CoD Titles on Sale on Xbox Live’s Deals with Gold

If you’re a proud owner of either an Xbox One or Xbox 360 and you have a gold membership with Xbox Live you can pick up some Call of Duty games for discounted prices as part of XBL’s Deals with Gold program. Just a few titles are up for grabs at cheaper rates, but they’re decent deals if you haven’t already purchased these games.

Deals with Gold

The current Xbox One CoD deals are as follows:

  • Advanced Warfare – 17% Off
  • Advanced Warfare Digital Pro Edition – 33% Off

And here are the discounts available to Xbox 360 owners:

  • Modern Warfare – 50% Off
  • Modern Warfare 2 – 50% Off
  • Call of Duty: World at War – 50% Off
  • Advanced Warfare – 17% Off

This is the first time that CoD: AW has appeared for cheaper prices. The deal for AW isn’t super awesome, but still better than paying full price.

Remember, in order to take advantage of these prices you must have an active, gold level membership with Xbox Live.

Source: [Major Nelson]


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