CoD Points: Guide to the New In-Game Currency

A recent patch for Black Ops 3 has introduced a brand-new in-game currency called Call of Duty points (or just CoD points). This new currency is available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of the game. What are these points for? How do you get them? We reveal all down below!

CoD Points

The last couple of updates to Black Ops 3 have been rather interesting. The first major update actually made it where players can earn Cryptokeys (the items needed to buy Supply Drops) through Rare Supply Drops.

Well, this last update has added in an even more interesting way to get drops – Call of Duty points. This currency is NOT something you can actually earn through normal gameplay, though. Instead, they are just a currency microtransaction that can be purchased with real money through the Black Market.

CoD Points


Once you purchase them, CoD points can then be used to gain access to Supply Drops or even Liquid Divinium for use in Black Ops 3 Zombies.

Exchange Rates

So, just what can you get with CoD points and how many do you need? Well, as of right now, there are only two things you can purchase with the currency – rare supply drops and divinium.

Here’s a look at the costs:

  • (1) Rare Supply Drop – 200 CoD Points
  • (3) Vials of Liquid Divinium – 200 CoD Points
  • (6) Vials of Liquid Divinium – 400 CoD Points
  • (9) Vials of Liquid Divinium – 600 CoD Points

The actual cost of Call of Duty points has been revealed, too. Well, for Xbox One users anyway.

Here are the packages available right now:

  • 200 CoD Points – $1.99
  • 1,000 + 100 Bonus – $9.99
  • 2,000 + 400 Bonus – $19.99
  • 4,000 + 1,000 Bonus – $39.99

According to various reports you’ll be able to use CoD points to purchase more items in the future, including an Extra Class Slots pack. We suspect other items, such as unique Specialist gear sets and weapon skins will likely be available for purchase with these microtransactions in the future as well.

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