Call of Duty in Space? Reports Say It’s Happening This Year

All kinds of rumors have been circulating around the Internet in regards to the upcoming Call of Duty title that will inevitably release in November of 2016. The one that popped up in the past couple of days, however, is particularly interesting. According to a few different sources (supposedly reliable ones), this year’s CoD game will be taking players into space.

The reports claim that the new game is set quite far into the future and will feature space combat. Considering we’ve seen everything from robots and laser weapons to exoskeletons and super weapons… it really wouldn’t surprise us if Infinity Ward took us even further into the future or to the Moon or Mars for that matter.

Call of Duty in Space
Previous title, Call of Duty Ghosts, opened up in a space setting.

If this is true, though, this will completely transition the series into a science-fiction shooter category. They’ve slowly been building up to that, anyway, but going this far into the future and taking battles into deep space will definitely seal the deal.

Many gamers have been dreading the gradual progression of Call of Duty with some even stating that if they don’t take a sharp turn back into the past – they’ll ditch the FPS altogether. Whether or not that’ll actually happen has yet to be seen. Considering sales for Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3 have still been very impressive – it sure doesn’t seem like the gaming community is giving up on CoD just yet.

Then again, there are other shooters releasing this year that have a real shot at eating away at the Call of Duty fan-base. Overwatch from Blizzard in particular seems to be a real threat. In addition to that, a similar title called Battleborn has a chance to secure a foothold in the shooter category, too.

So, this year could make or break the Call of Duty franchise. Chances are, though, it’ll still stay atop the category, dominating all other FPS titles.

As with all of these rumors, though, it’s probably best to take this information about Call of Duty going to space with a grain of salt. There’s not been any official confirmation of even the name of the game just yet. More details about the 2016 Call of Duty title will likely emerge directly from Infinity Ward or Activision later in the year.

The new game will more than likely be released in November and be available on the PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 platforms. We fully expect the series to drop the Xbox 360 and PS3 this year.

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