Looking to catch up to your friends in terms of prestige levels in Advanced Warfare? Well, this weekend you’ll be given a golden opportunity to do so. Sledgehammer Games just announced that a new double XP weekend event will be starting in just a couple days on January 23rd.


On top of the new 2XP event there will also be a couple of new playlists for players to try out. First off the map Comeback will be featured in a 24/7 playlist. As far as we know this one will only be available for the weekend so if you’re a fan of the map, be sure to get Friday-Sunday to play it to death.

Another new playlist, Hardcore Moshpit, will also be added. We’re not sure if this one is time sensitive as well or if it’ll be left in after the event is over.

The event stretches through January 26th and is in celebration of the upcoming launch of the Havoc DLC. Double XP will be activated on Friday at 9am PST and extend through the following Monday at around 9am PST. Get in and grind out those prestige levels at double speed.

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