Servers are important for your multiplayer experience regardless of game. Before you look at the top gaming servers for Minecraft you need to understand exactly what they do and what to look at.

What is a server?

gaming servers for minecraftFor those who haven’t heard of it before then it can all be a bit confusing. A server is the host for the gaming world you’ll playing in, whatever game it is. Games are more interactive than ever and you’ll see that different servers offer different unique quirks and rules for gameplay.

Essentially a server is where you go to play a game like Minecraft multiplayer. You and your friends will need to be on the same server to play together as it’s essentially the world you’re inhabiting in the game.

Choosing the Right Minecraft Server

Everyone who’s played Minecraft before knows how great it is. It’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular games of all time with players from across the globe playing and building together. The multiplayer gameplay is undoubtedly more fun as you get to interact and work with others. This is where choosing a server comes in.

To make the most of your Minecraft experience you’ll need to search around for the best ones. Working with the folks at, we’ve compiled what we believe are the most important factors when choosing your host:

  • Number of Users

Big servers have literally 10s of thousands of people online at a time. In fact, with a game as popular as Minecraft it’s fairly common to see servers with thousands. However, you get smaller servers with as few as a few hundred users. These smaller servers are better for a more community feel as you’ll know more of the players personally.

However, for the maximum gaming experience you’ll want to make sure you’ve got more than 100 people on the server most of the time. This will ensure you can play all the minigames you like and not be bored.

  • Game Types and Guidelines

You’ll be able to see which game type is on offer with a server by checking the tags in the information section. There is a lot of selection out there so you’ll 100% be able to find the game type you’re after.

Rules always vary a bit depending on your server. One of the most important is the grief protection and while most servers offer this it’s worth checking. Certain servers might not allow certain mods which can be frustrating if you’re used to them so be sure to check all the guidelines out on the host’s website.

  • Game Speed and Technical Information

gaming servers for minecraftBy checking the lag and ping times you can check how the server speed and reliability. You’ll want to find a server that allows for fast and seamless gameplay, otherwise your gaming time will be wasted.

You should also check their availability. The biggest hosts in the world offer up to 99.9% availability (essential 24/7 gaming) but you’ll want a minimum of 85% to ensure you can play when you like.

Checking the hardware hosts are using is a must. If they don’t have the most up to date 2017 kit then they’re not staying with the times. Don’t risk a server that might slow or crash and stick with the modern technology.

Top Gaming Servers for Minecraft

The top gaming servers for Minecraft show their understanding of the player’s needs when it comes to online multiplayer. We’ve found two of our favorites that are offering a great host service:

Minecraft Worlds

Minecraft Worlds is the affordable Minecraft server that is focused on the customer’s needs. Operating since 2012 they’ve adapted and are now offering some of the best features for users. These include Instant setup, 24/7 availability and top notch dedicated software.

Minecraft Worlds has a range of different payment options which provide different memory. Using the dedicated control panel, you can manually backup data or it will be done automatically daily. Minecraft Worlds is one the most popular hosts around and has everything you need for a great gaming experience.


Serverminer offer multiplayer server hosting with explosively fast speeds. They pride themselves on performance with the latest hardware giving incredible results. The offer exclusive access to SMPicnic which is the most powerful gaming control panel in the world, giving you full control.

Servers are set up a few minutes after payment, and with over 30,000 servers operating they’re on the most popular choices for Minecraft hosting in the world. Serverminer are the affordable host providing some of the fastest servers around.

The Minecraft Hosting

The Minecraft Hosting are one of our favorite hosts because of their features. They offer unlimited SSD storage, 99.99% availability and keep your data safe at all times, even from DDOS attacks. They have eliminated Lag and boast very low latency due to their advanced data center. They have dedicated RAM for unparalleled performance.

They are competitively priced to be one of the most affordable hosts around. They offer awesome 24/7 support every day of the year so you won’t have any problems.

These hosts have everything you need for a great multiplayer gaming experience but you’ll want to explore and try out a few before settling. There are a lot of quality options out there and forums are always available to give you more information.

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