How to Level Up Faster in CoD Advanced Warfare

Finding your leveling progress in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare a bit slow? Want to unlock those awesome prestige emblems in less time? Well, lucky you, you’re on the right page. We’re going to be talking about the different ways you can rack up experience in CoD Advanced Warfare.

How to Level Up Fast in Advanced Warfare

As with past titles, CoD AW features a few different ways to earn XP. In order to squeeze the most XP out of every playing session you’re going to want to follow the tips and tricks listed below. These tips will help you gain loads of experience, fly through the 50 levels for each prestige, and get those nifty looking emblems.

1. Vary Your Weaponry

One of the easiest and most important things to do is swap out weapons every couple of games you play. Yeah, we know, you’ve found your favorite gun that you’re amazing with and you want to use it every single match. That’s great but if you really want to power through ranks you need the bonus XP you receive for getting kills, unlocking attachments, and completing other challenges with each weapon.

CoD Advanced Warfare Weapons

So be sure to change the weapon you’re using often. As you earn more kills with each weapon you’ll finish off challenges that award your character with bonus experience. The same can be said of weapon attachments, too. Each attachment has its own unique set of challenges to complete. These are fairly easy to get even for a not-so-skilled player and can help you level up pretty fast.

2. Rotate Game Modes

The majority of CoD players tend to stick to one particular game mode. For most it’s something simple like Team Deathmatch while others may play gametypes such as Domination or Search & Destroy more often. For your first prestige or two this is probably fine but after that you’ll want to start diversifying the game modes you play in.

CoD Advanced Warfare Game Modes

Why? Because, like with weapons, you can complete easy challenges in every game mode that give you even more XP. For example, capturing X amount of objectives in Domination will award you with experience. Similarly, you can earn challenge XP by collecting X number of tags in Kill Confirmed, and so on.

NOTE: You can keep completing challenges in the same game mode for quite a while but as you get through tiers 1 and 2 the challenges will require a lot more effort to complete. For instance a simple challenge like getting 50 kills in TDM can turn into 100, 150, or even 200 kills instead which takes longer to do.

PRO TIPS: Still find it difficult to rack up kills and win matches in AW? Be sure to check out our exhaustive CoD AW guide to discover tips & strategies used by pro players to obliterate opponents.

3. Sacrifice Supply Drops

This concept may seem absurd at first, but hear us out. After you’ve been playing Advanced Warfare for a while you’ll notice that the supply drops you get end up giving you duplicate items rather often. If you find yourself in this situation and you don’t want the item out of your supply drop there is actually an option to sacrifice the item for an XP bonus.

CoD Advanced Warfare Supply Drops

During your first prestige or two this option probably isn’t the best because you’ll more than likely want to hold on to the weapon variants and other useful items you get from the drops. But as you get higher in level and spend more time in the game you’ll get some duplicate items that you don’t need. These are easy to let go of for quick and easy experience points that’ll help you rank up faster.

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