Been trying to figure out which weapons players use the most in Advanced Warfare? Or maybe you want to know what the most common Exo ability to throw on a class is? Well, thanks to an infographic recently released by Sledgehammer Games, we now know the answers to these statistics and a lot more.


Here are the stats that this image reveals…

  1. Players have executed well over 105 trillion boost jumps, a common Exo movement used to move around more quickly even in the air.
  2. Assault Rifles dominate the game followed by SMGs, Heavy weapons, and Sniper Rifles.
  3. There have been over 195 million dog fight kills.
  4. Players have earned nearly 1.4 billion supply drops since the game launched.
  5. 2.4 billion loot items have been collected.
  6. Of those billions of items earned only 361 million have been Elite versions.
  7. Nearly 2.6 billion exo zombies have been eliminated.
  8. Over 223 million waves of zombies have been completed.
  9. Frag grenades are the most popular, followed closely by Semtex. Other grenade types are rarely used (7% or less).
  10. Over 2.25 trillion grenades have been used total.
  11. Players have used Exo abilities more than 2.45 trillion times.
  12. The most popular abilities are Overclock, Shield, and Cloak.
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