Call of Duty 2016 Titled ‘Bloodlines’, Heading to Nintendo NX (RUMORS)

According to unnamed sources and a few rather obscure websites, information has been leaked regarding the inevitable Call of Duty game that will likely be released in November of 2016.

These sources claim that the name of the new game, being developed by Infinity Ward, is ‘Bloodlines’. The same individuals laying claim to this also state that Activision plans to have the game available on the Nintendo NX.

Call of Duty Bloodlines

It’s extremely difficult to determine the validity of these statements since we haven’t seen any official details come from Activision or Infinity Ward at this time. These rumors are, at this time, rather doubtful. First off, there has been no official indication that Nintendo plans to release their next console this year. Plenty of sites say that it’s due out in late 2016, but that’s purely speculative.

Secondly, the sources that have been making these claims are largely unknown and, to put it bluntly, not very trustworthy. They could very well be “insiders” with spot-on info, but we can’t say that with certainty.

Hopefully we’ll see either Activision or Infinity Ward pop up to either confirm or deny these rumors. With it being so early in the year, though, they remain silent for a few more months. The 2016 Call of Duty game is supposed to be shown at E3 in June so we may have to wait until then to hear ANYTHING about it.

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