Black Ops 3 Maps – Full List Plus Callouts for BO3 Maps

One of the core elements of all Call of Duty games are the maps that are featured in multiplayer. For players to truly appreciate a CoD game, it must offer a great variety of maps that give players the chance to take on opponents with their own personal play style.

Black Ops 3 Maps

Black Ops 3 currently features 13 different multiplayer maps. These vary in size, setting, and appearance. Twelve of these maps are available as part of the core game. The 13th, Nuk3town, was made available as a pre-order bonus, but, for those that didn’t get it that way, it will likely become free or a paid DLC in the future.

The current list of maps in BO3 (non-DLC) include:

  • Aquarium
  • Breach
  • Combine
  • Evac
  • Exodus
  • Fringe
  • Havoc
  • Hunted
  • Infection
  • Metro
  • Nuk3town
  • Redwood
  • Stronghold

Additional maps will likely be added to the game in the form of DLC packs. We will add these maps to the list once they are made available to players.

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Below is a full summary of each map along with images of each one.


Black Ops 3 Aquarium


Setting: As the name suggests, this map is based in an aquarium and garden area in Singapore. It’s rather small with loads of tight spaces, narrow corridors, and small rooms. Most engagements will be at short to medium range. There’s also a decent size pond on one side of the map where players can battle it out underwater.

Size: Small

Here is an image showing the layout of Aquarium:

Black Ops 3 Aquarium Layout


Here is a video that explains exactly what the Aquarium map callouts are for competitive players:



Black Ops 3 Breach


Setting: Breach is a rather interesting map that is set upon rooftops of buildings in Cairo. It’s a mid-sized map that features both open spaces and confined rooms and small platforms. Engagements are most often at short to medium range. There are a couple of spots where snipers are somewhat effective, but, for the most part, SMGs and assault rifles are dominant on this map.

Size: Medium

Here is an overview of the map’s layout:

Black Ops 3 Breach Layout


This video covers the various callouts used in competitive gaming (such as MLG) for Breach:



Black Ops 3 Combine


Setting: Combine is set on an advanced farming facility that is based in the Sahara Desert of Egypt. It’s a smaller map where most players turn to SMGs and shotguns for battle. There are buildings on each side of the map with small, tight rooms. The middle section is a bit more open, but relatively small. Combat on this map is typically fast-paced and dominated by short range weapons.

Size: Small

Here’s a look at the complete map layout:

Black Ops 3 Combine Layout


This video tells players the callouts used for competitive matches on Combine:



Black Ops 3 Evac


Setting: This is yet another map that mostly takes place on rooftops. The entire complex is located in an abandoned area of Singapore. It’s a medium-sized map with plenty of buildings to explore, walls to run on, and more. Nearly all types of weapons are used on Evac, but assault rifles and SMGs seem to be the most popular selections.

Size: Medium

This is a picture showing the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Evac Layout


Watch this video to learn the recommended callouts for Evac:



Black Ops 3 Exodus


Setting: This map is part of a quarantine zone in Singapore. It’s a mid-sized map that offers a few long lanes, small rooms, and outdoor landscapes to battle in. It’s a rather unpopular choice in multiplayer, though.

Size: Medium

This is an overview of the map layout:

Black Ops 3 Exodus Layout


And here is a video discussing the callouts used on Exodus:



Black Ops 3 Fringe


Setting: Fringe is located on a small farm town in California. It’s actually right next door to a space launch facility, though. It offers up several barns and small buildings for players to run through as well as dusty roads and obstacles. It’s a great map that most players seem to like.

Size: Medium

This is a view of the map’s layout:

Black Ops 3 Fringe Layout


This video tells you exactly what callouts are used on Fringe in competitive matches:



Black Ops 3 Havoc


Setting: This map is designed to be a base in the deserts of Northern Africa. There’s just one building on it, the rest of the map is open land. Most players tend to use assault rifles and SMGs with decent range on Havoc. Shorter range weapons are still effective when used in the tight corridors the building and around corners, though.

Size: Medium

Here’s a look at the layout of Havoc:

Black Ops 3 Havoc Layout


In this video you’ll learn what competitive players use as callouts on the map:



Black Ops 3 Hunted


Setting: A hunting lodge nestled somewhere in the mountains of Ethiopia. This is a somewhat big map, but it’s limited due to the narrow, yet long lanes on either side of it. There are a couple of small buildings that offer close quarters combat, a small water area for underwater battles, and both grassy and dirt covered openings.

Size: Medium-Large

Here’s a shot of the map’s layout:

Black Ops 3 Hunted Layout


This video tells players what the callouts are for Hunted:



Black Ops 3 Infection


Setting: A snow-covered battleground found within a small village in France. There are several buildings, long lanes, hills, and more. This map offers a few great spots for snipers to perch, but also has plenty of areas where SMGs, assault rifles, shotguns, and other weapons perform well.

Size: Medium

Here’s a look at the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Infection Layout


Here’s a video that explains what callouts to use while playing on Infection:



Black Ops 3 Metro


Setting: Takes place at a high speed rail train station located in Zurich. Most of the action occurs within the station itself, but some battles do start right outside the station as well. The map is somewhat small and is mostly designed for CQC but mid-range weapons perform well, too.

Size: Small

This image depicts the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Metro Layout


Here’s a video where players can learn the different callouts used on Metro:



Black Ops 3 Nuk3town


Setting: A fan-favorite map that has appeared in every Black Ops title to date. In Black Ops 3 the map is set in 2065 and has a very futuristic look to it. Most of the map’s structure is the same as its always been, but there are now spots where wall-running can be executed and the lanes on either side of the houses now have pieces of wall obstructing views where players used to easily pop off spawn kills.

Size: Small

Here’s a look at the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Nuk3town Layout




Black Ops 3 Redwood


Setting: A defense base found in the forests of Northern California. This is one of the biggest maps currently in the game. It offers plenty of open areas with long lines of sight where snipers can have a field day. Buildings and narrower lanes are also available. Players tend to use snipers, semi-auto or burst assault rifles, and LMGs on this map.

Size: Large

Here’s an image that shows off the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Redwood Layout


In this video you’ll learn about the callouts used by both pros and semi-pros on Redwood:



Black Ops 3 Stronghold


Setting: A medium-sized residence nestled in the Swiss Alps. There are a few small buildings where close quarters combat prevails. A couple more open areas are located on either end of the map where longer, wider lines of sight are available.

Size: Medium

Here’s a look at the layout of the map:

Black Ops 3 Stronghold Layout


Here’s a video that will explain the various callouts used in competitive play on Stronghold:


HEADS UP: Big shoutout to Youtube User, Grizz MLG, for creating such awesome videos covering the callouts for each of these maps.

DLC Maps

As mentioned previously, new multiplayer maps are often added via DLC packs. The list below provides the names and details of maps that were introduced as DLC for Black Ops 3.

Awakening (DLC #1)

Maps listed below are from the Awakening DLC pack.


Details coming soon.


Will be updated once further information is released.


Full description will be available once Treyarch reveals more about the DLC maps.


Detailed overviews will be posted here once they’re available.


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