and considered OP by many players.

Black Ops 3 MX Garand Side Shot


Another reason this gun is so powerful is the fact that there is very little recoil. This makes it extremely easy to pop off several shots in quick succession and land every shot on your opponent. Other guns tend to bounce vertically or horizontally a bit with each shot fired. The Garand, however, stays nearly perfectly still.


The biggest issues with this gun are the reloading process and the fact that it is not designed for close quarters combat. It’s actually fairly easy to get used to reloading the Garand, though. The gun is definitely best suited for medium to long range firefights. It’s great for use on medium to large sized maps – anywhere there is a large open spot or just long lanes to keep an eye on.

To perform well with this weapon you’ll definitely want to play conservatively. Yes, that means camp. Staying in one spot where you have a good field of view over a high traffic area is where this gun really shines.

Recommended Attachments

If you plan to use the Garand as your primary weapon there are a few attachments you should consider using. They aren’t completely necessary (the gun performs well by itself), but they can help a bit.

Here’s what we suggest using:

  • Quickdraw
  • Extended Mags

Quickdraw is something we love using on nearly any gun. Being able to lift up your weapon into ADS (aiming down sights) is always beneficial, especially if your enemy sights you first or at the same time. The faster you can get your crosshair on your opponent, the better.

Extended Mags is another great choice for the Garand. Normally, you only have access to 8 rounds per clip and, oftentimes, you’ll actually end up wasting a few shots purposely just to reload. With Extended Mags you gain an additional 4 rounds which, most of the time, will result in one more kill per clip.

That’s all we really suggest using on this weapon. A lot of people seem to think High Caliber is great – it’s not. Here’s why.. even at optimal range when your gun will be dealing its full damage effect (around 60) it’ll still take 2 headshots to eliminate your opponent. The headshot multiplier is only 1.1x on this gun – which means at most you’ll deal 66 damage.

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