Black Ops 3 10th Specialist Teased in Awakening Easter Egg

Some exciting rumors are floating around now that a few of the popular Call of Duty YouTubers, such as TmarTn and ChaosxSilencer have released videos from their early hands-on experiences with Black Ops 3’s Awakening DLC. In these videos the content creators show off a secret, being called the “Jack of Spades” Easter egg, that reveals the potential addition of a 10th specialist class for the game.

Within the map Gauntlet, one of four new maps coming with the Awakening pack, there is an area where players can view the gear of each of the nine specialists plus a placard with the associated specialist’s name on it. Next to the case containing the gear for Battery there is an empty case and a placard with a scratched out name.

In addition to that, there’s a playing card lying next to the space where the specialist gear is in every other container. The card, as you may have already guessed, is the Jack of Spades. The only connection this has to a previous Call of Duty game is via the Death Cards that were seen in World at War.

Rumors are flying like crazy about what this could mean. The only thing that can be said definitively is that we can definitely expect a new specialist class coming to Black Ops 3 relatively soon. We just don’t know exactly what the character will be or what their weapon and ability could be.

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  1. I thank it is going to be the dude in the BLACK MARKET. It might be called BLACK JACK.

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