Activision Names Advanced Warfare Biggest Launch of 2014

It’s not uncommon for us to hear about a Call of Duty game shattering records and surpassing nearly every other release in the gaming industry. It is somewhat rare for a game to be proclaimed the biggest launch in the entertainment sector for the entire year, though. But that’s exactly what Activision is saying about it’s latest title, CoD: Advanced Warfare.

While the company has been reluctant to produce any actual sales numbers they have stated that the game has helped the Call of Duty series blast past a total of over $10 billion in revenue. Based on reports from websites like Gamespot that number is higher than revenue earned from multiple successful movies including Iron Man and the Avengers.

Apparently the game has done a good bit better than its predecessor, Call of Duty: Ghosts, which was met with harsh criticism and fans claiming the series had lost all innovation. Advanced Warfare has also had record digital sales on both Xbox Live and PSN according to company estimates.

Is AW the smash hit of the season? Only time will tell. If gamers decide to hold onto their copies and stay engaged past other upcoming launches (including GTA 5 for next-gen, The Division, and others) it may just be able to make that claim. After all, initial reviews for Advanced Warfare have been pretty good. Players and critics alike seem to be enjoying the new futuristic theme, exo abilities, and other mechanics that are a first for the Call of Duty series.

Source: [Gamespot]

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