Having a hard time determining what weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will work best for your unique playing style? That’s completely understandable. Figuring out which guns are the most powerful or the most useful in different scenarios can be tough. But that’s what the stats information is for. Unfortunately, the game isn’t 100% as to what each statistic actually means, so we’re here to help explain.

Advanced Warfare Weapon Stats

CoD Advanced Warfare Weapon Stats

Below we’ve listed every stat that is mentioned for weapons in AW. On top of that we’ve also provided an explanation of what the stat means about the weapon.

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Damage Multipliers – Generally means that the damage output of the weapon is multiplied (increased, usually by 1.5x or 2x) when bullets hit specific areas of an enemy such as the head or torso.

Magazine Size – The number of rounds each magazine of the weapon holds. Some guns in Advanced Warfare don’t actually have a magazine but are energy-based and have cooldown times (weapon overheats and needs to recharge) instead.

Reload Time – The number of seconds it takes to complete a reload.

Damage – Obvious one. The total damage output of the weapon.

Accuracy – This stat refers to the overall spread of the bullets fired from your weapon. Generally speaking weapons with higher accuracy ratings are more likely to land more bullets on a target (tighter spread) than those with low ratings. Guns with low accuracy usually have a much wider bullet spread.

Range – Another obvious one. This refers to the maximum effective range of a weapon. The higher the range rating, the further the weapon can fire and still do decent damage.

Fire Rate – The speed at which bullets leave the muzzle of the weapon. High fire rate weapons can usually shoot at blistering speeds but are often compensated with heavy recoil or terrible accuracy.

Handling – How quickly you can pick up your gun to look down the sights (ADS). The higher the handling stat on a weapon, the faster it is to aim.

Mobility – This stat determines how quickly your player can move around with the weapon drawn. The higher the mobility rating on a weapon, the faster you can move.

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