Advanced Warfare By the Numbers Infographic Released

Call of Duty Infographic 2014

Activision has let loose an infographic that reveals some pretty interesting facts about the recently released Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as the CoD series as a whole. According to the image gamers have watched over 5 million hours of AW gameplay on popular streaming website,, within the first week and completed more than 16.1 billion boost jumps just 2 weeks after launch.

Here’s the image in full for you to check out for yourself:

Call of Duty Infographic 2014
Also noted is that players have received more than 285 million loot items from supply drops after the first 14 days of the game’s release. According to the graphic that equates to about 230 loot pieces per second. But that’s about all the image has to say for Advanced Warfare.

It does, however, also mention that Call of Duty as a whole has managed to conjure up over 125 million players since 2010. On top of that gamers have earned more than 1 quadrillion experience points which, as the infographic points out, would be enough for a single player to reach a 15th level prestige more than 52 million times.


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