Black Ops 3 Will Not Have a Classic-Style Playlist

One Call of Duty player took to Twitter to ask David Vonderhaar, the studio design director for Treyarch, about game modes in Black Ops 3. He simply asked if there would be a playlist that gave players the opportunity to play matches without the new movements. A fair question as the previous installment of the series, Advanced Warfare, featured a mode with a more classic play-style where players didn’t have access to advanced jumps and boosts.


Vonderhaar replied stating that no such mode would be available in BO3. This may be disappointing to some but, it’s also important to realize that the new movement mechanics in Black Ops 3 are vastly different from those seen in Advanced Warfare.

Players are more than capable of performing extremely well without having to make use of the boost jumps, wall-running, or other new movement abilities. In fact, many players believe that wall runs and other related maneuvers actually leave you more vulnerable to enemy fire.

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