Activision Sending Takedown Requests to Exploit YouTubers

Found a nifty glitch or cheat in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that you’d like to share with the world via YouTube? Well, you probably won’t get away with it for long. Activision has recently been sending out copyright claims against YouTubers with videos that show off or explain any exploits found in AW.


Think this is an issue limited to a small number of users? Think again. It’s such a large complaint right now that Machinima, one of the biggest gaming networks on YouTube, had to send out an email to all of its participants to warn them about the potential strikes against channels if they posted videos related to Advanced Warfare glitches.

It seems like Activision should be pushing their development team, Sledgehammer Games, to take note of the issues with the game that are being broadcast on YouTube and fix them rather than target users that simply discovered them. Sure, it’s cheating if you’re using the exploits, but they wouldn’t be there had the game been properly programmed in the first place.

In our opinion the best way to punish people that are making use of these exploits is to PATCH THEM. This ensures that no one will be able to make use of these cheats. Why waste your manpower sifting through random videos on YouTube when you can simply fix the source of the problem and move on? In all honesty, it’s a very shady move on Activision’s part and it seems very unfair. After all, how can you make a copyright claim against only certain videos when 1000s of other vids use footage of your game, too?

What’s your opinion of this matter? Is Activision violating the rights of YouTubers or are they fully justified in their actions against videos showing off exploits? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: [Joystiq]

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  1. All right my fellow gamers it is time,
    time to speak up and tell Activision that this is NOT the first COD game
    that their franchise has made. In fact it is the 11th title in the
    COD family. How dare they target YouTuber’s that point out their mistakes such
    as “glitches” with copyright infringement. This game is no longer just another
    video game out there; it is a recognized e-sports Pro level competitive

    They should be happy that we the gamers are pointing out these mistakes because we want the game to be the best it could be. We could just stop buying there game
    alone with any other title they produce.

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