CoD AW Heavy Shield Special Weapon Overview

Want to protect your back from bullets, setup in a room and have a bit of protection, or just bash people with a massive, bullet-absorbing piece of metal? Well, if you equip the Heavy Shield special weapon in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you can do just that. It’s a riot shield that can bash opponents to death and block attackers from dealing damage to your player.

CoD AW Heavy Shield
The Heavy Shield, which has been labeled a riot shield in previous CoD titles, was used more as a trolling device than a weapon in games preceding Advanced Warfare. It’s not quite as effective in AW, though. Why? Because it”s not useful while airborne. Unless you’re playing matches in the Classic playlists you’ll have a hard time defending aerial attacks with the shield.

Heavy Shield Stats

Knowing the finer details of each weapon is important. Special weapons are a bit unique, though. Some don’t fire bullets and they can deal different types of damage. This is especially true for the Heavy Shield.

Damage: 50 (each shield bash attack)

Unlocked: Level 12

Available Attachments:

  • Fast Melee
  • Shock Plant
  • Fast Plant

Fast Melee, as the name implies, allows the player to execute the shield bash maneuver slightly faster than normal.

Shock Plant is an AoE (area of effect) attack that causes shock damage to opponents within very close proximity of the player once he/she plants the Heavy Shield. The damage and radius of the attack are comparable to the Boost Slam Exo movements.

Fast Plant is an attachment that gives the player the ability to plant the Heavy Shield faster than normal.

Available Variants:

  • Salvation (has a special gold & silver camo)
  • Nugget (has a unique red skin)
  • Disruptor (has a special grey & white camo)
  • Catalyst (has a unique red, blue, and yellow camo)

The first 3 Heavy Shield variants are obtained through loop dropped in Supply Drops. The last one, Catalyst, is unlocked once the player gets a total of 300 kills using the weapon.

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  1. To get the catalyst you have to get 300 shield bashes, does that number towards 300 reset when you prestige?

    1. Yes. Same for every weapon that you need 300 kills to unlock. Resets when you prestige. So annoying…

  2. I’m working on the Playercard for the shield kills now. 500 Shield kills. I’m at 320 or so now. In response to unicorn – I just ended up getting Prestige Master and once you get there just work on maxing out all the weapons and getting all the attachments. They put in a new Prestige Master set….but 15 prestiges is more than enough for me.

    A couple notes about the shield…the obvious, it’s best when coming from behind an opponent. I would advise a couple things in your class…Low Profile to keep you off the UAV and the Overclock to increase your speed. You’re going to be running up behind an enemy who has passed you so the speed will benefit you there. Since the invisibility really isn’t too great, you’re better off just getting a good camp spot where people usually miss and then spring into action from there.

  3. Hi, can someone tell me how to plant a shield or what it is. I never actually seen or heard of someone doing it. I tried looking it up but that was a disaster.

    1. Press RT like as if you were gonna shoot someone with it

      1. Thanks man, I will now kill 10 people planting in your honor.

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