Black Ops 3 Supply Drops: The Complete Guide

Supply drops are back! Yes, those wonderful loot crates loaded with customization goodies that we first saw in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have made a return in Black Ops 3. There are a few small changes, though. The way you earn them and what they contain is a bit different. Below we provide a full guide to BO3 supply drops.

Supply Drops in Black Ops 3

Supply drops, for those that have been living under a rock for the past year, are essentially care packages that you can earn in-game that contain various items for your character. In AW these includes weapon variants, unique pieces of gear, and even XP boosts.

Black Ops 3 Supply Drops

In Black Ops 3, however, the items are mostly cosmetics. Sadly, at this time, there are no weapon variants. But you will still get new and unique camos for each weapon and some nifty outfits to equip on the specialists that you use.

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How to Get Supply Drops

Obtaining supply drops is also a little different in BO3 than it was in Advanced Warfare. In AW you got drops every time you hit certain level milestones, by completing daily and weekly challenges, or by simply purchasing them.

Black Ops 3 How to Get Supply Drops

In Black Ops 3, on the other hand, you have to first get Cryptokeys in order to get a supply drop. This is a new in-game currency that can be exchanged for drops in the Black Market. There are a very limited number of ways to get the currency right now – mainly from playing multiplayer matches and doing some of the Dark Ops challenges.

We suspect that you’ll soon be able to purchase the keys using your hard-earned real cash, though. As far as we know right now, though, you do NOT earn drops from leveling up.

Supply Drop Contents

As we mentioned above, the contents of supply drops have also changed a bit. There are just a few different things you can obtain from drops right now.

Items you’ll see frequently are:

  • Weapon Camos
  • Specialist Outfits
  • Decals
  • Calling Cards
  • Attachment Variants

UPDATE: With the latest update to Black Ops 3, a few changes have been made to supply drops. In addition to the above items you’ll now find new Specialist heads / bodies, new weapon camos, and, in rare supply drops, there’s a chance to receive bonus cryptokeys!

Loot rarities include common, rare, epic, and legendary.

Here’s a video showing a supply drop being opened in Black Ops 3:

As of right now all items earned through supply drops are purely cosmetic unlike in AW where players could obtain different versions of weapons that had differing stats. This MAY be a feature that’s added in at a later date or not at all. We’re not sure.

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  1. The findings in supply drops are not only cosmetic. I have received a Legendary attachment for my Kuda in a common supply drop. But majority of finds in Supply Drops are cosmetic

    1. you can only use the attachment variant if you already have it. Its purely for looks

    2. Wrong, it’s just cosmetic.

    3. Where as that is still only a cosmetic change, there are also several other weapon unlocks that are epic or legendary in which are not only cosmetic.

  2. FYI there’s more raritys, I got a epic camo. It was orange boarder and the camo name is monochome

  3. I got a weapon variant from a common supply drop (grip for Kuda) but I can’t equip it? Any help?

    1. Normally on a weapon you should be able to see a little box where you can change the camo, equip the grip for your kuda and then click on the little box on the grip

      1. When you are equipping the grip for the kuda you should press like “Y” or triangle… to change the variations… I’m just trying to remember from my time playing in the pre pre alpha.. a lot can change though…

  4. Please go back to basics and understand why BO2 is better than BO3. We don’t want this silly sci-fi junk. We also want more AI controlled score streaks. The Dart is inferior to the Hunter Killer drone.

    1. no its not, the dart fires three missiles, the hk was a one shot.Try aiming the dart at someone and pressing fire.

      1. I promise you I did. It is inaccurate and very hard to use on popular maps like Combine where there isn’t much unobstructed open air space. The HK Drone was nice because you fire and forget. I’m just shocked Treyarch repeated the same mistake of Ghosts and AW. Players want AI controlled streaks to earn them kills while they scout on the ground. That is why Black Ops 2 had great streaks. Also, the sentry gun is timed which is annoying. It wasn’t like that in Black Ops 2. I feel as if they went backwards with the score streaks in Black Ops 3.

        1. Lol? I use the dart on combine all the time and i get almost every time at least 2 kills with it

          1. Weird. Either way. I really liked the Hunter Killer drone cause you fire off and it could help you get to your care package faster.

      2. The dart works just fine but, its usefull in like s&d and gamemodes where individual kills matter. hunter killer was just better all round in tdm domination etc…

    2. Dont use the dart than…

      1. It comes in the care package genius. Please think before commenting and making yourself look stupid next time.

        1. Whether or not this guy is an idiot, doesnt give you the right to be such an ass and to make yourself look so stupid. Dont use the dart if you dont like it, it’s as simple as that. Dont use the carepacks. How about you select a higher point killstreak, and select what you want and what you like because youre a little bitch who cant get more than 3 kills in a row, so you select the first three killstreak options.

          1. Why are you getting involved? Is your dick really that short that you have to act like a big man and try to intervene?

          2. Why the fuck are you even on here complaining in the first place? Like anyone gives a fuck. lmao The dart is the only bad thing you can point out? …Which you cant seem to figure out how to use anyways or the rest of the kill streaks for that matter! Better go play a different game! LMFAO silly sci-fi junk???… why are you even playing COD games??? You make me laugh. BTW, It’s usually called trolling. My dick my be short, and I might be a ‘big man’ but you sure do enjoy that cock in your mouth.

          3. Love cod 2 and 3. I also hate it cause i suck at it lol. Get lucky every now and then. Addicting game. Still trying to find my weapon of choice but still suck regardless. Just love the excitemwnt of the game. Some people take thing WAY too seriously. If you run into me, please take it easy on me lol ” wilsonsdomain ”

        2. Run engineer… Simple. Not only helps re-roll but u won’t die by hidden trip mines and can boobytrap enemy carepackages

          1. been using engineer for quite some time now since black ops 2

            love you :-*

    3. The Dart is sick once you learn how to use it.. I have about 900 kills with that thing.

      1. Some like it, some don’t. I prefer the hunter killer drone because it is AI controlled. AI streaks are the best.

    4. hey dude BO3 is way better than BO2 i dont know about you but everyone i know that likes COD thinks Black Opps 3 is way better

      1. Black Ops 3 is much like Advance Warfare. Black Ops 2 was gritty and raw and more fun. Not to mention much better scorestreaks, maps, and weapons.

      2. Black Ops 3 is much like Advance Warfare. Black Ops 2 was gritty and raw and more fun. Not to mention much better scorestreaks, maps, and weapons.

  5. All I want is to be able to earn cryptokeys through zombies! I don’t gives 2 cents about call of duty multiplayer.

    1. Yo, multiplayer is the only good thing about COD besides the campaigns… Zombies, especially Black Ops 3 zombies are trash. You don’t get to enjoy yourself like you do in the classic COD zombies.

      1. Are you joking? The recent zombies modes have been amazing. You have your opinion I have mine. But frankly the complexity of the new maps make it more challenging and enjoyable

      2. Are you joking? The recent zombies modes have been amazing. You have your opinion I have mine. But frankly the complexity of the new maps make it more challenging and enjoyable

  6. I’m not too impressed with the supply drops!!! I mean really??? the same “Field” camo over and over and over and over and over and over again!!! GIVE US SOME COOL STUFF!!! MORE EPIC & RARE VARIANTS ETC.

  7. I agree, the dart sucks. I always crash it>

    1. Than use the tallon instead

  8. Stupid fucking idiot the dart is better the player controlled streaks are better wouldn’t you like to do the shooting instead of some dumb ass computer . Freeway you need to get some logic you idiot.

  9. Also people like sci fi

  10. fucking dumb

  11. You heard how this guys describes supply drops????
    “wonderful loot crates loaded with customization goodies”
    More like poison that kills off all the enjoyment in the game!

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