Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Prestige Emblems

A lot of Call of Duty games feature very similar or almost identical emblems for the various prestige ranks that players can get. Well, it seems that Advanced Warfare has decided to change things up a bit more than usual. In total there are 15 prestiges for players to get through. Each prestige consists of 50 ranks so overall there are a whopping 750 levels to complete.

But we know you don’t care about math. You just want to see what the emblems look like, right? Well, here’s an image of all 15 Advanced Warfare prestige emblems. Bask in their glory:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Prestige Emblems

As you can see the styling of each one has changed quite significantly on most of the emblems. A few have slight similarities with emblems featured in games like Black Ops 2 and CoD: Ghosts but, for the most part, they’re fairly unique. We were surprised to see more color variation used this time around, too. Typically the emblems only have silver, gold, or black in them but these have shades of blue, orange, and even green.

YouTube personality, Ali-A, did a quick video on the emblems too. Check it out:

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