Call of Duty 2016: Will it Be MW4, Ghosts 2, or a New Series?

It’s that time of year again – the time for speculation. We all know that a new CoD title will inevitably be released come this November. What we don’t know, however, is if the Call of Duty 2016 game will be Modern Warfare 4, Ghosts 2, or perhaps a brand new series.

While it hasn’t been officially announced, we do know that it is Infinity Ward’s year to release a title. This is based on the fact that the studios working on CoD games are now on a three-year cycle. Sledgehammer Games launched Advanced Warfare in 2014, Treyarch gave us Black Ops 3 just last year, and now we’re anxiously awaiting news about what will be IW’s newest venture.

Call of Duty 2016

Will they continue the ever-popular Modern Warfare series with a 4th installment? It’s a definite possibility. Are they working on Ghosts 2? Considering a large portion of gaming community wasn’t impressed with it and the sales were far from amazing, we get the feeling this option is out the window by now.

The only other plausible theory is that Infinity Ward may release an entirely new series. This isn’t that absurd to think, either. After all, while the Modern Warfare series was definitely a winner, it did lose some prestige with MW3. Plus, the series has been running for nearly a decade. One can only assume the developers may want to move forward and do something different.

Whatever Infinity Ward is working, it’s bound to be a fairly impressive game. They’ve been hiring a lot of big talent including previous employees of Naughty Dog and individuals that worked on the reboots of the Tomb Raider franchise. That alone tells us they’re looking to go big with their next Call of Duty title.

TmarTn, a popular YouTube personality that produces CoD content regularly, gave his thoughts on the possibilities of a 2016 CoD title in a recent video:

Where do you think the next title will take us? Back in time? Even further into the future? Will there be exo suits or enhanced movements of any kind? Would you want to see specialists or a similar system return? Do you want supply drops to be in the game?


Drop your opinions and theories in the comments below!

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