While updates and technical support for the latest Call of Duty game, Advanced Warfare, seem to be available somewhat abundantly for gamers on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and even the PC, players on last-generation consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PS3 feel like they’re getting shafted.

That’s a hard claim to refute when the developers have been extremely slow to bring critical game updates, patches, and more to last-gen platforms. This is partially because Sledgehammer Games is NOT the company working on the last-gen ports of Advanced Warfare, but it’s still not a great excuse and it’s leaving many players annoyed with the game.

A prime example of this is the update that was released on December 18th, 2014 which fixed several important issues such as the System Hack scorestreak being OP, patching up exploits that allowed players to get outside of certain multiplayer maps, and even increase the time between multikills to allow for easier doubles, triples, and so on.

This update has been out on current-gen platforms for 3 weeks now. Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 gamers have yet to receive any date or a simple confirmation that the update will make its way onto last-gen versions of AW.

In fact, the last update that was applied to these consoles did next to nothing for players. The patch notes simply stated:

  • Connectivity Improvements
  • Improvements to Content Management for Purchases Made in the In-Game Store

Apparently the developers are concerned about gamers not being able to hand over their hard earned cash for digital items, but not at all worried about gameplay issues. The patch notes go on to say that more updates are on the way, including one to add Daily Challenges, but no date or even general timeframe is given for when these will be live.

Many gamers have taken to the official Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare forums, as well as other gaming boards and blogs, to express their annoyances but, so far, they’ve gone unheard. Will Activision continue to put last-gen gamers on the back burner? Based on the frequency of updates and lack of communication from developers it would seem so.

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  1. I agree whole-heartedly with this. The dev team that took on the last-gen ports, HIgh Moon Studios, has clearly been slack. And it makes the entire line (Activision, Sledgehammer, etc) look bad. Not to mention… aren’t last-gen gamers still a majority of their audience? I mean damn.

    1. Hey, buy a better console then. They shouldn’t have even made AW on last gen

      1. Would u feel the same if u couldn’t afford a new system I spend all my money on bills taking care of my disabled father And all these gamers run their mouth because people think its unfair I play on ps3 myself still and I paid the same amount money for my.copy as u paid for yours so why aren’t we entitles to the same shit

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