Black Ops 3 Official Reveal Hits April 26th

Well, ladies and gents, Black Ops 3 has definitely been confirmed as the next Call of Duty title. There were a few small hints (SnapChat images and other leaked pictures) and then Treyarch, the development company behind the Black Ops series, posted on their social profiles that it felt great to be “back in black” and released more images and videos pointing to the fact that Black Ops III was for sure the upcoming CoD game.

Teasers have also provided us with another important update – the official announcement for Black Ops 3, and presumably an actual trailer for the game, will be released by Treyarch on April 26th.

Black Ops 3 Reveal April 26th


We’re not 100% sure exactly what info will be made available on the 26th but, based on past previews of Call of Duty games, we’re pretty sure it’s mainly going to be a 2-3 minute trailer showing mostly campaign material but the video will more than likely provide clues as to how futuristic BO3 will be, what kind of weapons will be available, perhaps whether or not Exo suits will make a return, and other important details.

Needless to say, we’re stoked. We love Treyarch, and we love the Black Ops series. Let’s all hope that BO3 is a great step forward for the franchise.

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