Treyrach, the development team behind the popular Black Ops series of Call of Duty games, has decided to change up how they deliver DLC to players. Rather than allowing players to grab the content packs from the PSN Store, XBL Marketplace, or elsewhere, they’re now going to start throwing the DLC in with major patches.

The next update for Black Ops 3 will be releasing on February 2nd and, whether you plan to purchase the Awakening DLC or not, you’ll be downloading the files for the pack. The estimated size of the patch (including the DLC content) is roughly 9.1 GB.

Black Ops 3 Awakening DLC News

Treyarch is apparently wanting this to be their method of DLC delivery going forward. That means no more additional content downloads, just paying for access to the files that will already be stored on your platform of choice.

This works out great for season pass owners and people that were planning to grab Awakening anyway, but what about those that had no intentions of getting any DLC for the game? Well, if you’re not playing Black Ops 3 at all you may want to uninstall the game altogether or disable automatic update downloads on your console or PC. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a hefty amount of hard drive space taken up for no reason.

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    1. Woow… U salty bro?

  2. I’ll take it in updates if I have too, but plan on purchasing as soon as its released. Great game, great article, Peace to all gamers, Xbox Rocks.

    1. Sike, Xbox sucks A$$, it’s as big as a VCR, still has a power brick on the cable and the cheap A$$ controllers still use batteries

      1. Great, thanks for letting me know your opinion, and thanks for trolling my non- judgmental comment and directly letting me know that your a jerkoff. That’s probably why your trolling….. because your an asshole and nobody likes you. Using words like sike isn’t going to help you either. You sound like an indian who has drank too much Lysol. Have a nice day….jerkoff

        1. It’s “you’re” Aaron and yes, he’s a console war drama queen.

  3. it’s most likely so they can give gamers a chance to play it for free sometime… dlc should be free anyway.

    1. Then do away with an inflated price edition and make it free to play. Like, oh, World of Tanks and then watch how many people play it.

  4. That’s how Dark Souls / Bloodborne does it; mainly so that people without the dlc can still coop and be invaded by people with new weapons.

    1. I had Dark Souls and was not required to download a large DLC patch to play online with it.

      1. if you played it on PC then you’re right, because it came with the DLC installed. For consoles, you had to download the patch which had the DLC (around 400mb if I remember) and the purchase only gave you a 100kb digital key to unlock it.

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