Infinite Warfare Weapon Attachments: Full List and Details

In most cases you won’t find anyone running around in any Call of Duty game with a weapon without having at least one attachment on it. Pretty much the only time that happens is when you’ve just started or just hit a prestige and need to unlock the attachments. Today, we’re going to take a look at the different weapon attachments that are available for guns in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Infinite Warfare Weapon Attachments

Attachments are pretty important. They can completely change the effectiveness of any given gun. Whether you want to reduce the amount of recoil on a weapon to make it more stable or increase the number of bullets in each magazine – attachments are extremely handy.

Below we reveal all of the attachments that are seen in Infinite Warfare, provide a description of what each one does, and more.

  • Foregrip
  • Quickdraw
  • Extended Mag
  • Suppressor
  • Rifled Barrel
  • Stock
  • Laser Sight
  • FMJ
  • Hollow Point
  • Particle Amp
  • Fusion Mag
  • Farday Slug
  • Ram Servo
  • Auto Sear
  • Akimbo

Foregrip – This is a grip that usually attaches to the underside of the barrel of a gun that reduces the amount of recoil you experience. It helps to boost your accuracy and can even improve the effective range on some weapons. Unlocks at weapon level 2.

Quickdraw – With this equipped you’ll be able to scope-in with your gun (aim down the sights) faster than normal. This is especially useful on SMGs and Assault Rifles for when you run into enemies unexpectedly and need to raise your gun to aim in a hurry. Unlocks at weapon level 3.

Extended Mag – Increases the number of bullets available in each magazine of your gun. This is an excellent tool for weapons that have slow reload times or burn through ammo quickly. Having extra rounds can lead to additional kills. Unlocks at weapon level 5.

NOTE: A good loadout goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your class builds. Using the right combination of guns, perks, and rigs, you can greatly improve your performance and become a top player.

Suppressor – The suppressor makes it possible to fire freely without having to worry about appearing on your enemies’ radar. It also reduces the amount of muzzle flash which makes you less noticeable to nearby opponents. The big drawback with using this attachment is that it also reduces range. Unlocks at weapon level 6.

Rifled Barrel – This is similar to the long barrel attachment in other Call of Duty titles. It improves your weapon’s effective range so that damage output falls off at greater distances than normal. This cannot be equipped in conjunction with the suppressor. Unlocks at weapon level 8.

Stock – You may notice that on some guns when you’re ADS (aiming down sights) moving side-to-side is a bit slow. With the Stock attachment equipped you will be able to maneuver your weapon around faster while scoped-in. Unlocks at weapon level 10.

Laser Sight – Sometimes when you’re using an SMG and an enemy comes up on you out of nowhere, you really don’t have time to aim, but you still need your gun to be effective. When you need to spray ‘n pray there’s no better attachment to use than the laser sight. It tightens the bullet spread, making more bullets hit your target. Unlocks at weapon level 12.

FMJ – Tired of enemies camping behind thin walls and not being able to do anything about it? FMJ can help. It gives your gun deeper penetration. Plus it allows you to deal extra damage against enemy equipment which can be useful, too. Unlocks at weapon level 13.

Hollow Point – This is basically the equivalent of the High Caliber attachment seen in Black Ops 3. It increases damage for shots that hit your opponents in the head. This can lead to faster kills if your aim is superb. Unlocks at weapon level 15.

Particle Amp – This is the same as the Rifled Barrel attachment only it’s specifically for energy based weaponry whereas the Rifled Barrel is designed for ballistic guns. Unlocks at weapon level 3.

Fusion Mag – This is another attachment for energy weapons. It causes ammo to replenish at a faster rate making it easier to keep firing. Unlocks at weapon level 4.

Faraday Slug – The slug is basically the Hollow Point for energy guns. It increases damage output for headshots. Unlocks at weapon level 5.

Ram Servo – This is an interesting little attachment for energy-based weapons. It makes it so that more reflections are produced when firing and it ups the damage of your gun against enemy equipment. Unlocks at weapon level 8.

Auto Sear – This attachment is similar to the Select Fire attachment seen in Black Ops 2. With this equipped you can convert semi-auto weapons into full-automatic guns, thus greatly increasing fire rate. On most guns, though, this does also increase recoil and slightly reduce accuracy. Unlocks at weapon level 11.

Akimbo – Allows the player to hold two of the same weapon and fire them simultaneously. This usually improves damage output and fire rate, but will cause a significant drop in accuracy. Unlocks at weapon level 13.

TIP: If you’re finding that you’re dying a lot or feel like people are wiping you out faster than you can get them – go for attachments that improve your aim and quickness with weapons such as the foregrip and quickdraw attachments.

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