Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer Maps

A new Call of Duty title means, you know it, new multiplayer maps! And, thankfully, CoD: Advanced Warfare doesn't feature a massive amount of remakes like we've seen in the past. In total there are 14 MP maps in this game and only one is a redesign of a map found in an older game. So, in other words, there are 13 new environments to learn chokepoints and…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Killstreaks

It just wouldn't be a Call of Duty game if it didn't have killstreaks, right? Well, Advanced Warfare technically has the newer version referred to as "scorestreaks" but it's essentially the same concept. These give the player a chance to call in defensive, offensive, and supportive abilities that can help wreak havoc on enemies. Scorestreaks are earned in AW by racking up score during a single life. The more…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Perks

One of the major character creation aspects of just about every Call of Duty game is the perks system. Perks are essentially passive abilities that can assist the player in a number of ways including improving weapon handling, extending mobility of the player's character, and much more. They are a core part of the pick 13 class setup system in AW. Looking for Black Ops 3 details? We've…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Abilities

With the addition of the exoskeleton players now have some interesting new abilities to use in Call of Duty: AW. On top of being able to execute standard movements like running and mantling players can now pull off some pretty nifty moves by taking advantage of the various exo abilities that can be equipped via the pick 13 create-a-class system in the game. A standard class setup will…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Modes

As with nearly every Call of Duty game released to date, Advanced Warfare offers players several different gametypes to participate in. These modes vary quite a bit but are most often based on obtaining kills or securing objectives. In all, there are currently 23 different game modes in CoD: AW. They can be separated into 4 categories: public, hardcore, classic, and co-op. Public Gametypes The public game modes…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Guns: Full Weapons List

As we've all seen via the various trailers and gameplay videos that have been posted online, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare brings to the table a plethora of new, unique weapons. Ranging from simple pistols to complex, technologically-advanced assault rifles, AW has something for everyone. It's important to know about all of the guns that are available in any game. Having details for each one gives you the…

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Game Overview

Call of Duty is a long-running, first-person shooter with a huge fan base. The series has often been criticized because of its lack of creativity and innovation. For years the gaming community has said the series has become stagnant and that newer titles feel like nothing more than a cut-and-paste job with a new coat of paint. In some cases that has certainly been true. Some titles within…

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