Struggling to Play Well in Black Ops 3?
This Game Can Be Brutal, Especially for Beginners, But What If You Could DRAMATICALLY Improve Your Performance, In Just a Matter of Hours?”


Introducing… the Ultimate Unofficial Black Ops 3 Guide

Black Ops 3 Guide


Ready to absolutely OBLITERATE the competition?

Black Ops 3 is the newest title in the Call of Duty first-person shooter series. While it’s fundamentally the same game it’s always been… there’s a LOT of new stuff to learn.

All of the new mechanics, weapons, and classes can throw even the most seasoned CoD player off his/her game.

I mean, you have to learn how to use and master a TON of stuff including…

  • New Enhanced Movements
  • The Classes System (Specialists)
  • Loads of New Weapons
  • Layouts of the New Maps
  • A Slew of New Scorestreaks
  • And TONS more…

The truth is that while it’s still a CoD game… it’s very different from BO2 or even Advanced Warfare.

In order to succeed in Black Ops 3 you need to learn the ropes and master both the basics and advanced strategies.

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“What is the Ultimate Black Ops 3 Guide?”

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The Unofficial Ultimate BO3 Guide is an in-depth training book that teaches players everything from basic game mechanics to advanced strategies to help them get more kills, rack up higher scores, and become masters of Black Ops 3’s online multiplayer.

Here’s what makes this guide different from others …

1. REAL INFO. Unlike the junk books they throw in your face at GameStop when you pick up your game, this guide is actually useful. It’s not just loaded with pictures and basically a fancified game manual – it provides real tips, real strategies, and more.

2. ZERO FLUFF. You won’t find any useless information or 200-page walkthrough of the campaign. This book is 100% golden info for BO3 multiplayer.

3. REAL RESULTS. If you’re looking to improve your gameplay, get and maintain a high K/D, and be a better player all-around – this guide will help you do just that.

Here’s what this guide will do for you…


  • Teach You How to Master EVERY Specialist Class
  • Tell You Which Weapons are the BEST to Use in EVERY Scenario
  • Explains Which Perks Work Best for Different Playing Styles
  • Reveals Which Killstreak Setups Net the MOST KILLS in Matches
  • Tells You How to Reach MAX PRESTIGE the FASTEST Way Possible
  • Provides Pro-Level Tips, Tricks, and Strategies for a Higher K/D

To put it simply… this is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE multiplayer guide for Black Ops 3, period.

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*This guide is an ebook that will be delivered to you electronically immediately after your $17 payment.


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