CoD WW2 Prestige: Racking Up XP

Prestige is the Game That Keeps On Giving

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To the uninitiated, or to someone who has never been exposed to the delights of COD, the prestige system might take some understanding. After all, why would anyone want to prestige, only to have to start again and repeat the entire process?

There is something hugely satisfying, however, about achieving your goal and then repeating the process ad-infinitum while continually accruing XP points. There are numerous different unlocks to be discovered, as well as the opportunity to gain exclusive rewards, which can also provide the gamer with bragging rights amongst his or her circle of friends.

The good news is that there are three specific areas within which you can prestige, namely Weapon Prestige, Soldier Prestige and Division Prestige, so let’s delve a little deeper, so you are fully armed with all of the relevant information to achieve your goals.

Weapons Prestige

The weapons prestige presents possibly the most significant choices within the game as each weapon both primary and secondary has its own rank. Every time that you manage to rank up a weapon, more attachments are unlocked, and when the time comes to prestige from rank 12 at the Gunsmith, all of those unlocks are frustratingly reset. This is not as bad as it might seem, however, as you are effectively trading those unlocks for:

  1. Clan Tag
  2. Kill Counter

Although it could be argued that these benefits are nothing more than cosmetic bonuses, they do at least provide some physical proof and reward for all of your hard effort.

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Division Prestige

The addition of Division Prestige is another smart way for the designers of the game to add some longevity, without too much hassle or effort. That is because each division has to be ranked up on an individual basis to unlock their prestige benefits. Within each division, there are four separate ranks, each of which then subsequently unlocks a new attribute.

As with the weapons prestige once a division is prestiged it resets to rank 1 removing the attributes that the player has achieved so far. However, there are benefits to upgrading which include things such as Sawed-off shotgun and unconscious basic training, a new division-specific calling card and a new division-specific outfit.

Soldier Prestige

You have to reach level 55 before you are eligible to prestige, which can seem a long way away when you initially start the game. However, because the gameplay is so good, immersive and addictive, most people are able to prestige in a relatively short period of time. As with the other types of prestige, there are pros and cons to prestiging.



  1. You gain an achievement/ Trophy Unlock
  2. You gain permanent access to the Prestige Overlook in headquarters
  3. You get to unlock a unique prestige player card and helmet
  4. You keep your calling card progression, camo, challenge and weapons attachments
  5. Unlocks a new class slot
  6. Gives you a valuable Prestige Unlock token, which allows you to unlock one thing within the game permanently, even after subsequent prestiges.



  1. You will be reset back to level 1
  2. Your weapons, equipment, Scorestreak, and Basic Training are all reset.


As you would expect, there is no limit to the number of times you can prestige, and every time you prestige your rank is increased as you gain new cosmetic items. The prestige system has long been a key component of COD and is rightly credited with added longevity and additional challenges to the game, partly explaining its huge popularity.

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