CoD WW2 Emblems

Emblems Add An Entirely Awesome Dimension to CoD Gameplay

Software companies spend millions of dollars creating a new game, and when it is part of a massive franchise such as CoD, then there is little room for error. The CoD franchise generates millions of dollars and is a never-ending juggernaut, which simply cannot be allowed to fail.

Unfortunately for game developers, it is not like making a cake; you cannot just keep using the same recipe year after year and expect the same results. There needs to be developments, innovation and new ideas and concepts to encourage players to purchase the latest game.

This year CoD has expanded the capabilities available to the budding creative designers who enjoy creating their own custom emblems. For many people, this provides users with the opportunity to express their personality, to stand out from the crowd, and to add an extra dimension to the game. Some tech observers may consider this to be similar to the difference between iOS and Android. iOS forces their users to work a certain way, to use standard apps, such as a launcher and an SMS program, and does not provide the capability for individual choice. Android, on the other hand, is the polar opposite, with the ability to change virtually every aspect of the system, to stand out from the crowd and make your device work however you so wish.

In many ways, there will no doubt be some people who get as much, if not more enjoyment from creating their own custom emblems, as they do from playing the actual game itself. Indeed, if the reviews and comments about custom emblems are to be believed, then Sledgehammer Games, the brains behind the latest release may have pulled off a remarkable marketing coup.


How To Find The Emblem Editor

Sadly, in what turns out to be a poor piece of game design, the location within the game where players access the emblem editor is not as straightforward to find as you might expect. The good news is that we are going to explain exactly where it is so that you can quickly get your creative juices flowing.

Make your way to the beach, in the Headquarters, and as you are approaching the Scorestreaks Tower, you should notice a ladder at the bottom of the tower. Position yourself directly at the bottom of the ladder and then look to your left, and you should notice some steps.

If you follow those steps up, you will find this elusive emblem editor. I am not exactly sure why they made it quite so difficult to locate it, but once you know where it is, the only thing between a stunningly creative artistic masterpiece and you is your designer talent.


Think Carefully About Your Design and How It Will Be Perceived

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”800″]there is a lot you can do with the cod ww2 emblem editor[/media-credit]

The whole point about creating your own emblem is the opportunity to differentiate yourself, to make an impression (good or bad), and possibly to demonstrate your artistic prowess. However, there are certain things that you should avoid when designing your emblem in order not to offend other players. Not only is this offending others a bad idea, but it could also potentially be deleted by Sledgehammer games if they feel that crosses any lines.

Don’t put anything overtly sexual or culturally offensive in your emblem. Remember that you have absolutely no idea who you could end up playing against, and the point of video games is for pleasure and enjoyment.  Don’t forget that the player community includes pretty young kids, as well.

Perhaps a good rule of thumb would be to ask yourself if your mother would be offended or ashamed by anything you add to an emblem and, if the answer is yes, then you probably should take that as a warning sign that it is not appropriate.


Visit YouTube for Lessons and Inspiration

Sometimes it can be quite a challenge to come up with a unique design, or worse still you have the perfect concept in your head but are unsure how to use layers and systems to create it correctly. This is where the beauty of YouTube comes into play; due to the popularity of CoD; there are thousands of tutorial videos online, that will walk you through the process quickly and easily. There are also numerous forums, Facebook Groups and Google + groups where people will be only too willing to guide and assist you.

There is an entire community of designers out there who are not only keen to demonstrate their prowess, but also happy to teach and develop other players. Not only will this result in your emblems becoming much more professional looking, but you will also increase your number of online friends, which adds to the fun of the game.


Don’t Become Too Obsessive About Emblem Creation

This may be a matter of opinion, so feel free to ignore it if you disagree with the next paragraph or so, but don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time creating a spectacular emblem, at the expense of building your CoD game-playing skills. After all, you don’t want your emblem to be remembered as belonging to the worst player ever to play CoD (lul).

Sure, you want your emblem to be original, memorable and look fantastic, but CoD WW2 is a significant $$$ investment, and if all you want to do is create emblems, then there are other pieces of software, that are significantly more powerful and capable on the marketplace. Furthermore perfecting your skills in Photoshop may be a much better investment of your time and energy, if a career in online design is your long-term aim.

After all, we are out to kill the enemy. And if we do it the right way, no emblem will be seen for very long!

CoD WW2 Prestige: Racking Up XP

Prestige is the Game That Keeps On Giving

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignleft” width=”300″]airborne prestige cod ww2[/media-credit]

To the uninitiated, or to someone who has never been exposed to the delights of COD, the prestige system might take some understanding. After all, why would anyone want to prestige, only to have to start again and repeat the entire process?

There is something hugely satisfying, however, about achieving your goal and then repeating the process ad-infinitum while continually accruing XP points. There are numerous different unlocks to be discovered, as well as the opportunity to gain exclusive rewards, which can also provide the gamer with bragging rights amongst his or her circle of friends.

The good news is that there are three specific areas within which you can prestige, namely Weapon Prestige, Soldier Prestige and Division Prestige, so let’s delve a little deeper, so you are fully armed with all of the relevant information to achieve your goals.

Weapons Prestige

The weapons prestige presents possibly the most significant choices within the game as each weapon both primary and secondary has its own rank. Every time that you manage to rank up a weapon, more attachments are unlocked, and when the time comes to prestige from rank 12 at the Gunsmith, all of those unlocks are frustratingly reset. This is not as bad as it might seem, however, as you are effectively trading those unlocks for:

  1. Clan Tag
  2. Kill Counter

Although it could be argued that these benefits are nothing more than cosmetic bonuses, they do at least provide some physical proof and reward for all of your hard effort.

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”300″]prestige patch cod ww2[/media-credit]

Division Prestige

The addition of Division Prestige is another smart way for the designers of the game to add some longevity, without too much hassle or effort. That is because each division has to be ranked up on an individual basis to unlock their prestige benefits. Within each division, there are four separate ranks, each of which then subsequently unlocks a new attribute.

As with the weapons prestige once a division is prestiged it resets to rank 1 removing the attributes that the player has achieved so far. However, there are benefits to upgrading which include things such as Sawed-off shotgun and unconscious basic training, a new division-specific calling card and a new division-specific outfit.

Soldier Prestige

You have to reach level 55 before you are eligible to prestige, which can seem a long way away when you initially start the game. However, because the gameplay is so good, immersive and addictive, most people are able to prestige in a relatively short period of time. As with the other types of prestige, there are pros and cons to prestiging.



  1. You gain an achievement/ Trophy Unlock
  2. You gain permanent access to the Prestige Overlook in headquarters
  3. You get to unlock a unique prestige player card and helmet
  4. You keep your calling card progression, camo, challenge and weapons attachments
  5. Unlocks a new class slot
  6. Gives you a valuable Prestige Unlock token, which allows you to unlock one thing within the game permanently, even after subsequent prestiges.



  1. You will be reset back to level 1
  2. Your weapons, equipment, Scorestreak, and Basic Training are all reset.


As you would expect, there is no limit to the number of times you can prestige, and every time you prestige your rank is increased as you gain new cosmetic items. The prestige system has long been a key component of COD and is rightly credited with added longevity and additional challenges to the game, partly explaining its huge popularity.

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CoD WW2 Scorestreaks: Up Your Game for More Carnage!

KillStreaks – New Name BUT Better Than Ever

There are quite a few people who would argue that recent Call of Duty games have moved too far away from the original format and, as a consequence, gameplay has suffered. While this is not a perception held by everyone, there is certainly some basis for this theory, which is why so many people are pumped up about CoD WW2.

CoD WW2 brings the game back to its roots and is even set in what many people consider to be the proper time period for CoD,- back where it all started in World War 2. The good news is that the game has evolved over the generations, but Sledgehammer Games have decided to introduce and bring up to date certain features that have evolved since the original CoD game.

World at War did have some killstreaks, but the difference between then and now is night and day. At the time of writing this, there are a total of 12 different killstreaks, and there should be new ones added in the future.

In our opinion they bring an entirely new dimension, more excitement and plenty of challenge to the game.

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What Is a Killstreak? They are now called Scorestreaks

Although most people reading this article are probably CoD experts, it is important to explain what exactly a killstreak is. According to Wikipedia, a killstreak is earned when a player acquires a certain number of kills in a row without dying.

However, just to confuse matters a little, killstreaks have now been replaced by scorestreaks. These present a slightly different challenge, and many people feel that it is a better and certainly a fairer representation of your skills and efforts within the multiplayer game. With scorestreaks players earn rewards for earning a certain amount of score in a single life.

This means that there are many more ways to earn points and forces a player to become more involved within the game, rather than just hiding around a corner to kill unsuspecting players. Points can be earned by kills, captures, assists and completing objectives.

The 12 Current Kill/Scorestreaks

400 Points

The lowest level to achieve a reward is 400 points, which for most people shouldn’t prove too much of a challenge. Upon hitting this target, you are rewarded with a recon aircraft.

This then gives you the advantage of being able to reveal enemies on the mini-map and, used properly, can then help you to gain further points and complete other scorestreaks.

425 Points

Having earned your recon aircraft at 400 points, you’ll quickly realize how beneficial a recon aircraft can be. Then when you hit 425 points you will be rewarded with a fighter which can destroy or block an enemy recon aircraft.

It’s so cool when these features unlock. It is these little developments in available tactical strategies that really make the CoD series of games extra special.

500 Points

In every battle you want to have maximum tactical options, so upon hitting your 500 point streak, you gain a portable backpack flamethrower. This piece of equipment is AMAZING and deadly in close combat, and also looks pretty darn great when you let it rip!

525 Points

When you achieve a scorestreak of 525 points, your reward is to fly a strafing run in a fighter aircraft. Strafing is a tactic used to target ground targets using low flying aircraft, fitted with automatic weapons.

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”720″]strafing run from cod ww2 scorestreaks[/media-credit]

550 Points

Although perhaps not as exciting as some of the other rewards, this next prize could be the difference between success and failure. When you get a 550 point streak you have a care package delivered via parachute. Unfortunately, you have no control over the contents of the care package, it contains a random scorestreak but, man oh man, it’s beautiful when it is exactly what you need.

650 Points

The 650 point prize presents you with the opportunity to control a glide bomb that explodes on impact. With precision and control, you have the opportunity to cause extreme damage to your opponents. As the killstreaks get more difficult to obtain, the rewards also increase. This is the halfway point regarding both difficulty and reward, but as with all scorestreaks, there is an element of satisfaction in achieving your goal.

750 Points

With the vast majority of rewards most of the options are about targeting one specific opponent or area, but with this killstreak, you gain a precision strike upon three targeted locations. Just remember to use this bonus wisely as it can have a devastating effect if utilized to its maximum potential.

850 Points

For those who remember the shock and awe tactics where a specific location is bombarded with artillery fire, then this is the reward you may well enjoy the most. Once you qualify for this bonus, you can launch an artillery barrage on a designated location of your choice.

950 Points

For people who enjoy the tactical side of these type of game, or just like to play a little dirty, this reward is great fun. It gives you the opportunity to destroy all enemy aerial scorestreaks and even gives you the ability to block enemies from using new ones. This is one reward that is worth its weight in gold.

1000 Points

Sometimes it is important to remember that we can’t fight all of the battles alone and we need some help and support. Just like in a real-life war situation this reward provides the gamer with the ability to call in paratrooper reinforcements when you need some help or assistance. This one could literally be a gamechanger.

[media-credit id=1 align=”aligncenter” width=”720″]paratrooper reinforcements in cod ww2[/media-credit]

1200 Points

A huge milestone, and a huge prize to go with it. This provides you with the ability to launch an ariel obliteration bombing and includes multiple passes over enemy territory. Great fun and huge devastation virtually guaranteed.

1400 Points

The final scorestreak reward comes at the 1400 point level. Upon achieving this goal, your final reward is to occupy a B-17G (that’s right – THE Boeing Flying Fortress) and enjoy the pleasure of decimating enemies with its ball turret. It is BEAUTIFUL chewing through those chumps with massive lead!


You really can’t beat the concept of scores streaks, because they add a very tense element to the game. And trust me, the stakes are high!

You don’t want to be facing a long stream of enemies who have unlocked these rewards, without you having access to them also. It gives you something to constantly work toward.

All of the above rewards will take time to earn, but they are all worth it in the end, and hopefully, it will enhance your game playing experience as you work your way through the levels.

BREAKING: Call of Duty WWII Gets Biggest Discount So Far

[media-credit id=1 align=”alignright” width=”178″]codwwii-dde[/media-credit]

My fingers don’t often shake as I type but I’ve just got news about the upcoming new Call of Duty WWII on sale at GreenMan for ONE WEEK at 20% off… either Standard or the Digital Deluxe edition!


I took the Digital Deluxe as it includes the Season Pass, but I’m a PC user so I won’t get to play until they open up the beta for us desktop guys. There’s been great feedback so far on the console beta versions so these are your marching orders! Get moving, soldier!

And I’ll be seeing you on the fields of Europe very soon.



Huge CoD WWII Billboard Hits Sunset Blvd

California strikes again! A massive billboard has appeared on LA’s famous Sunset Boulevard to announce the CoD WWII release date, which we know to be November 3, 2017.

Returning to its World War 2 roots has the entire Call of Duty community absolutely buzzing with excitement after a series of releases dealt in-depth with modern warfare.