CoD: Advanced Warfare Weapon Stats Explained

Having a hard time determining what weapons in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will work best for your unique playing style? That’s completely understandable. Figuring out which guns are the most powerful or the most useful in different scenarios can be tough. But that’s what the stats information is for. Unfortunately, the game isn’t 100% as to what each statistic actually means, so we’re here to help explain.

Advanced Warfare Weapon Stats

CoD Advanced Warfare Weapon Stats

Below we’ve listed every stat that is mentioned for weapons in AW. On top of that we’ve also provided an explanation of what the stat means about the weapon.

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Damage Multipliers – Generally means that the damage output of the weapon is multiplied (increased, usually by 1.5x or 2x) when bullets hit specific areas of an enemy such as the head or torso.

Magazine Size – The number of rounds each magazine of the weapon holds. Some guns in Advanced Warfare don’t actually have a magazine but are energy-based and have cooldown times (weapon overheats and needs to recharge) instead.

Reload Time – The number of seconds it takes to complete a reload.

Damage – Obvious one. The total damage output of the weapon.

Accuracy – This stat refers to the overall spread of the bullets fired from your weapon. Generally speaking weapons with higher accuracy ratings are more likely to land more bullets on a target (tighter spread) than those with low ratings. Guns with low accuracy usually have a much wider bullet spread.

Range – Another obvious one. This refers to the maximum effective range of a weapon. The higher the range rating, the further the weapon can fire and still do decent damage.

Fire Rate – The speed at which bullets leave the muzzle of the weapon. High fire rate weapons can usually shoot at blistering speeds but are often compensated with heavy recoil or terrible accuracy.

Handling – How quickly you can pick up your gun to look down the sights (ADS). The higher the handling stat on a weapon, the faster it is to aim.

Mobility – This stat determines how quickly your player can move around with the weapon drawn. The higher the mobility rating on a weapon, the faster you can move.

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  1. Thx guys, this helps.

  2. About friggin time I find an explanation for these stats. Now what does the circle around fire rate mean?

    1. It gives you more starting ammo in your standby bullets. Instead of starting with 30 in your gun and 120 standby bullets you get 30 in your gun and 150 standby bullets.

  3. Stupid article, doesn’t really explain everything, and the things it does explain it explains in a complicated or wrong manner. The circle around bullets is magazine size. Accuracy mainly refers to recoil in most guns.
    Some guns are affected by these differently. For example handling might only effect hipfire spread of the gun. Or sometimes the damage might go up, but it will only effect the bullets-to-kill of long range distance.
    Remember too that if a variant has increased firerate then it will have more recoil.

    1. Turns out handling is hipfire on most guns (AR’s and SMG’s) and mobility is ADS time (AR’s and SMG’s)

      1. Is there a video where they tested that?

        1. I don’t know, check Drift0r . I learnt that from the Reddit. Such a useful site that.

          1. I’ve seen posts like this that say it’s one thing or another, but not the explanation for how people know. Not sure I believe that mobility is just ADS time. Why would they put a foot icon for a stat that just affects ADS?

          2. Just incase you still didn’t know, mobility is how much mobility you have when using the weapon, speed of running is affected and so is ads and turn speed

          3. Wow you guys are fucking retarded, it’s fucking common sense. HANDLING IS ADS/RELOAD ETC. ANYTHING THAT TAKES THE HANDLING OF THE GUN HENCE THE WORD “HANDLING”. MOBITY IS HOW FAST YOU RUN/MOVE WITH THE GUN “HOW MOBILE” YOU ARE WITH IT, HENCE THE WORD MOBILITY. Im sorry for being ignorant but I see all these discussion sights and it makes me sick you guys put way to much thought into it it’s fucking common sense guys come on don’t be fucking retarded…

          4. At least you acknowledge that you’re ignorant. Go back to bed, kid.

    2. Circle around bullets has nothing to do with magazine, the magazine with the down arrow is magazine smart one.

      1. Yeah shit sorry. The circle one means Max deserve ammo size. so for a normal AR with 30 bullets, that gun would have 100 reserve ammo (I think) but with the circle and bullets down thing, you would only have 90. Sorry, got confused with that one. The symbols are so retarded and they don’t even mean anything sometimes. Like the KF5 has variants with up fire rate, but the +2 firerate is the same as +1 on console apparently. Weird eh? Just like for the MK14 which is basically a DMR the plus damage only affects bullet penetration.

        1. Yeah a lot of them seem to not make a difference at all, like Handling, I tested back and fourth between the AK-12 and the AK-12 Fingertrap which has a three pip difference between each other on handling and literally, it is the exact same.. so a lot of it is dumb.

          1. Is that the elite one? I’m pretty sure it just makes the hipfire box a lot smaller.

          2. Yeah it’s elite but no I tested that too and hipfire is just as accurate between the two guns

          3. Well the reason you aren’t noticing a difference in handling is because you guys aren’t looking in the right places. Handling has nothing to do with hipfire fellas, handling is your aim down sights speed, reload time, Etc. Your hipfire ACCURACY is included and/or related to ACCURACY hence the word ACCURACY. Your welcome, if you have anymore common sense questions just let me know fellas, I’d be glad to spread my knowledge of the world…

  4. Is there anyway to increase your fire rate on assault rifles

    1. Rapid Fire attachment, the Bal-27 has an elite variant that has fire rate up 3, run a foregrip with it, MK-14’s fire rate relies on your finger, and I’m fairly sure the other guns have professional or enlisted variants that have fire rate up somewhat. The only ones you can’t run rapid fire on are ARX-160, IMR, and MK-14.

  5. What about weapon sway

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