Ranked Play Back-Out Penalties Confirmed for Advanced Warfare

Worried that a few sore losers or unsportsmanlike players may ruin the competitive experience in Advanced Warfare by backing out of games early? Think again. Michael Condrey, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games, confirmed on Twitter that penalties for leaving Ranked Play matches early will be enforced once the first season is live in early January, 2015.

Previous Call of Duty titles such as Black Ops 2 enforced a probation on players that backed out of League Play matches on a frequent basis. This wasn’t the most effective system, though, as players were still allowed to participate in the playlist and didn’t really get a punishment for backing out other than a short timeout.

So will Sledgehammer use the exact same process to combat early quitters? Or will they come up with something that is more effective at deterring players from leaving matches early, ruining the game for their teammates? Only time will tell but hopefully the penalty for repeat offenders will be a bit more harsh than just a temporary playlist block.

It was announced earlier this year that players will be able to acquire special character gear like this for landing in the top 100 competitive players in Ranked Play. We hope to see more awesome improvements to the online competitive system with Advanced Warfare come next year.

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