Black Ops 2 – Best Guns for Racking Up Long Kill Streaks

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is one of the major hits of the franchise. Developed by Treyarch, the game is considered one of the best CoD titles to date. The game is highly competitive, though. So, in order to perform well in matches you’re going to need to know a LOT. One of the biggest requirements is knowing what the best guns are in Black Ops 2. Today, we’re going to show you.

Black Ops 2 Best Guns (2017 Edition)

There are a ton of awesome weapons available for players to use in BO2, but each one has its own unique advantages and disadvantages in certain combat situations.Black Ops 2 Best Guns

Weapon categories covered in this guide include:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Snipers
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • LMGs
  • Pistols
  • Launchers
  • Specials

Today, we’re going to break down what we believe are the best guns in every category, plus highlight their strengths and weaknesses to help you develop an extremely powerful class. This way you’ll be able to dominate in nearly every match you play.

Best Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are designed to be useful in most combat situations. They’re not ideal for close-quarters combat or taking out a sniper perched across the map, but they’re fantastic for almost any mid-range encounter.

So, which assault rifles are beast in Black Ops 2?


The AN-94 is essentially BO2’s take on the classic AK-47. It’s a fully automatic weapon and the first 2 rounds that exit that chamber from each clip are actually burst-fired at a slightly higher rate of fire than bullets from the remainder of the magazine.

Black Ops 2 AN-94

This is a solid gun with good damage, range, and accuracy. As long as you can aim well and play intelligently, it’s very easy to go on lengthy kill streaks with the AN-94.

Recommended Attachments: Red Dot Sight, Quickdraw, Extended Clip


When Black Ops 2 first released the M8 was considered one of the most over-powered guns in the game. While it’s since been tweaked multiple times, it’s still an incredibly lethal assault rifle in the hands of a skilled player.

Black Ops 2 M8A1

Good aim is a must. This is a 4-round burst rifle that can absolutely destroy enemies in mid-range engagements. It’s also incredibly strong in full-auto mode once you unlock the Select Fire attachment for it.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mag

Honorable Mentions: SWAT-556, FAL-OSW

Both the SWAT and the FAL are great assault rifles as-is, but they’re especially useful once you have the Select Fire attachment available. Equip this attachment along with a silencer and you’ve got yourself an insanely vicious full-auto gun that can rip through enemies fast.

Best Sniper Rifle

Sniping is VERY prevalent in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game features some of the best sniper rifles ever introduced to CoD and quickscoping plays a huge role in multiplayer.

If you want to master the art of sniping or try your hand at quickscoping you need the right sniper. Below, we reveal what we believe the 2 best snipers are and why.


While not quite as strong as the DSR in terms of damage, the Ballista is so snappy fast to use that a player with incredible aim can pop off foes blazing fast in comparison to the DSR.

  • Shots are deadly from the chest up

The Ballista has a faster ADS (aiming down sights) time and a slightly quicker firing rate than the DSR. It also has the same range and a bit better accuracy. In our honest opinion, the Ballista is the best sniper available in Black Ops 2.

The biggest con to is is that you’ll probably get more hitmarkers with the Ballista than the DSR.

Recommended Attachments: Ballistics CPU (frowned upon by quickscopers, but worth it), Fast Mag

DSR 50

The other powerhouse sniper in BO2 is, of course, the DSR. This sniper packs more punch than the Ballista, but is a bit slower to pick up to aim.

  • Shots are lethal from the waist up

As long as your aim is true it’ll be rare that you get a hitmarker with the DSR. You should still try to hit enemies at chest-level or higher, though. While the game description says its deadly starting at the waist, you are far more likely to have issues if you aim for this area.

Recommended Attachments: Ballistics CPU, Extended Clip, Variable Zoom

Best SMG

SMGs (short for sub-machine guns) are smaller, lightweight, fast-firing guns that are superb for close-quarters firefights. They’re an extremely fantastic weapon type for rushers or even flankers.

So, which sub-machine guns in Black Ops 2 do we recommend most?

Vector K10

Our absolute favorite SMG is, by far, the Vector. This thing can shred enemies fast. It deals moderate damage, has a fairly high rate of fire, and doesn’t have a ton of recoil.

The Vector is perfect for a rushing class or for players that like to sweep around the backside of enemy teams and flank them. It works well in both aggressive and stealth class setups. We honestly can’t recommend this gun enough. It’s superb in most close to mid-range encounters.

Recommended Attachments: Silencer, Quickdraw, Fast Mag


Another great SMG that deals a considerable amount of damage and is generally one of the best guns in Black Ops 2 is the MP7. It has great damage, a decent firing rate, and is super snappy when aiming.

The biggest drawbacks to the MP7 are the recoil and accuracy. So, you’ll need decent aim to succeed with it. With the right class setup built around it, though, the MP7 is an absolute monster – especially on smaller maps.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Long Barrel, Fast Mag

Best Shotgun

Shotguns are a topic of controversy in practically every Call of Duty game ever made. This is the case for the ones featured in Black Ops 2 as well. While a couple are terrible, some are painfully powerful.

So which shotguns did we pick for this Black Ops 2 best guns roundup?


If you’re quick, have decent aim, and want to rack up kills like a beast – there’s one particular configuration of the KSG that easily makes it the best shotgun in the game.

Here’s what you need…

  • Red Dot Sight
  • Quickdraw

That’s it. That’s the winning combination that makes the KSG a nearly unstoppable killing machine – so long as you have superb reflexes and great aim, that is. You can sweeten the deal by stacking this combo with either Extended Clip or Fast Mag as well.

Recommended Attachments: Red Dot Sight & Quickdraw (highly recommend using both)

R870 MCS (Remington)

For players that lack aiming abilities, but still want to parade around maps, blowing away most enemies with a single shot unexpectedly around corners there’s the Remington.

This is a potent shotgun with great damage output, decent accuracy, and a fairly tight spread for a shotgun. It’s super easy to use and is most effective in narrow hallways, around corners, and other tight spaces. It’s a great counter to SMG players, too.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Extended Clip, Laser Sight

Best LMG

LMG users have typically always been labeled “camping noobs” in many CoD games. This is perhaps even more common in BO2, though, thanks to some of the light machine guns being ridiculously strong and how players set themselves up in-game to use them.

While they may make your blood boil, there are a couple of LMGs in Black Ops 2 that you simply can’t deny are great weapons when used right.

Let’s take a look at our picks.


Use it and you’ll definitely hear players raging over their mics, but there’s no doubt that the best LMG in Black Ops 2 is none other than the rage-inducing LSAT.

The LSAT is one of the most well-rounded guns in the entire game. It can fire out bullets fairly rapidly, it deals moderate damage, it has pretty good range on it, and the accuracy isn’t too shabby either. Perhaps it’s only flaw is one associated with all LMGs – it’s bulky and makes for slow running.

Recommended Attachments: Target Finder (people will hate you, but it works), Suppressor (because you’re going to be camping – A LOT), Fast Mag


You don’t typically hear much about this one, but, in our opinion, the MK48 is a beast of an LMG. It has incredible range, next to no recoil, great accuracy, and it packs a punch in the damage department.

While with an LMG you’re mostly going to be camping, it’s not 100% required with this particular light machine gun. We’ve been successful with it running around maps. You have to be extremely aware of your surroundings and play smart, but it’s feasible.

Recommended Attachments: Extended Clip, Reflex Sight, Quickdraw

Best Pistol

Pistols aren’t typically your first choice of weapon when heading into armed battle in any first-person shooter, but Black Ops 2 gave us some of the deadliest, crazy-fun sidearms we’ve ever encountered in a Call of Duty game.

A couple of the pistols are so strong that skilled players can actually get away with using them as a primary weapon – and rack up TONS of kills.

Which pistols are we referring to? Let’s jump into it…


Long hailed as one of the most OP pistols ever created, the B23R is, indeed, a beast of a sidearm. This is a 3-round burst fire pistol that can be fired quite quickly.

The B23R is extremely deadly in close-range encounters, but it’s even been known to take down enemies with a single burst in some mid-range engagements. It’s only flaw is the recoil, which is very much manageable if you’re a talented player.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Fast Mag


Another potent pistol to consider is the TAC-45. It deals more damage than the B23R, is a good bit more accurate, and doesn’t have much recoil at all. It’s an ideal choice as a secondary weapon for snipers, but it can also be utilized as a primary in the right hands.

The TAC-45 is capable of taking down most enemies with just a few bullets. It’s easy to aim, can be fired relatively fast, and is definitely our #2 choice for sidearms in Black Ops 2.

Recommended Attachments: Quickdraw, Extended Clip

Best Launcher

Launchers are mostly intended to be used to destroy enemy aircraft and scorestreaks, but a couple can also be utilized to decimate infantry as well.

For this category we picked one launcher as the best for wiping out scorestreaks and another for hilariously extinguishing unskilled players.

FHJ-18 AA (Anti-Scorestreak Launcher)

As the “AA” part of the weapon name implies, the FHJ-18 is designed specifically for taking out enemy aircraft. This includes, but is not limited to, UAVs, Care Package transports, Counter-UAVs, Choppers, and Lodestars.

The FHJ-18 also works well against ground-based scorestreaks such as the Sentry Gun, AGR, and Guardian. You have to take a couple seconds to lock on to any of these which can be troublesome at times, but it’s still a highly effective launcher for clearing the skies or the ground of pesky scorestreaks.

RPG (Anti-Enemy Personnel Launcher)

If you’re more interested in using a launcher to blow solider to smithereens you’ll definitely want to try out the RPG. The SMAW can also be used for this purpose, but the RPG deals more damage and is generally easier to aim.

The RPG’s projectile does tend to swerve and curve around when fired at longer distances, but at close range it’s one of the deadliest rocket launchers in the game.

It’s important to remember, though, that players running with the Flak Jacket perk will NOT die from one blast of the RPG unless they are already damaged.

Best Special Weapon

Finally, we come to the special weapon category. This one is a bit of an odd one because, well, we’ve been selecting our top two picks for every other gun type in the game, but there are only 2 weapons available in the special category.

So, we’re going to state what we believe is the best special weapon for the vast majority of players, but also talk about the other one as well.

Ballistic Knife

For MOST players, the Ballistic Knife is hands-down the single best special weapon available in BO2. It’s fast, fairly easy to use, and it’s a one-shot kill. That’s a deadly combination.

The knife does require a bit of skill, especially if you’re targeting opponents at longer distances. Aiming is a little odd since it’s a projectile which means you generally have to aim for where your target is going to be, not where he or she is presently.

A skilled player can rack up loads of kills with the Ballistic Knife, especially with a great stealth class setup equipped.


Ask most players about this weapon and they’ll tell you it’s absolutely garbage without a second thought. It is, however, an extremely lethal and super fun weapon to use in the hands of highly skilled players.

We’re not going to lie to you… the crossbow isn’t for everyone.

In fact, 95% of players simply aren’t cut out for it. But there are the occasional few that have spent countless hours in game modes such as Sticks & Stones mastering the art of popping enemies with explosive-laced arrows. So, watch out.


Infinite Warfare Salvage: Full Guide to IW’s Crafting Currency

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Infinity Ward has introduced a brand new in-game currency in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare called Salvage. This is a material that can be earned via a few different methods that is utilized in the crafting portion of the game. It is required to craft weapon variants in the Quartermaster area. Below, we talk about what this currency is, how it’s earned, and more.

Infinite Warfare Salvage

As stated above, Salvage is an in-game currency that’s needed to craft variants of weapons at the Quartermaster. It is represented by a cog-like icon. In order to get the best weapons in the game you’ll need a good amount of it (unless you get incredibly lucky when opening up supply drops).

Infinite Warfare Salvage

The rate at which you earn Salvage is generally a bit slow. Some players have utilized glitches and exploits to rack up a ton of the currency, but these cheats have quickly been patched.

Down below we discuss exactly how you can earn this currency, how much of it is required for unlocking the different weapon variants available, and other details.

How to Get Salvage

There are a few ways that players can get Salvage:Infinite Warfare How to Get Salvage

  • Daily Bonuses
  • Completing Mission Team Assignments
  • Supply Drops
  • Getting Rid of Duplicate Items

The amount you earn varies.

Mission Team assignments are one of the most consistent methods of earning Salvage. My completing these missions you can gain anywhere between 100 and 300 Salvage points depending on what level you have achieved with the associated faction.

The daily log-in bonus, at times, provides a relatively significant boost to your Salvage points, but the frequency in which you’ll get Salvage is rather low and the amount can be fairly low as well. Typically when Salvage is your reward you’ll receive 50 to 200.

Supply Drops also provide a chance to get Salvage. With rare drops, it’s guaranteed that you’ll get bonus salvage with each opening. It is, however, still possible to get Salvage as a reward when opening up a common supply drop, too.

Crafting Variants

Salvage is used to craft variants at the Quartermaster. The amount required varies depending on the rarity of the variant you’re attempting to create.Infinite Warfare Variant Crafting

  • Common (200 Salvage)
  • Rare (500 Salvage)
  • Legendary (2000 Salvage)
  • Epic (4000 Salvage)

It’s important to remember that you cannot simply save up and immediately unlock an Epic variant. In order to get the Epic version you must first unlock the common, rare, and legendary variants either by using Salvage or obtaining them in Supply Drops.

If you don’t earn any of the variants through loot boxes you could win up spending 6,700 Salvage in total to unlock an epic version of the weapon you want. This is why it’s important to determine which Epic guns you want most ahead of time, especially since Salvage isn’t exactly easy to come by.

Weapon variants are altered versions of the base Infinite Warfare weapons that have unique perks that change characteristics of the gun such as its stability, firing rate, damage output, and more.

Infinite Warfare Game Modes: Full List and Breakdown of MP Modes

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Trying to figure out what Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has to offer in terms of game types? We’ve got you covered! From the traditional TDM to new modes that players will be experiencing for the very first time, IW offers up a plethora of multiplayer modes.

Infinite Warfare Game Modes

The official list of game modes that are available in IW are listed below.

  • Capture the Flag
  • Defender
  • Demolition
  • Domination
  • Drop ZoneInfinite Warfare Game Modes
  • Free-for-All
  • Frontline
  • Grind
  • Gun Game
  • Hardpoint
  • Infected
  • Kill Confirmed
  • Reinforce
  • Search and Destroy
  • Search and Rescue
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Uplink

NOTE: All modes may not be available at all times. This is a pretty lengthy list so we fully expect there to times when some aren’t available.

Capture the Flag

Good ol’ CTF. Players are separated into two teams and tasked with defending a flag at their own base while simultaneously attempting to retrieve the enemy flag to bring back to their homeplate. Points are scored whenever you or one of your teammates successfully secures the enemy flag and drags it into the designated area within your team’s base camp.

Primary Objective: Defend and Capture Flags

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Defender is a brand-new game mode exclusive to Infinite Warfare. If you’ve ever played Halo before, it may feel a bit familiar as it somewhat resembles Halo’s Oddball game type where players are tasked with securing an object (a drone in this case) and hold onto for as long as possible.

Infinite Warfare Defender

The goal here is to rack up as much time of possession with the drone as you can. Anyone on either team can find and secure the drone. But once you’re killed while in possession of it, it drops and is available for another player to retrieve.

Primary Objective: Hold Onto Drone


Demolition is another classic mode that has now resurfaced in IW. This is essentially the same thing as Search and Destroy, but there are a few key differences. The biggest difference is that players can respawn rather than having just one life per round. Other differences include all players spawning with a bomb on-hand, there’s a limit of just 3 rounds, and more.

Primary Objective: Defend Team Bomb Sites, Plant Bomb on Enemy Sites


Domination is another popular game mode that makes a return in Infinite Warfare. In this mode, objective zones are scattered throughout the map. Your mission is to go with your team and capture these areas, then defend them from attacking enemies.

Points rack up faster whenever your team controls the majority of the capture zones on the map. There are usually 3 zones: A, B, and C. Two objectives are typically found at either end of the map where teams spawn while objective zone B is usually placed directly in the middle.

Primary Objective: Capture and Defend Objective Points

Drop Zone

Drop Zone is a mode that was first featured in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It now makes a return in Infinity Ward’s latest CoD installment, Infinite Warfare. It is pretty similar to Hardpoint in that players are split into two teams and tasked with securing a designated zone that moves around the map every couple of minutes.

The difference, however, is that in Drop Zone, whenever a team controls the zone for an extended period of time, care packages (which are called Drone Packages in IW) will drop onto the area where players can open them up to get killstreaks. The main goal is to control the Drop Zones for longer than the enemy team.

Primary Objective: Secure and Maintain Control of Designated Zones


The name pretty much says it all. This is a deathmatch-style mode where every man is for himself. Track down and kill off any enemy that crosses your line of sight. The top three players of every match are awarded a “win” and shown off in the winner’s circle once the match is complete.

Primary Objective: Rack Up Kills


Frontline is a brand new game mode. It is exactly the same as Team Deathmatch with one major change – players spawn at a designated team base and while within the base are granted armor that allows them to absorb more damage than normal.

Infinite Warfare Frontline

We’re not entirely sure what Infinity Ward was thinking with this one, but it seems like it’s meant to discourage spawn trapping by giving players a better chance of surviving even if they are targeted immediately after spawn. It also forces players to spawn in their team base after every death.

Primary Objective: Get Kills


Grind is basically an odd combination of capture-the-flag and Kill Confirmed. In this mode players are put on two different teams and tasked with getting kills. Whenever you kill someone they will drop dog tags. Unlike in KC where you would normally just collect the tags to get points, you must not only grab the tags, but also take them to an objective zone for it to count. Grind was first introduced in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Primary Objective: Get kills, collect tags, drop tags in designated zone.

Gun Game

Gun Game is one of the more unique and party-styled modes available. It has made appearances in previous titles such as Black Ops 2 and Modern Warfare 3. It is a free-for-all match where players progress through a set lineup of IW weapons as they earn kills with each gun.

Here’s a video from popular Call of Duty YouTuber, Ali-A, playing gun game:

The mode usually starts off with players duking it out with pistols, progresses to more powerful weapons such as assault rifles and snipers, and eventually ends with a throwing knife kill. In Infinite Warfare, however, that knife is replaced with the Bio Spike.

The first player that gets a kill with every single weapon in the lineup wins the match.

Primary Objective: Get a Kill with Every Weapon

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Hardpoint was first introduced to Call of Duty players in Black Ops 2. It is best defined as a “king of the hill” style mode where a specific area (called the hardpoint) is identified on the map and players from both teams vie for control over it.

Once your team secures the hardpoint you must defend it from opposing forces. The hardpoint changes location every so often, forcing players to move to a new area of the map to secure the objective zone. Points are awarded for holding the designated zone, killing attackers, or defending the area.

Primary Objective: Maintain Control of the Hardpoint Zone


Infected is a party game mode loosely based on zombies-style custom matches that players loved. It was originally put into official online matchmaking on MW3. At the start, all players but one are assigned to a “survivor” role and given a simple weapon set (typically a pistol and a shotgun) and a few tacticals. The one other player is the “infected” individual.

Getting killed by the “infected” player causes you to switch teams and also become infected. The primary goal here is to survive as long as possible without being killed by infected players. This is usually accomplished by hiding in obscure spots or working with other survivors to hold down an area, killing the infected as they approach.

Primary Objective: Stay Alive (survivors), Hunt and Kill Survivors (infected)

Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed is TDM with a twist. While just getting kills still nets you points, in order to win the match you’ll also have to collect dog tags that are dropped by the foes you or your teammates kill. Doing so gives you more points and contributes to your team’s overall score in the match. Use your scorestreaks to wipe out multiple enemies at once, giving your teammates an opportunity to swoop in and grab a load of tags in one go.

Primary Objective: Get Kills and Collect Tags


Reinforce is a nifty mode that we first saw in Ghosts. In it there are 3 flags on the map. The main goal is for your team to secure all three. Doing so results in a win. Respawns are possible after death, but only when your teammates manage to capture a new flag.

Infinite Warfare Gameplay

It is possible to lose immediately if you and all of your teammates die around the same time. This makes the mode similar to domination with a hint of elements from search and destroy as well.

Primary Objective: Capture Flags

Search and Destroy

SnD is a very popular game mode among competitive players. In this mode players are separated into two teams – attackers or defenders. The attackers can win either by killing all defenders or by successfully planting and detonating bombs at one of the two designated bomb sites.

Defenders, on the other hand, are able to win by either eliminating all players on the attacking team or successfully stopping them from planting and detonating a bomb. There are no respawns and the game is usually set where a team wins when they win four out of seven rounds.

This mode is also popular among power-levelers due to the fact that the XP gains in SnD are significantly higher than in other game modes.

Primary Objective: Detonate Bombs or Kill Enemy Team (attackers), Stop Attackers from Detonating Bombs (defenders)

Search and Rescue

Another mode that Infinity Ward first threw into Ghosts, Search and Rescue is also available in Infinite Warfare. In this game mode players are assigned to one of two teams. Both teams battle it out and attempt to destroy a designated objective.

Players that are killed during the match are able to respawn, but only if their teammates collect the dog tags they drop once they are eliminated by an enemy soldier. It’s an interesting blend of SnD and Kill Confirmed.

Primary Objective: Destroy Objective, Revive Teammates by Collecting Tags

Team Deathmatch

This is the classic mode that the vast majority of Call of Duty fans flock to on every installment of the series. It is, quite literally, just a kill or be killed mode where the only thing that really matters is eliminating players on the opposite team.

Read through our Infinite Warfare tips and tricks to learn how to get even more kills which will lead to more match wins in this particular mode.

Primary Objective: Get Kills


Uplink is a unique mode that was initially made available in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It is now also available for play in Infinite Warfare. In this gametype a satellite drone is placed in the middle of the map. Players from either team are able to grab it.

The goal is to take the drone to the enemy base and toss it into an objective. Doing so results in a score being added to your team. Teams switch sides once one team manages to reach a total of 10 points. The game concludes whenever one team gets 20 points.

Primary Objective: Throw the Drone in the Objective


Infinite Warfare: NV-4 Assault Rifle

The NV-4 is a fully-automatic assault rifle available for players to use in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This is a ballistic weapon with high accuracy that works beautifully in mid-range engagements. Many have noted that this gun closely resembles the classic M4 Carbine that was available in prior titles such as the original Modern Warfare.

Infinite Warfare NV4

The NV4 is a great gun for players of any skill. It has very little recoil and is extremely easy to use making it an ideal weapon for newbies or players that aren’t able to manage guns with heavy recoil well. The NV-4 has a moderate firing rate and has the highest accuracy rating of all of the assault rifles in the game.

Infinite Warfare NV-4

Damage Output: Medium

Magazine Size: 30 rounds (increases to 45 with the Extended Mag attachment equipped)

Firing Rate: Moderate

Here’s a video from YouTube user, KARNAGE Clan, showing off the NV-4 on the Frontier map in multiplayer:


As with most guns in Infinite Warfare, the NV-4 has multiple variants available.

These include:

  • Exalted (common)
  • Vigilance (rare)
  • Fallout (legendary)
  • Flatline (epic)
  • Corruption (???)

Variants have their own unique set of attributes or weapon perks.

Exalted – Has the Stockpile perk which increases available ammunition for the gun.

Vigilance – Comes equipped with the Sensor and Readiness perks. Sensor works in that whenever you damage an enemy they will appear on the the minimap. Readiness allows you to reload the gun faster.

Fallout – Features the Nuclear perk which allows the player to obtain the de-atomizer strike killstreak (the nuke) by getting 25 kills without dying, plus the Stability perk for reduced recoil.

Flatline – Has the Precision perk which grants the gun unlimited damage range, as well as the Focus perk for reduced sway while ADS.

Corruption – Details for this variant have yet to surface.

Infinite Warfare Supply Drops: The Definitive Guide to IW Loot Boxes

Supply drops are officially a core aspect of Call of Duty now. Infinite Warfare, the latest title in the popular FPS franchise series, also features these now infamous loot boxes. These crates are, at times, rewarding, but are often filled with junk most players don’t care much about. Nevertheless, gamers that transition to IW this year will be grinding to earn drops to get the skins and other items they crave.

Infinite Warfare Supply Drops

Supply drops are reward boxes that can contain a number of in-game items including:

  • Weapon SkinsInfinite Warfare Supply Drops
  • Combat Rig Customization Pieces
  • Gun Variants
  • Calling Cards
  • Player Emblems
  • Salvage (an in-game currency)

It’s already been confirmed that specific variants for some weapons will be exclusive to supply drops. Others can be ‘crafted’ by using Salvage. Some variants are also obtainable by completing team mission challenges and leveling up a specific faction.

Supply drops come in one of two varieties:

  • Standard Supply Drop
  • Rare Supply Drop

The standard boxes will most often contain common rarity items, but do provide players with a small chance of getting rare, legendary, or epic items as well. These boxes are available for 10 keys each.

The rare boxes, on the other hand, guarantee that the player will receive at least one item of rare value. While this is great, it is possible that the rare you receive will be a simple calling card or emblem rather than a weapon variant or cool piece of gear for your rig. Rare drops will set you back 30 keys, but also provide bonus Salvage with each opening.

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How to Get Supply Drops in Infinite Warfare

Getting a supply drop is relatively the same in Infinite Warfare as it was in Black Ops 3. Rather than earning Cryptokeys, however, players simply earn Keys. These are obtained by playing and completing online multiplayer matches.

The Key reward rate has yet to be seen, but if it’s anything like BO3 – expect to have to grind through matches for several hours before having enough Keys to open up a rare drop.

Instead of visiting the mysterious Black Market Vendor, though, you’ll be dealing with a robotic character known as the Quartermaster. It’s…pretty much the same thing only it’s a robot rather than a humanistic being you’re buying from.

Infinite Warfare Quartermaster

He makes the occasional comment about accepting your keys in exchange for gear… he’s in a room by himself with a large crate sitting in the back… even the menu options for the standard and rare crates look fairly similar to the Black Market screen we’ve become used to in Black Ops 3.

So, yeah, you get the idea… visit the Quartermaster when you’ve got at least 10 Keys in your inventory and you’ll have the opportunity to buy a supply drop.

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Zombies Crates

Yup, supply drops are officially infiltrating the zombies experience of Call of Duty starting with Infinite Warfare as well. They’re called “Zombies Crates”. These, too, offer up the same items found in the multiplayer drops, but also give you the opportunity to snag Fate and Fortune cards.

Players are allowed to equip up to 5 cards for each zombies match to form a “deck”. These cards activate passive bonuses that can enhance your character. Some examples include cards that increase the power of your melee attack, boost your barrier building speed, and even leave trails of fire behind you as you run that inflict damage to zombies.

Infinite Warfare Fate and Fortune Cards

The Fate and Fortune cards seem to be the only thing that sets Zombie Crates apart from the Supply Drops players earn in online multiplayer matches.

The crates also come in two forms:

  • Standard Crate for 10 Keys
  • Rare Zombie Crate for 30 Keys

Crates provide 2 random items and a pack of the cards. Rare crates allow players the opportunity to earn rare Fate and Fortune cards at a higher rate. Standard crates can still dish out rares, but you’re far more likely to receive them from the rare Zombie Crate.

These crates can be purchased using the in-game currency known as Keys. These are the same keys used to open supply drops. This means it’s possible for players to earn keys via online multiplayer matches and then use them to open Zombie Crates in the Zombies in Spaceland mode.

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Is This a Terrible Practice?

Advanced Warfare was one of the very first games in the Call of Duty series to feature supply drops. Ever since then, we’ve seen them added to all of the recent titles including Black Ops 3 and now Infinite Warfare.

Many players believe that this rewards system makes the game “pay-to-win” due to the fact that special weapons with enhanced capabilities are only accessible via drops. While some argue that it is possible to earn these weapons for free, it has been said time and time again that the drop rates for the most coveted weapons are very low. Couple that with the fact that you earn keys at a very slow pace and it’s easy to realize the game is designed to encourage players to purchase reward boxes using real money.

Call of Duty Supply Drops

It’s been deemed a deceitful and obnoxious tactic, but, based on the last few games, it seems the supply drop reward system is here to stay. As long as it’s contributing to increased profits for Activision, we’ll likely continue to see the system from here on out.

The good thing about Infinite Warfare is that it does allow players to obtain weapon variants by completing other tasks rather than just relying on loot boxes. Nevertheless, Infinite Warfare supply drops will likely receive a lot of criticism, just as they have in previous Call of Duty titles.

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Infinite Warfare: Best Guns for Absolute Domination in MP

Tired of getting destroyed by other players in the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? While success is partly derived from individual skill, one of the things that may be holding you back is your choice of weaponry. In Infinite Warfare especially, the guns you use can have a direct impact on your performance. Today, we’re going to reveal what we believe are the best guns and variants in every weapon category.

Infinite Warfare: Best Guns

Whether you want to become a pub-star and rack up massive kills for view-sucking YouTube videos or you’re looking to contribute to your team more to win matches – the weapons you equip on your loadout can make or break you in this game.


That’s why it’s vital that you know about each one and, more importantly, the pros and cons of the available variants. So, let’s get straight into it…

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Best Sniper Rifle

While this weapon category is often subjective, there are a couple of snipers that stand out from the rest. Below we’ve outlined which one we think is best suited for quickscopers and which one is the most powerful for players that snipe more traditionally (i.e. fully scoped in at range).

  1. KBS Longbow
  2. Widowmaker

[media-credit name=”” link=”” align=”alignright” width=”250″][/media-credit]


KBS Longbow – The Longbow is our favorite sniper rifle overall right now. It works well for both long range hits and quickscoping. It almost always results in a one-shot kill above the waist, has relatively little sway, and is deadly accurate.


[media-credit name=”” link=”” align=”alignright” width=”256″][/media-credit]

Widowmaker – A lot of quickscopers have claimed that THIS is the best sniper in Infinite Warfare. While we still think the KBS is the reigning king, there’s no doubt that the Widowmaker is a force to be reckoned with as well.

These snipers work pretty well if you know what you’re doing. You’ll definitely need to work on improving your aim and sniping tactics to really make good use of these rifles, though.

Become an Unstoppable Force

Best Assault Rifle

Assault rifles are meant to be some of the most versatile weapons in the game. They’re generally well suited for any engagement at mid range and, in some cases, can be quite effective in close-quarters combat, too.

  1. NV-4
  2.  Volk

[media-credit name=”” link=”″ align=”alignright” width=”256″][/media-credit]

Infinite Warfare Best Assault Rifle

NV-4 – As many of you probably noticed throughout the beta, the NV-4 was easily one of the most utilized assault rifles in the game. And that’s for good reason. While it’s damage output isn’t spectacular, it has laser precision and next to nothing in the recoil department making it incredibly easy to land shots on your target with little effort. It’s an excellent weapon to have on-hand.

Volk – The Volk is essentially Infinite Warfare’s version of the AK47. It packs serious punch, has easily manageable recoil, and is one of our favorite rifles. Good aim and bullet management can lead to a slew of easy kills with this gun. With the right attachments and perks the Volk is definitely a contender for best weapon overall.

Assault rifles are great for most situations. Be sure to use common sense and good strategies to dominate your opponents in firefights. Using the right gun is half the battle, using your head will take you even further.

Best SMG

Submachine guns are designed to give you more mobility. In other words, they’re fast, but still furious. The damage output on these weapons is lower than for an assault rifle or LMG, but they fire off bullets at a rapid rate and allow you to run around the map more quickly. They’re best suited for close-quarters firefights. At range, they tend to lose accuracy and their damage falloff becomes apparent.

  1. FHR-40
  2. Karma-45

Infinite Warfare Best SMG

FHR-40 – This gun is so fast and furious we honestly believe it teeters on the fine line of being OP. It has a blistering fast firing rate and is highly effective in CQC situations. In the right hands it’s also a viable mid-range weapon, especially when fired in bursts for better control. The variants are also pretty powerful.

Karma-45 – This actually seems to be a fairly underutilized gun in the game right now. This is probably because the Karma has more recoil than most players are comfortable with. In skilled hands, however, the recoil is manageable and the weapon itself is a beast, especially on maps where short and mid range combat prevails. It’s an excellent choice for players that like to rush and flank the opposition.

SMGs are best in short-distance engagements. You can up your killing sprees by working the map to your advantage and staying alert. Be mindful of when you need to reload and when it’s time to flee.

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Best LMG

Light machine guns are primarily intended to be used for supporting your rushing attackers. They’re typically best at mid range. In short range scenarios LMGs are usually too slow to pick up (ADS) to counter a faster gun such as an SMG or shotgun. At long range their effectiveness decreases immensely leaving them vulnerable to more powerful guns such as snipers.

  1. RAW
  2. Mauler

Infinite Warfare Best LMG

RAW – Throw a red dot sight and foregrip on this bad boy and you’ve got yourself a very accurate and powerful LMG that works well in most mid-range encounters. It’s nothing fancy, but it gets the job done.

Mauler – The Mauler isn’t an incredibly great LMG on its own, but once you get the Epic variant of it, the Mauler Mammoth, it becomes an absolute monster. With this variant you get a slower fire rate but the gun deals twice as much damage. It’s absolutely ridiculous and it shreds through people at mid range.

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Best Shotgun

Shotguns are usually exclusively for CQC, but, as we’ve seen in past Call of Duty titles, there’s almost always one that has enough range to be effective in mid-range combat as well. Shotguns are best used on smaller maps or in areas that have small rooms and tight spaces where you can fly around the corner and blast your opponents.

  1. Rack-9
  2. Reaver

Infinite Warfare Best Shotgun

Rack-9 – This is a pump-action shotgun that’s extremely lethal in close quarters. It’s perfect for rushing into a room and taking down multiple enemies (as long as your aim is impeccable). It’s fast, it’s deadly, and it’s easy to use. You can’t ask for much more out of your shotgun.

Reaver – A semi-auto shotgun. It doesn’t have the damage output of the Rack-9, but it makes up for it by allowing the player to spray enemies with lead with a quick-trigger response feature.

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Best Pistol

Pistols are intended to be used as sidearms – a last resort when you run out of ammo or don’t have time to perform a reload. They’re great for finishing off an enemy when you’ve just sprayed them full of lead, but still haven’t dropped them. They’re also only effective at short to medium distances. Nevertheless, a trusty sidearm can save you from a needless death at times (especially while sniping).

  1. Oni
  2. Kendall 44

Infinite Warfare Best Pistol

Oni – This is a fully-automatic energy pistol and, despite its small size, it is extremely powerful in CQC. At close range its nearly as potent as some of the SMGs in the game. This makes it viable as a primary weapon in addition to be being a very reliable secondary.

Kendall 44 – A semi-auto pistol with good accuracy and decent damage output.


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Details on the Call of Duty World League for Infinite Warfare

Infinity Ward announced its Call of Duty World League for the Infinite Warfare season this past week on a live stream, which can be replayed here.  Here is a rundown of everything you need to know heading into CoD eSports for the 2017 season.


The Call of Duty World League will kick off in December with the first LAN hosted by Major League Gaming in Las Vegas, Nevada on Dec. 16 – 18.

The tournament is locked to North American teams, and it will feature a $100,000 prize pool for the three-day competition.

According to Activision’s press release, the tournament will be streamed on MLG.TV, Call of Duty Twitch, YouTube and the Live Event viewer on the PlayStation 4.

Stay tuned to CoDWatch for more information leading up to the tournament.


In early Dec., MLG GameBattles will begin hosting online tournaments that will feature CWL Pro Points. When more information is announced we will update.


There will be no Ban & Protect for Infinite Warfare. Instead, there will be a weapon draft where players select two weapons for the entire series. There will also be a Rig draft, similar to the Specialist draft in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.


For the Infinite Warfare season, the CWL will now include Asia in the Australia /  New Zealand  region.


They confirmed that CoD Champs will be back, however  no dates announced have been announced.

SOURCE: Call of Duty Twitch

Infinite Warfare Season Pass Details Released

The sales page for the official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season pass went live on both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network today, giving us a chance to see what all will be included with it and the opportunity to pre-order it prior the launch of the game on November 4th. Below we discuss what you’ll get with the pass and whether we think it’ll be worth the money.

Infinite Warfare Season Pass

Most gamers these days are weary about putting money down to pre-order a full game, let alone coughing up dough in advance for DLC, but, nevertheless, Activision has put the Season Pass for the next installment of Call of Duty up for grabs.

As we’ve seen from, well, pretty much every other CoD title, the pass makes it clear that there will be four DLC packs coming out for Infinite Warfare. These content packs are typically priced at $15 each when purchased individually, but are also available bundled together via the pass for a slightly lower cost.

As of right now, the pass has been set with a $49.99 price tag. That’s about $10 cheaper than if you were to buy all of the DLC individually. So, you save a bit of money with the pass.

[media-credit name=”” link=”” align=”alignleft” width=”200″][/media-credit]


Details for the included DLC packs have not yet been provided, but, usually, they tend to contain four new multiplayer maps and one new segment for the zombies aspect of the game. And, yes, Infinity Ward has included a zombies mode with Infinite Warfare – one that is set in the ’80s.

Season Pass Bonuses

In addition to the DLC packs, there’s also bonus content that you’ll get whenever you purchase the pass. According to the official advert for the product, the bonuses consist of 10 rare supply drops and 1,000 Salvage credits.

These are decent bonuses, but you’ll have to keep in mind that supply drops in Infinite Warfare, as well as other titles such as Black Ops 3, provide items entirely on RNG (random number generators). This means that while the drops included with the season pass are of the rare variety, they may not give you the awesome weapon variants you want.

These drops can contain things such as customization pieces for Combat Rigs, weapon camos, calling cards, emblems, variants for weapons, and more. With rare drops you’re guaranteed to get at least 1 rare item or better.

As far as the Salvage bonus goes – well, it’s helpful for unlocking some of the weapon variants, but you’ll need a lot more of it to craft up to the legendary or epic tiers.

Other Bonuses

It’s a bit odd that this isn’t mentioned on the advert for the pass, but while the beta was live on the PS4 and Xbox One, it was mentioned by Infinity Ward that season pass holders would also get bonus daily activity rewards.

These are rewards given to players for daily logins. On the beta this meant getting a nice helping of Keys or Salvage every day that could be put toward purchasing Supply Drops and crafting additional guns.

The announcement regarding the season pass stated that players that purchased the pass would get a larger bonus of Keys or Salvage than non-pass holders. A specific amount was not mentioned, but it’s probably safe to say the extra servings would probably be around 10%.

Where to Get It

Looking to buy the pass? Right now it’s only available on the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store for pre-order. It will likely be made available at retailers such as Wal-Mart, GameStop, Best Buy, and Amazon in the near future, though. We’ll keep you updated.

Is it Worth Buying?

So, is the Season Pass worth dropping $50 on? Well, that’s a matter a personal preference. While some people have been more than happy with previous pass purchases for titles like Black Ops 2, many gamers have also expressed disdain with buying DLC for some installments of Call of Duty.

For the past few titles (namely Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare) a lot of players complained that they felt they were being scammed when shelling out money for the season pass. This was primarily due to the fact that a lot of the DLC packs contained remakes of maps from previous games.

The players that seem to be most satisfied with season pass purchases are those that love the zombies element of Call of Duty. These players are often rewarded with what they feel like is another game in itself, especially once DLC is out and there are multiple zombies maps to play.

So, will the Infinite Warfare season pass be a worthy investment? Only time will tell. For the most diehard fans of the series it will no doubt prove valuable as players are always happy to give new maps a test drive. And while it’s mainly Treyarch that’s known for great zombies experiences – Infinity Ward’s 1980’s-inspired interpretation of the mode could very well be amazing as well.


Infinite Warfare Tips: How to Dominate in ANY Match

Call of Duty is a pretty competitive game. Most players strive to become the best digital warrior they can by racking up kills, unleashing hell via powerful scorestreaks, and maintaining a high kill-to-death ratio. That is, however, easier said than done. Today, we’re going to dish out some great tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you achieve your gameplay goals in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare Tips

Find yourself going negative in more matches than you care to admit? Can’t quite get into a good enough rhythm to get the kills you need to call in your Warden, T.H.O.R., or AP-3X? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many gamers are struggling to stay alive and get their score high enough to activate these top-tier killstreaks, but we’re here to help.

Infinite Warfare Tips

Below we’ve outlined some tips and recommendations that can help you develop a better class setup, go on longer killing sprees, and yes, get those stronger streaks rolling.

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Fine Tune Your Class

Probably the best thing you can do to improve your performance in Infinite Warfare is to develop a great class that consists of a decent weapon, perks that fit your personal play style, and equipment that is useful for the game type and map you’re playing on. Picking a suitable combat rig is also an important decision.

This is something that will take you a bit of time to master simply because it can take a while to unlock all of the guns in the game, get access to the attachments you need to improve each weapon, unlock all of the payloads and traits for rigs, and so on.

If you’re looking for class setup ideas, be sure to keep an eye on our site where we regularly post about loadouts that work well for us.

Know Thy Weapon

Every weapon in Infinite Warfare has strengths and weaknesses. Some excel in close range combat, while others are tailored to perform best in long distance engagements. Even guns within the same weapon category (SMG, assault rifle, sniper rifle) vary greatly in terms of damage output, accuracy, ADS time, recoil, and so on.

Infinite Warfare Weapons

This is why it’s important to practice a good bit with all of the guns (either in public matchmaking or custom matches with friends) to get a feel for how each one operates and which scenarios they are most effective in.

Knowing the ins and outs of every gun will help you create better loadouts for yourself as well as be able to identify when you’ll have an upper-hand or a disadvantage in gunfights you get into during online matches. Once you know guns like the back of your hand you’ll find it much easier to stay alive longer and rack up even more kills in every single match.

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Be Aggressive, But Not Stupid

Obviously, in order to get a ton of kills and points that are necessary to unleash the higher-tier killstreaks you’re going to need to play a little aggressive. But every skilled player knows that there’s a time to go hard and a time to hold back.

Rushing into every enemy-infested area with the hopes of wiping out the entire team isn’t a strategy – it’s idiocy. Running in with no backup and no idea what you’re getting into is a recipe for disaster and will likely reset your killing spree.

Infinite Warfare Gameplay

It’s important that you play aggressively without playing stupid. In Infinite Warfare your health depletes quickly and it regenerates at a very slow rate. So even if you do manage to survive an intense engagement, you’ll be left weakened enough that even a terrible player can just turn the corner and finish you off in heartbeat.

If you find that your health is low – take cover. Don’t try taking on multiple enemies at once if they’ve already got eyes on you. And don’t rush into objective zones without having your teammates with you or a UAV in the air to help you spot potential threats.

Use these Infinite Warfare tips to your advantage – they’ll help you get better at the game.

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Respect Rigs

One thing that will get you killed in a flash is attempting to challenge a player that has activated his rig without proceeding with caution. Certain combat rig payloads, such as Warfighter’s fearsome Claw, FTL’s scary Eraser, or Synaptic’s Equalizer machine guns can wipe you out in a matter of a second without giving you a chance to retaliate.

Infinite Warfare Rigs

If you spot a player rolling with these weapons (and, yes, it is possible since each one has a rather unique appearance) your best bet is keep out of sight unless you’ve got a good amount of distance between you and your opponent, you’re a highly accurate sniper, or your enemy hasn’t sighted you yet.

Learning to respect rigs for what they are – powerful killing machines that are deadly in the hands of even the least skilled players – will net you a longer lifespan and a more impressive kill count.

Utilize Rigs Effectively

We’ve seen so many times where players completely waste their Combat Rig’s special weapon or ability simply because they’re popping it in desperation with hopes of surviving a seemingly unwinnable battle. This is NOT the appropriate strategy to use with your rig.

If your rig’s payload is charged up – wait until a prime opportunity presents itself to activate it. Don’t immediately pop it and run around hoping to eliminate a ton of enemies at random. In most cases this will end with you getting maybe 1 to 2 kills or even getting wiped out before you have a chance to use your payload.

Infinite Warfare Combat Rigs

Instead, wait until your team has a UAV, or better yet an Advanced UAV, up and you have the chance to flank your opponents. This will allow you to have a greater chance of getting several kills with your payload weapon by making it possible to sneak up on your enemies and hit them hard before they even know what happened.

It’s also important that you understand the weaknesses associated with the payload you’ve selected. Synaptic’s Reaper mode, for example, is effective in close-quarters situations in small rooms and tight hallways. At longer distances, however, you’re very susceptible to sniper and assault rifle fire. In this case you’d want to try to activate Reaper in a short range engagement. Activating it from afar and attempting to run over to your enemies can result in a quick and senseless death – thus wasting your payload.

All of the offensive payload options have weaknesses. Get to know them well so you don’t wind up wasting your payload or under-utilizing it every time you get it.

That’s it for our Infinite Warfare tips – for now. We’ll come back with more later!

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Infinite Warfare Killstreaks: Full Guide to IW Scorestreaks

Killstreaks are a staple of the Call of Duty franchise. From the classic airstrikes and UAVs to futuristic spacecraft with lasers – these are a core component of any CoD game. Today, though, we’re going to talk about the scorestreaks that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, the latest title from Infinity Ward.

Infinite Warfare Killstreaks

So, what streaks are available to players diving into IW? Well, some of the traditional streaks that we’ve come to know and love do make a reappearance in the game, but there several brand new streaks that fit into Infinite Warfare’s theme as well.

Infinite Warfare Killstreaks

Below, we provide a full list of all of the scorestreaks along with a summary of what each one does, plus tips for maximizing their effectiveness.

  • UAV
  • Scarab
  • Drone Package
  • Counter UAV
  • Vulture
  • Trinity Rocket
  • Scorchers
  • Bombardment
  • Shock Sentry
  • Warden
  • Advanced UAV
  • THOR
  • R-C8
  • AP-3X

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The UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a plane that flies over the battlefield and provides radar sweeps for you and your teammates. It’s the lowest streak to get, but it’s also one of the most helpful. It allows you and your squad to enemy movement on the field (unless they’re utilizing the Ghost perk) which gives you an upper-hand in most combat situations as you’ll know the general location of your foe.

Infinite Warfare UAV

Required Score: 400


The Scarab is basically the RC-XD of Infinite Warfare. Rather than blowing enemies to smithereens via a C4 explosion it utilizes a unique cryo blast once you smash the detonate button (or its active time runs out). If you can get the remote-controlled vehicle right beside your opponent it will usually result in a one-hit kill.

Infinite Warfare Scarab

This streak is best for single targets, is easily destroyed, but it is also relatively easy to obtain. It is possible to get multi-kills with the Scarab, but the enemies need to be grouped close together or already be damaged for it to wipe out multiple targets.

Required Score:  450

Drone Package

The Drone Package is the Care Package of IW. Rather than being dropped from a ship that flies into the airspace of the battlefield, though, this crate is brought to you by a smaller, automated drone. It can still be shot down. The crate contains a random killstreak. There’s a high chance of getting lower-tier streaks, but you can score a high-tier one as well such as the Warden, THOR, or AP-3X.

Infinite Warfare Drone Package

You’ll want to ensure that you call in your Drone Package in a safe area. As in previous Call of Duty games, if an enemy kills you and your package is left unattended, a member of the opposing team can capture your crate and steal the dropped streak for themselves.

Required Score: 550

Counter UAV

Sick of your opponents having constant UAVs and being able to track your every movement? Pop a Counter UAV. With this active your enemies’ radars will be jammed and produce a static on their minimaps effectively wiping out the benefits of both the UAV and the Advanced UAV.

Infinite Warfare Counter UAV

This is a strategic streak to use. We’ve seen countless times players calling in their Counter UAV when the enemy team has no UAV in the air just to rack up the additional points. Don’t be that guy. Wait until your foes have an active UAV up, THEN use your counter to help both yourself and your team.

Required Score: 600


The Vulture makes a return from CoD: Ghosts. This is an autonomous drone that follows you around and uses mini machine guns to attack enemies that come within range. It’s a great streak to use if you’re attempting to rack up a high kill count, but find yourself getting taken down from behind often. It also assists you by weakening of finishing off enemies that you’re firing at (provided they’re in close range of you).

Infinite Warfare Vulture

As quick as your health depletes in Infinite Warfare, this could prove to be a worthy companion. It doesn’t require a ton of points to get, either which makes it an attractive streak for less skilled players.

Required Score: 700

Trinity Rocket

The Trinity Rocket is another streak that was originally seen in Call of Duty: Ghosts. The IW version operates practically exactly the same way. Upon activation, a large missile guided by the player will launch from the sky. The player has the option to boost the speed of the missile as well as activate a cluster option which turns the single massive missile into three different projectiles.

Infinite Warfare Trinity Rocket

The missiles are more than capable of one-hit kills on enemies within close range of the impact zones. It can, however, be difficult to utilize on interior maps such as Frontier where the majority of the play space is covered by a roof. Enemies can also take cover within buildings to avoid taking damage from the missiles.

Required Score: 750


Scorchers are 3 jets that fly into the map and perform laser-fire runs. The jets fly in a straight line, firing lasers beneath them as they make a pass over the map. The player has the ability to select which direction the planes take as they do a fly-over. The lasers kill enemies on touch.

Infinite Warfare Scorchers

Similar to the Trinity Rocket, this streak can be somewhat tricky to use. You want to make sure that the lasers come in contact with the ground as the jets scream through. This can be hindered by obstacles such as buildings and, as mentioned before, the roof of the space station seen in Frontier.

Required Score: 800


Bombardment is a laser-based missile strike that causes devastating damage upon impact. It works similarly to the Lightning Strike in other CoD titles where the player is able to select three impact areas and the missiles come down and cause a large explosion on the target spots.

Infinite Warfare Bombardment

This killstreak works very well for protecting capture points in game modes such as Domination or, as we’ve all seen before, eliminating an enemy team on their spawn point. It’s a powerful tool that can easily net you 2 to 5 kills depending on your targeting and where enemies are at the time of the strike.

Required Score: 850

Shock Sentry

With this streak the player gains access to a sentry gun that fires electrically charged rounds at enemies within its line of sight. The sentry is able to be placed pretty much anywhere on flat ground. It has a pretty far reach and deals a modest amount of damage. The sentry is capable of taking out enemies that dare to cross its path fairly quickly.

Infinite Warfare Shock Sentry

The biggest drawback of the Shock Sentry is that, like other versions of the sentry gun in Call of Duty games, it is relatively easy to destroy using either weapons or explosives. It’s also possible to counter the sentry’s ability to target you by using smoke grenades, jammer grenades, or by equipping one of the perks called Blind Eye.

Required Score: 900


With this scorestreak you’ll be given the ability to call in a large escort ship that fires down on enemies from above. This is a pretty strong streak considering the guns on the Warden can take out enemy infantry fast. It’s a higher-tier streak, though, so you’ll definitely have to work hard to earn it.

Infinite Warfare Warden

Required Score: 1100

Advanced UAV

The Advanced UAV is the mac-daddy of UAVs. Rather than getting a simple sweep that just shows a red dot on your mini-map of where your opponent WAS moments ago, with the A-UAV active you’ll have sweeps that show exactly which direction your enemies are pointing and where they are going.

Infinite Warfare Advanced UAV

For those of you that are more familiar with the Black Ops series of Call of Duty – this is basically the SR-71 or H.A.T.R. of Infinite Warfare. It’s a must-have for players that want to go on incredibly long killing sprees and especially for those seeking to get the elusive De-Atomizer Strike (the nuke).

Required Score: 1250


THOR stands for Tactical High Output Response. It’s a highly accurate, insanely deadly missile system that has a couple different firing modes, thermal vision, and allows the player to rain missiles down onto the ground below from a orbiting satellite.

Infinite Warfare THOR

Players have compared this to the Lodestar killstreak seen in Black Ops 2. It also somewhat resembles the Loki scorestreak featured in CoD: Ghosts, only without the ability to drop care packages or juggernaut suits.

Required Score: 1300

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If being able to play as a robot through the combat rigs system isn’t enough for you, well, there’s more. One of the top-tier Infinite Warfare killstreaks, the R-C8, actually allows you to call in a mega assault robot with heavy armor. It can be set to an autonomous state where it’ll roam the map on its own and attack enemies or you can take control of it yourself.

Infinite Warfare RC-8

The robot has firing capabilities, a close-range shield bash attack, and the ability to guard itself with a shield from enemy fire. It’s laser cannon is extremely strong and can take out enemies with a single shot from a direct hit.

Required Score: 1450


Finally, the top streak in the game is the AP-3X. This is remote-controlled bot equipped with heavy machine guns and more. It’s a very deadly aerial drone which can fire a machine gun or perform a missile attack. It also has a boost ability for diving.

Infinite Warfare AP-3X

You’ll need pretty good accuracy to get kills with the machine gun. The missile barrage is very strong, but has a short cooldown between each shot. The barrage fires off multiple missiles at once toward your target. At close range it can easily result in one-shot kills.

It’s also worth noting that the AP-3X has a decent amount of health, but doesn’t stay active for very long.

Required Score: 1550

Infinite Warfare Perks: Full List and Guide to Multiplayer Perks

Perks are a core element of a strong class setup in Call of Duty. These are passive abilities that help your player in a number of different ways including making you invisible to enemy radar, reducing incoming explosive damage, and much more. Today, we’re going to talk about all of the perks that are available in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare Perks

As you would expect, many of the perks included in IW are duplicates of ones that we’ve seen in previous Call of Duty games. There are, however, a host of new ones and some have even been slightly altered or renamed. Below, we reveal the full list of available perks, explain what each one does, and provide tips on the best ways to utilize them.

Infinite Warfare Perks

Perk 1 Slot

For your first slot you’ll be able to equip the following perks:

  • Recon
  • Blind Eye
  • Blast Shield
  • Dexterity
  • Ghost
  • Overclock

Perk Slot 1

Recon – This perk does a couple of things. First it increases the area shown on your minimap, allowing you to see enemy fire and such at greater distances. Second, whenever an enemy calls in a UAV you’ll get a single radar sweep when it spawns in, then another sweep as its leaving. This perk is very useful for keeping an active radar and figuring out where your foes are.

Blind Eye – This is an oldie, but a goody. It blocks you from being detected by AI targeting systems. This means autonomous streaks and payload gadgets won’t be able to see you. The in-game description states that this perk works as a hard counter to the Micro Turret, R-CB, Shock Sentry, Warden, and Vulture.

Blast Shield – Sick of constantly dying because of random grenades or C4? This perk can help. With it active your character will take less damage from explosives. This is a great perk to use in objective modes such as Domination where enemies are likely to toss explosives at the objective while you’re attempting to capture or protect it.

Dexterity – This allows you to reload and swap weapons faster than normal. Great perk to use if your favorite gun is slow to reload or if you like switching to a sidearm or launcher frequently.

Ghost – Another classic. This perk renders you invisible to UAV sweeps and radar pings. It’s an excellent perk to use if you like flanking the enemy to catch them by surprise or you want to play the role of a stealthy sniper. Flying under the radar gives you a huge advantage over your opponents in many engagements as they won’t know you’re coming.

Overclock – Want to have access to your favorite payload more often? With the Overclock perk your payload will charge up more quickly making it possible to get it more frequently.

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Perk 2 Slot

In the second slot, these are the perks available:

  • Tac Resist
  • Hardline
  • Momentum
  • Tracker
  • Cold Blooded
  • Scavenger

Perk Slot 2

Tac Resist – This perk works similarly to the Tactical Mask seen in games like Black Ops 2. With it equipped, your character will be less effected by anything that’s used to flash or stun you. This includes the blackout grenade, the stun you experience when you’re hit by a melee attack, the effects of a cryo mine, and the stun associated with the jammer grenade. This a superb perk to equip if you like to rush the enemy team or tend to fight in close-quarters a lot.

Hardline – This is one of the perks that is essentially the same as it was in previous titles, but with one big alteration. You’ll still get bonus points toward killstreaks for every kill and assist, but the bonus is only applied to a total of 8 kills per life. So, it can definitely help you earn those higher-level scorestreaks, but after eight kills the effect ends.

Momentum – With this perk active your player will be able to gradually build up sprint speed. The thing is, however, the second you jump up, perform a slide, or wall-run the speed bonus is reset and you have to rebuild it. It’s a good perk if you plan to keep your feet on the ground, but if you boost around a good bit you might as well pass on this one.

Tracker – Works exactly the same as the perk of the same name in BO3. With Tracker equipped you’ll see footprint tracks of nearby enemies. It even works against enemies utilizing Phantom’s (one of the combat rigs) Active Camo payload that renders their character invisible. This is a great perk for aggressive players that want to track down their opponents and rack up kills.

Cold Blooded – This is one of our favorite perks. What it does is block you from showing up in thermal sights or other similar systems. That includes the pesky Personal Radar. Combine this with the Ghost perk and you’ll practically never be seen on any enemy radar system or in thermal vision.

Scavenger – Perhaps one of the most popular perks amongst try-hard pubstompers. With this perk you’ll be able to replenish ammo for your weapons by running over the dead bodies of enemies you kill. This is a must-have perk if you tend to go on lengthy killstreaks and find yourself running out of ammo in your primary gun often.

Perk 3 Slot

Finally, for your third slot, you’ll get to choose from these perks:

  • Gung-Ho
  • Pin Point
  • Hardwired
  • Marksman
  • Engineer
  • Dead Silence

Perk Slot 3

Gung Ho – With this perk equipped you’ll be granted the ability to use lethals & tacticals, fire your weapon, and even utilize killstreaks while you’re sprinting. For rushers this is a no-brainer. Being able to fire while rushing through a hostile area gives you the chance to blast through foes before they even know what hit them.

Pin Point – This is a new perk and it’s actually quite powerful. Whenever you hit an enemy with gunfire or even when YOU are eating lead this perk will highlight the enemy you hit or are being damaged by in red. This makes it easier to spot your foe and take them out swiftly.

Hardwired – Hardwired is a potent counter to a number of different things including EMP effects and various targeting systems that highlight you for the enemy. Yes, that means it nulls out the Pin Point perk as well as the Marked Target trait for Phantom, the EMP aspects of the Centurion payload that Stryker has, and more.

Marksman – This is primarily intended to be used by players that wish to do a lot of sniping. This perk allows you to view enemy names from further away and reduces the amount of flinch you experience when getting hit. The flinch reduction is more noticeable on sniper rifles, but it does help a bit with assault rifles, SMGs, pistols, and other guns as well.

Engineer – With Engineer equipped you’ll be able to spot enemy equipment easily, even through walls. It also makes it possible to arm the bomb in objective modes without making a sound. This is best for when you’re encountering players using a lot of mines.

Dead Silence – This is yet another classic perk. With it active both your footsteps and the sounds of your thrusters will be greatly muffled. Players using the Tracker perk will, however, still see your footprints on the ground which slightly lessens the advantage gained from Dead Silence. Nevertheless, if you like flanking or being sneaky – this is a perk you can’t go without.

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Infinite Warfare: 7 Things to Know Heading into the Game

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is currently in a closed beta where players are getting the chance to try the game for the very first time. Before you just jump in, though, there are a few things you should know about the game that will help you better understand it and play better.

Health Regeneration is Slow

Painfully slow. If you take damage and know that an enemy is nearby or has you in his/her sights – high tail it to a safer area or get behind cover immediately. Your health goes down fast, but it comes back slow as molasses. Staying in open areas where you’re easily spotted will lead to a quick death.

You’ll have to be protective of yourself and cautious on the field if you’re looking to get enough points to activate some of the more powerful Infinite Warfare killstreaks.

Some Weapons Have Infinite Ammo

Keep getting destroyed by the same guy firing lasers at you for what seems like an eternity without ever seeming to run out of bullets? Well, there’s a reason for that. Energy weapons actually constantly generate ammo. In other words – they never run out. And, if you’re smart with your shots, you can actually go a while without needing to reload one of these guns (primarily with assault rifles).

Weapon Variants are Back

Can’t figure out why someone with the same gun as you seems to have an upper-hand no matter what you do? It may not be you. He may just have a different version of the gun you’re using. Yup, weapon variants, like the ones seen in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, make a comeback in Infinite Warfare. These can be earned through team missions, crafted, or obtained through supply drops.

Infinite Warfare Variants

Variants of the base weapons have different perks that can give you boosts to your payload charge, improve your aim, and more. They come in a number of different rarities including common, rare, legendary, and epic.

Supply Drops Return

This probably comes as a shocker to a lot of people…. not. Pretty much everyone knew drops would be included in IW. There are very few differences between the supply drops in Infinite Warfare and the ones we’ve seen in Black Ops 3. Instead of opening them with Cryptokeys you just need regular Keys to open a drop. And instead of rare boxes giving you extra Cryptokeys you’ll get bonus Salvage (the currency used in the weapon crafting system).

Infinite Warfare Supply Drop Opening

Sniping is Stupidly Easy

Quickscoping is back with a vengeance. That’s mainly because any mammal with opposing thumbs can master it. The act of quickscoping is arguably easier in Infinite Warfare than it has ever been in previous Call of Duty games. Snipers are easily able to challenge players with assault rifles and submachine guns. A well-timed shot can even stop a shotgun noob in his tracks.

There’s even one of the perks that greatly reduces flinch on sniper rifles. This makes it ridiculously easy to line up a shot even if an enemy is blasting you full of lead.

Combat Rigs are… Interesting

Combat Rigs are basically redesigned specialist classes like we saw in Black Ops 3. The names aren’t quite as cool and their weapons & abilities are, well, fascinating – to say the least. From a robot that can turn into a killer canine to a heavily-armored soldier that can charge through enemies with a riot shield… it’ll definitely be interesting to see how players utilize and counter these unique character classes.

Some have already discovered some weird glitches and exploits that can be used with certain rigs. The one below shows that you can essentially fly around the map in Synaptic’s Reaper form.

IW Reaper Flying

This will likely receive a patch before the game hits retail release, but it probably won’t be the last oddity we see as players get more time with Infinite Warfare.

New Game Modes Have Arrived

Along with traditional modes such as Team Deathmatch and Domination, there are a few new game modes for players to try out in IW. One is called Defender. This is somewhat similar to the Oddball mode seen in Halo games. In it, players are tasked with grabbing a drone in the center of the map and holding onto it for as long as possible. Keeping the drone in your team’s possession racks up points.

It’s important to note that, yes, this is still in beta. It is, however, just a few weeks away from retail launch so very little will change aside from general tweaks and bug fixes.